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9 Tactics To Increase Your Work Productivity

9 Tactics To Increase Your Work Productivity

Happiness and success are only possible with getting results and results in life come with focus and execution.

But most of the time, we are spending all day at work but actually not moving forward or getting any results.

And it’s because we are just busy being busy.

To achieve and get results in life, we have to shift our mindset from being busy to the productivity and effective use of time.

For changing the results of our actions, we have to change our mindset and clean our focus.

In this post, I am going to share a list of 9 unique tactics that will not only help in improving productivity and focus. But also will change your results and output of your same actions.

9 Unique Mindset Tactics To Boost Your Productivity

  1. Don’t wait for the perfect time or situation. There is nothing such a perfect, but we can only improve ourselves and our results by trying again and again.
  2. Set clear and specific goals. When you know what you have to do, then it will be easy to act and execute. But if you don’t know about your path, then execution will hard and our mind creates stories for procrastinating. And therefore spending and investing energy and time in strategic planning for your goals is also an important part of your goals.
  3. Distraction and especially Mobile and social media notification are the biggest drainers of focus and energy. Don’t use or check your mobile phone when you are working on a specific task. You can also use the strategy of fixed. Set a timeline of 60 or 90 minutes and don’t check your mobile phone during this timeline will improve your productivity and focus.
  4. Create an attractive and inspiring working environment. Inspirational quotes on walls, working desks, and pictures of leaders in the work environment will boost your motivation and give you the focus to create greatness. Also, keeping your work environment clean and organized, will help in improving your focus and productivity.
  5. Don’t watch TV or social media till late, so you can go to bed early and so you can get enough sleep and rest. According to Garyvee, getting 8-hour sleep is also important for your productivity and creativity.
  6. Build strong morning habits and routines. Morning habits like book reading, planning for the day, tracking your goals, exercise, etc will not only improve your productivity but boost your self-esteem and confidence.
  7. Keep yourself active, healthy, and fit by drinking a lot of water, eating healthy food, daily exercise, and sports activities. Water, food, and exercise not only affect our physical health but also our mind’s focus and creativity.
  8. Avoid the things or tasks that are not in line with your objectives and goals. We spend most of our time and energy on activities that are not related to our major goal and therefore just a waste of time and mindset of busy and being busy. Track and make a list of all such tasks and remove all these tasks from your list.
  9. Stop multitasking and build the habit of one focus. This one tactic will change your entire life, perspective, and overall output. Just focus on one task at one time and don’t start another goal or project until you complete the first one. It looks cool in imagination and thinking, jumping on the new and amazing idea, but actually, you will get something in hands with results and results are only possible with execution and taking action on goal in one time. So start one task and complete and then move one to another task.


Our mind loves the game of busy being busy because it gives satisfaction that we are doing something. But actually, there are no results. We have to clear our goal, focus on one goal at one time, learn to stop distraction, and with a clean, inspiring, and organized environment, we can boost productivity and results. Learn here more about self-improvement and growth.

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