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How To Write a Good Article? ( 9 Tips for Writing a Good Article )

A Good Article

A good article is one that fulfills the need and wants of the user. In other words, A article that gives information and solves the problem of the visitors.

Easy structure with fresh and relevant content will make your article unique and standing from the crowd and competition.

Writing good articles and blog posts is important because I will improve your blog or website authority and branding. It will bring more business, more followers, and more profit to the business.

As a ghostwriter or freelance writer, your Good articles will improve your rating, and you will gain more customers and will earn more money.

But there is one big problem with articles and its search engine ranking. It’s doesn’t matter how good and valuable is your article content, if your user can’t find your article online, then it is useless for the users and for your business.

Millions of articles and blog posts are published, every day online, and you have to make your blog unique and different from these blog posts, so the search engine can rank your article.

Before writing a good article, you have to create content that will fulfill search engine needs and demands. You have to structure and optimized the content that the user will find it easily online.

In this post, I am going to share a list of 9 Tips on How To Write a Good Article. But before this check the infographic for 6 Things SEO Based Article  Must-Have for Search Engine Ranking.

Tips for Writing a Good Article;

1. Build the Article in Proper Structure

An article with the proper structure of introduction, body, and conclusion will make the user’s work easy. And will persuade them to read the full article.

Start your article with an introduction about the topic, some states, data, and results. Then build the body based on headings and subheadings. Using headings and subheadings will boost reader confidence and will help in smoothly understanding of idea and content.

And the final conclusion of the article with call-to-action will keep the user interacting with your content and information.

2. Make Your Article Easy and Relevant To User

As a content writer, you are a problem solver, and therefore with your content, you need to make the user life easy and valuable.

And that’s only possible with writing content that is easy to understand, direct, and relevant to the needs of users.

Using brief paragraphs and sentences will improve user understanding and interest in your content. Don’t make your article length for being lengthy. Just use the word and sentences that are useful for users, and avoid extra sentences and paragraphs.

Lengthy, complex articles and paragraphs Will confuse your users. And they will bounce back from your article and will miss the key point from the content.

So always keep your article simple and relevant to the search and needs of your users.

3. Tell a Story/Share Experiences

Storytelling is a great way to get users’ attention and keep them interested in your content.

Sharing your personal experience, good or bad, about the topic in the story will attract user attention and will help in a better understanding of the topic.

Content with the story and personal experience will not improve user understanding, but also give them motivation and inspiration for taking action on the information and solving the problems.

4. Use Proven Data and Statics With Proper Research

Research should be an important part of your article writing process. With research, you will get the point, data, facts, results, and statics that will improve your content authority and vulnerability.

Effective research will not improve your knowledge about the topic, but also will give you an idea of what information will be important for the user and what kind of information to avoid or exclude from the article.

You can use Google, Bing, Google Scholar, and statists for research and data collection. Just remember one thing, the user only trusts your data and statics if you linked back to these pages and websites from where you take the data.

This will not help search engine ranking but also make your content trustworthy.

5. Reading and Reading, and Writing

Writing is an art and skill, and you can only improve a skill by getting the right kind of knowledge, and then practicing on this knowledge.

For good article writing, you have to read outstanding books, magazine posts, and a lot of other blog posts by experts. It will help you in understanding the structure, style, and will increase your vocabulary.

With good reading, you also need to practice writing. You need to write at least 700 to 1000 words daily in the morning on any topic.

This practice will improve your mind flow with the pen and will help in building your writing style and voice. The more you read and practice writing, the more creative and fluent you will become in writing articles and blog posts.

6. Write in Distraction-Free Environment

For writing good and creative content, you have to think and use imagination, and it’s only possible in a distraction-free environment.

Avoiding distractions like social media or cell phones, etc while writing will not only improve your focus and creativity but also keep you productive, and you will create a lot of amazing content in less time.

7. Focus On One topic and Idea/Problem in One Article

Talking too many topics in one article will confuse and disinterest the user, and they will not get what they want to get from your topic.

Just link to other related topics, but never talk and explain about 2 or 3 topics in one blog post and article.

Focus on one major topic with full details and data. Focus on one topic will give you focus and will improve your productivity and will fast your writing process.

8. Avoid Grammar Mistakes by Using Tools Like Grammarly and LanguageTool

Mistakes are part of our nature, and sometimes it’s really hard to find our own writing mistakes.

To avoid spelling and grammar mistakes, you need to use the tools like Grammarly and LanguageTool. These tools will help in spell checking, grammar mistakes, pronunciation, and other writing-related mistakes.

Using smart tools and technology will make your writing process fast and more productive.

9. Edit and Proofread Again and again

After completing the article, take some time off and come back with the first mind to edit. Edit your article content at least three times, and then proofread your article.

Before publishing, make sure that your article is mistakes-free and Simple, and related to the major topic of the article. Remove all the sentences that are not related to the key idea and topic of the article.


The first step for writing a good article is to write the article according to the need and problems of your users and readers. Create and include the content that will help your users, and users will love to share your content with other people.

Writing a great article is easy, but you need to practice and practice and practice. The more you read and practice, the more specific and effective your article writing becomes with time. Learn here more about blogging and article writing.

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