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9 Ideas To Cope When Things go Wrong

9 Ideas To Cope When Things go Wrong

What to do, When things go wrong?

Problems are a part of our life, and it never ends. After getting a lot of success, wealth, and resources, there will still be problems and unexpected things like handling money, business, team management, etc.

And so as a living human being, we have to stay ready for all kinds of problems in our lives.

Problems are the unexpected and unwanted result of our actions and choices. We can also say that when things go wrong, we say it’s a problem because we don’t get the thing we wanted from specific actions and decisions.

Some problems are good for us because they help us in personal growth, they test our skills and ability and teach us new lessons and wisdom for the future and life.

Some problems are bad because they destroy our mentality, they challenge our natural pattern and thinking system; they appeared at once, and we, so we feel lost, and we make a further mistake by taking wrong steps.

Critical problems or unexpected results also teach us, but it’s behind our present mentality and skills ability, and therefore we feel stress and depression, and we take the wrong decisions.

In this post, I am going to share a list of 9 ideas on how to handle and overcome the situation when things go wrong. How to stay strong and cope with the problematic circumstances when things and results are not in your favor.

9 Ideas To Handle & Cope When Things go Wrong;

1. Instead of stress, focus and look for a solution

The biggest weapon we need to handle the problems is our mindset. With the right mindset, we can handle and overcome all kinds of situations and problems in our lives.

The problem is here, results and situations are unexpected, and so in this situation, if we stay under stress and depression then it’s another problem. It’s like a problem over the problem.

We don’t need to worry or feeling stress because the problem is already here, and our motive should to disappear and remove the problem, but staying worried or feeling stressed will not do it.

Therefore, we need to focus and think, what we can do about this problem? What will be the solution to the problem?

With focus and a problem-solving mindset, you will overcome the problem in your life, but also you will stay positive and focused. With the right mindset, when things go wrong, you will stay committed and true to yourself and will face the situation with the positive aspect of your mentality.

2. Try to learn something new from the situation

There is an old saying that a problem is only a problem when you look at the problem like a problem.

But if you look at the problem as your test and learning challenges, then no problem will be a problem in your life, but it will give you a sense of adventure.

The problem is here, or you think that results are a problem because you are not skillful or strong enough, you are less skilled, or you have low knowledge and wisdom for the situation.

And taking the unexpected results and problems as your learning guru and test for your skills will make your life adventurous and challenging.

It will hurt and there will be a pain, but you will be motivated and inspired in solving problems and learning and working on your personal growth and development. Taking problems like an adventure and solving them will give endless joy and meaning to your life.

3. Taking responsibility and accepting facts

Most of the time we fear problems because we deny our problems or put blame on other people. And we do it because it feels good, and it’s easy.

But in the long run, it damages our personality, self-esteem, and it creates a terrible impact on our life and career.

When things go wrong and problems appear, and we take responsibility for our results and situations, then problems are not a problem but just a goal and mission to accomplish.

Facing the truth, taking responsibility for your results and problems strengthens you, and gives you true inner happiness and joy for life.

4. Focus on things that you can control

There is an old saying “our greatness and character are not dependent on how we build things, but it’s on how we react when things go wrong.”

When things go wrong and problems are here, instead of talking about problems or negativity, we need to focus on things that we can control.

When we focus on things that we can control, we can do, then our first step toward problem-solving will be the end of the problem in our mind.

And when a problem disappears from minds, then only solution and opportunity will appear in your front and future.

5. Remember your purpose and why

Things will go wrong and disasters will happen, but you have to focus on your big picture and purpose. And with this mindset problems will look small and not to worry “things”.

When you focus on the big results and rewards of your process, then problems and unpleasant incidents will not stop you. Because you only focus and think about the ultimate results.

And so you will be ready to face challenges and sacrifices to get the end results and rewards for your hustle and struggle.

6. Pain is a part of the success

According to Garyvee “Nothing great is easy”. To create and build something great, you have to go through pain and problems.

And most of the time things go wrong and problems appear because we have not yet developed our mindset and skill level to the level of goal and results we want to achieve.

And therefore we have to learn and improve ourselves by facing the problems and get the results we want to achieve in life.

7. Take a little break

Taking a little break and coming back with a fresh mind and energy will help you in understanding the problems, situations, and planning the action to overcome the problem.

And to avoid future mistakes and problems. With a fresh mind, you will be more productive and creative, and it will be easy to come up with the best solution and ideas for the situation.

8. Failure of One event is not the End of Life

If your boss fires you or your business fails, or you don’t hit the goal, so what. You just miss an opportunity, but it doesn’t mean that it’s the end of life.

Missing one opportunity means out there are thousands of other opportunities available.

The end of one event is not the end of life and therefore instead of worrying, just look with an open mind at what is available for me and what I can achieve and build.

Failing in one adventure doesn’t determine you are a failure. But take it just a source of learning and wisdom and this knowledge in the future adventures of life.

9. Situations are not good or bad, but It’s on your attitude

It’s not about the problems and situation, but it depends on our mentality and mindset, how we interpret the situation and conditions.

What we look at, what we think, how we perceive the problem will determine our behavior, reaction, and attitude towards the problem.


Life is the name of the continuous journey and therefore just missing one thing doesn’t mean we have to sit and cry over it for lifelong. We have to look ahead to what is possible there in the future.

When things go wrong, just clean your hands, take what you can from the past, and keep moving forward. Keep forwarding will keep you alive, happy, and satisfied with life. Learn here more about self-improvement and Leadership.

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