16 Successful Interview Tips and Tricks

16 Successful Interview Tips and Tricks


The interview is an important part of our career and even before starting a career. Getting a dream job at your desired company, organization or firm is not easy. You have to impress the interview team with your knowledge, skills, personality, delivery, attitude, communication, and persuasion powers.

In this post, I Am going to share a list of 16 tips that will not only help you in interview proper preparation. But also will make you successful in winning your dream job.

16 Successful Interview Tips and Tricks;

1. Know The Need Of Organization

It’s a basic but really important question for your interview. Knowing the why and purpose of your interview will help you to get the data, information, and skills for only one purpose. You will only impress the organization if you are fulfilling their needs and demands.

2. Know About the Values and Statement of Organization

Every organization has a specific value and statement the defines the purpose of the organization. You must need to know about the company statement, so you can deliver your skills and experience in the sense of their values and statements.

3. Listen & Understand the Question Properly

While they are asking, in your mind, don’t think about the answers. First, listen and understand the question and then start answering right to the question. It’s better to be slow in answers than to give wrong answers.

4. Communicate With Confidence

Interview Tips; 16 Tips for interview Preparation & Great Impression

Everybody knows the answer to the interview questions, but not everyone has confidence. You will gain confidence by practicing it again and again. And the best way to practice in front of a mirror. The more you practice, the more you will in confident in giving the answer.

5. Fail Yourself Before the interview

Before going to your dream job interview, you must practice the interviews by going to different kinds of raw interviews related to your industry and job. The more you put yourself in front of people, the more you will gain confidence and will learn about different kinds of interview tactics.

6. Practice Raw Interview with Friends

Testing Your knowledge, skills, and experience with your friend’s questions is a great way to find mistakes, weaknesses, and improve them. The more you practice with your friend, the less will be your chances of mistakes.

7. Know Your Strengths and Weaknesses

Knowing your strengths is key to success at a job interview. Your strengths will open the minds and hearts of interview team members. With strength, you also need to work on your weaknesses. Don’t let the interview team know about your weak side.

8. Be on Time In Interview

The night before the interview, complete all preparation and set all your things in one place. Set an alarm clock of an hour before interview time or what is suitable for your place. Try to reach the interview room for half an hour before the starting time. Drink water and place in order for your important documents.

9. Proper Dressing

Dressing well not only gives you confidence, but it makes a positive impression on interview team members.

10 Don’t Be Greedy When They Ask for Pay

Most people make a mistake here. When an organization team member asks for a salary, they get greedy and answers with the highest Possible pay. Try to keep the balance in questions of payments and salary. Don’t try to low or high, but try to in between. And once you get the job, then after a few months you can ask for a raise in salary.

11. Present Colorful Resume

Presenting a colorful copy of your CV will add an extra impression to your interview.

12. Improve Your Body Language

The best way to improve your body language is to record your interviews with friends,  through a mobile phone or camera. It will help which movements to avoid and how to keep the eye’s and head while answering the questions.

13. Don’t Be Overconfident

Most of the time overconfidence kills. Just give the answer concise and direct to the asked question. Don’t add extra unnecessary information and data that will confuse the interviews and will put a bad impact.

14. Silent Your Phone

The best way to avoid distraction in an interview by silencing your phone before going into the interview room.

15. Show Respect

Showing Respect to the interview team even though the answers to questions. They are not just here to know about your memory or information, but they are also here to judge your character and your personality.

16. Don’t Lie about Your Skills and experience

Don’t include the information or data in your CV that is lie and wrong and also try to be honest and true while you are giving the interview answers. Truth is the foundation for career success and growth.


The more you put yourself in practice, the more you will shine at the time of the interview. Well, dressing is good, but you have to impress and convince the interview team with your skills and personality. Learn here more about lifestyle and self-improvement.

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