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21 Leadership Qualities: A List of Most Common Skills of a Great Leader

21 Leadership Qualities: A List of Most Common Skills of a Great Leader


Leadership is a position and status where a person sets the standard by actions to encourage and inspire others to achieve a common objective. Its a Collection of skills and qualities that push others to trust and follow.

Most people confuse a boss with a leader. But in reality, there is a huge difference between a being boss and being a leader. Boss just orders and directs their team to complete the task. On the other hand, a leader not only leads from the front but also ask from team members and coach and help to get the objective.

I this post, I am going to share the list of common leadership qualities and skills that only separate leaders from the boss but make him an example for other people and society. With the adoption of this skill, any person can change his role from a common person to a great leader.

21 Leadership Qualities & SKills:

  • Strong Self-believe

All world leaders are self-believers. They believe they can set big goals and can achieve their goals by leading from the front. They don’t depend on others. They set the objective and start the action by themselves.

  • Courage to Face Challenges

To achieve great things in life, you have face obstacles and challenges. There is no greatness on easy roads. Going through challenges and tough tasks, a leader improves the skills and expertise but also inspires and motivates others to be bold in all cases of life.

  • Gives Credit to Team members

Great leaders focus on “We” instead of “I” mindset. He keeps a great connection with all team members and gives credits and rewards and pushes to do more.

  • Creative and Productive

Creativity and Productivity skills are no common and its only present among special people. With these skills, leaders bring changes and solve problems. They create more results and output from other people and that why people love their leaders.

  • No Ego

After all wisdom and achievements, A great leader considers himself a common person. He doesn’t consider himself greater and above over the other team members and colleagues. With ego, no idea, vision, or goal can be achieved because ego creates conflicts and class differences which creates fears and kills unity.

  • Integrity

Following rules and principles in all conditions and situations make the leader stong. They keep integrity and clarity of vision with the team and colleagues.

  • Focus on Service

A leader always gives values and ready to help others. Their life mission is other people’s services.

  • Accountability

All great leaders are accountable for their actions and decisions. They don’t blame others or situations and of taking self-responsibility and change conditions by themselves.

  • Confidence

A great leader has the confidence to convey and share the idea and take steps to bring the changes. A Leader doesn’t think about the fear of other people thinkin’ opinions. Problems, obstacles, and challenges are here to test our qualities and skills.

  • Love the Process

All great leaders don’t look for a short-cut instead they focus and love the process of struggle and work. They the process of creating and leading to achieve great things.

  • Passion

Great Leaders have solid passion and love for their job and work. They have visions and goals and work only those tasks that bring satisfaction and pleasure.

  • Lead by Example

A leader doesn’t just order to others and sit there to see. Leaders always lead from the front and work hard and more from other team members. The leader set an example for others

  • Optimism

All great leaders are optimistic. They believe in positive outcomes even in bad failures and hard challenges. They only focus on positive results.

  • Honesty

Honesty and clarity are a must for keeping the team together and unite. With honesty, all people work like a single unite to get their goals and objectives.

  • High Vision

A leader’s high and big vision is a sign of creativity and a believer. All great leaders don’t think like common people.

  • Power to Inspire

A leader not only works hard but also inspires others to get them on the journey of common objectives.

  • Focus on Great Purpose

All great leaders don’t fight for low values and missions. They work and focus on big missions and visions. They lead to great value and purpose.

  • Good Communication

All great leaders are great speakers and good communicators. They have the skills and power to persuade and communicate the ideas that will inspire others to be part of a great mission. A leader because of influencing, way of style, all team members consider his/her as a role model and a coach.

  • Strong Listener

A boss always speaks orders but never gives a chance to other people to speaks. On the other hand, a good leader is always a two-way communicator. Before try to lead they listen to team members and try to gain their trust and confidence.

All great leaders have the skills to listen to and solve the issues and problems of their team members.

  • Positivity

A great leader always will be looking for positivity and opportunity in all circumstances. Looking for positivity is not a habit but its skill and quality that you have to learn and master. With positivity skills, you will gain and take positive results from any bad failure and situation.

  • High-Performance Energy

Good Leaders are always motivated to work at peak. They don’t feel tired or bored while working and busy at the objective.

Leadership is not just a birth thing but its skill you have to learn and practice to master it. Let me through your comments what other qualities and skills you think must be a part of a leader lifestyle.

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