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How To Increase Productivity in Life? (19 Simple Tips )

How To Increase Productivity in Life? (19 Simple Tips )


We all are part of nature and nature work with proper system and discipline. It’s a discipline that makes nature standing and working. The same is the case in our life.

If we follow some kind of discipline and principles, then our life will be productive and in order. We will perform normally and it will guarantee our results.

Without discipline, life will be full of distractions, breakages, and disorders. One day we will produce a lot of things, but then for a month we will be hustling and juggling to find the system for our work.

In this post, I am going to share a list of 19 simple tips, ideas, and hacks that will help you to put your productivity on fire. These ideas will help you to be more productive, discipline, and organized. Your result will double in half time.

19 Tips To Boost Your Productivity;

1. Start the Day With Important and Difficult Tasks

In the morning, we have more energy, more focus, less distraction, and so it is the right time to put it in the most important and difficult tasks and goals. Keeping this habit will keep the less important and easy tasks at the end of the day, which will be easy to handle and complete.

  • 2. Don’t Wait

Don’t wait for the right time to start, but it’s now. Just start execution on your tasks and goals, and at the end of the day, you will find that today is the right day. Waiting causes nothing but just stress. You will get things done by doing it and never by just waiting for it.

3. Good Night’s Sleep


Sleep plays an important role in our productivity. Full night 7 to 8 hours’ sleep keeps you active and focused. Less sleep makes you tired and being lazy at work and every time you will be thinking of procrastination and delaying it for tomorrow.

4. Be the Morning Person

A morning person is one who works and builds strong morning habits. Morning habit of getting up early, reading books, running or jogging, learning new skills, etc. When you get up while there is no distraction, then it’s the time to keep your mind direct and focus on today’s tasks.

5. The 20/80 Formula

The 80/20 Formula tells us that 80% of our results will come from 20% of our Work. And so we have to find our 20% work and put most of our productive time there.

6. Set Time for Each Task

Don’t just start working your day, but the best way to get more results is to fix a time for each task. Work on this task for the specific task without any distraction and disturbance. And after that time, take some break and start again.

7. Use Apple Watch

An Apple Watch may be a surprisingly powerful tool for productivity. It not only keeps your mind away from your phone but also helpful in adding tasks with time for it, it.

8. Make a List Before Bed

Every night, before going into bed, make a to-do list for tomorrow. This will keep your mind in direction and you will not worry about what to do next.

9. Notion App

The notion is especially powerful, extremely flexible, and simple to use the app. It helps in note-taking and helps you in creating sites, tables, lists, add images and videos, and far more.

10. Create an Inspiring Environment

Creating an inspiring and motivating work environment is great to put yourself in the mindset of a creator. Listening to motivational music or inspirational quotes on the table and walls will keep you pushing to do more. Picture of legends on walls is also a great way to build strong motivation for your work.

11. Specific Workplace

Setting a specific place for your work is a good idea to avoid external distractions. When you specify your work zone, then people will not come to you to disturb you.

12. Exercises and Health


Your health and fitness play a significant role in your productivity. Regular exercises and jogging will not only keep you healthy, but also increase work stamina and boost your productivity.

13. Audit and learn from Yesterday’s Distraction

If yesterday was bad, then audit and check where are the defects. Either in your planning or from external distraction and in this way you will improve every day in your performance.

14. Divide and Rule Formula

When enormous tasks are difficult to handle, then the simple way to make it done by dividing it into small parts and pieces. And set time for each piece of work. In this way, you will complete the enormous task within the time with no procrastination.

15. Reward Yourself

It’s a great tip for keeping yourself continuously active at your goals. Divide each day’s tasks into small goals and then focus on getting one goal. When you reach your goal, reward yourself like talk with a best friend, taste new food, juice, a gift, or something like that. This exercise will keep you pushing to get more rewards each day and get more tasks completed.

16. One Task in One time

The biggest time waster and energy killer is multitasking. Just focusing on one task at one time is a great way to get it done and then move to another task.

17. Cooking in Bulk for Three times

We need to be healthy for a productive life, and for this, we need healthy home food. But preparing healthy food every time wastes a lot of our time and so the best way to prepare bulk food at once. Preparing bulk food and putting it into the freezer is a great way to keep yourself healthy and saving your time for important tasks.

18. Learn to Delegate Tasks

Every task is not for us to do. We have to focus on important and productive jobs and low-value tasks answering clients’ emails, photocopy, getting bank statements, etc is to delegate to other members or people.

19. Take Time Breaks

Breaks are great to step back and come up with full energy. The break gives you time to focus and recharge your stamina and energy.


There are hundreds of things that will distract you from your key tasks, the primary goal, and important tasks.

But we have to keep and build strong habits to perform effectively on our goals. And the biggest secret to more productivity is setting a deadline for each small task and do nothing unless this task is done. Learn here more about time management and self-improvement.

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