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6 Important Areas of Life ( How To Build a Good Life )

6 Important Areas of Life ( How To Build a Good Life )

We all are chasing success and greatness in life. But very few people know what is success?

The definition of success varies from person to person. Some say it’s fame, while others suggest that it’s getting wealthy. Some are working on getting healthy, but few are looking for it in spirituality.

And like other many people, there will be a successful picture in your mind.

Whatever is a success for, but success is in life is not just getting to a peak in one area of life. It’s because our life is a mix of different areas. And ignoring one while just focusing on a few will keep your inner self unbalanced and you will feel empty from within.

For example, just focusing on a career and ignoring family and health will keep your life unbalanced. Similarly, working, getting fame but ignoring spirituality, you will never find true peace and happiness in your fame and wealth.

In this post, I am going to share the 6 core areas of life and how to keep a balance between them. Working and keeping the balance within these six core areas of your life will give genuine success, happiness, and meaning to your life.

6 Important Areas of Life;

1. Physical Health

Physical and mental health is the key to success in life. We can also its gateway to real happiness and pleasures of life. But both need different things for their health and growth, therefore we are discussing in separate headings.

Physical health is easy to maintain and improves. Just a good night’s sleep, diet balanced food, and exercise for half hours every day will keep you fit and healthy.

But if you are free for a half-hour of 24 hours for yourself and you are eating junkie fast foods, then ha ti can say. For a healthy and enjoyable life every day, you have to find a half-hour time for your exercise.

Regular exercise will not only keep you healthy and increase your work stamina and productivity but also help in mental health.

Make Yourself Successful in These 6 Core Areas of Your Life

2. Mind and Mindset

Our mind, mindset, thinking, and emotions make choices, push our bodies for actions. Leaning and working on your mind, mindset, and emotions is the core foundation for keeping the balance between all core areas of life.

Mindset and emotions will help you to set priorities and make the right churches. It will help in self-awareness, discovering your talent, choosing the right career, life partner, and people, and overall life perspective.

Without a proper mindset, it’s really hard to choose and balance core areas of life. Emotions will push you in one direction while logic will tell you another story. And so you have the mindset and perspective to build a balanced life.

3. Career and Profession

80% of the life we spend on careers, jobs, work, and profession. And that means for a happy and successful life we have to choose the career and profession based on our interest, skillet, and talent. A career and work that will give us happiness.

But if you choose a career based just on making money ability ignoring the passion and talent, it will give you the resources and food on the table. But it will make you feel terrible, and every morning you will feel the pressure and depression while preparing for the job and work.

Working and choosing a career based upon your talent will keep gives you energy and happiness. Instead of making you tired, your work will give you motivation and you will love to put more time into it.

And also, when you love your work, you focus on productivity and produce significant results and improvements.

4. Family and Social Life

Family is our heaven on the earth. A family gives us peace, happiness, purpose, and responsibility in life. Coming back from work or a job and one look at kids, spouse, siblings, and parents is worth millions. It gives you the joys that are hard to define in words.

Similarly, friends, circles of people, and working and building the overall community keep us close and safe.

In good times, we celebrate with family and friends. And in bad times, our family helps and supports us. We try to provide services to make our community peaceful and proud.

Make Yourself Successful in These 6 Core Areas of Your Life

5. Wealth

Keeping the balance in wealth and finances is core important for our happiness and success in life. And managing money is more important and difficult than making money.

For making money you have to work on the business and look for growth. But in managing money, you have to spend money on lifestyle, save money, invest money, help others, and self-improvement. You will need proper guidance to manage money.

We can learn a lot from mentors, finance experts, and book and online programs.

6. Spirituality

Our life peace, real joy, and purpose are connected with spirituality. Spirituality not only helps in discovering your self-worth and value but also keeps you away from stress, anxiety, and depression.

Practicing spirituality in life through prayers, meditation, or Self-talking keeps you close to your life purpose and goal. It gives you the confidence and self-esteem to take charge of your life.


Getting success in life and all areas of life, we need to focus on our everyday small habits and rituals. Just fixing and building positive rituals and habits will not only make us happy but also will give us success and a grand future. Learn here more about Self-improvement and Organizing.

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