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11 Causes of Low Productivity ( Stop Busy Being Busy )

11 Causes of Low Productivity ( Stop Busy Being Busy )

Low Productivity

Low productivity or poor productivity means getting low output and results within the same timeframe and resources compared to your colleagues and team members.

In other words, just busy being busy and not moving forward and getting nay output and results. And therefore, no progress towards goals and objectives.

Our biggest reason for low productivity is our attraction to distractions. Yes, our addictive behavior to mobile phones, social media, e-mail notifications, or watching video after video. And that leads to waste of our time, energy and affect our focus and creativity.

We spend daily our 3 to 4 hours on social media while sitting at a work table or PC. And we think we are busy at work. But in reality, this leads to missing objectives and goals, which create stress and anxiety in life.

In this post, I am going to share a list of 11 big reasons o low productivity at the workplace and home. Just avoiding and controlling these reasons, we not only can double our productivity but also can improve our focus, creativity, and result in our career and life.

11 Causes of Low Productivity

1. Feeling tired and sleepy at work. Most of the time as we come from work, we sit in f front of the TV and watching uses news or TV shows till late at night. And in the morning we get up to work without proper sleep and rests.

And this restlessness not only affects our health but also leads to poor performance, low productivity, and focus. Just getting 7 to 8 hours a daily night sleep, we can improve our productivity and creativity at the workplace.

2. Lack of stamina and energy. We all can improve our work energy, and strain by eating diet balanced food and drinks and regular exercise.

But actually, we stay too much busy that we don’t have time for exercise. And eating Junkie fast ready-made food from the markets, that badly affect our health and work stamina. And so low productivity at the workplace.

Drinking a lot of water, eating homemade food, and 10 minutes of daily exercise, we can improve our physical and mental health and boost our work productivity.

3. Bombardment of Social media notifications. The use of mobile should be a ban at the workplace like the ban in classrooms. One notification of platform can cost half-hour and also your focus and flow of work. One mail or video pushes you for another suggested video or attractive ad and so the loop continues for hours all day.

Just keep silent and put away your phone while working, will keep your mind in flow and productive.

4. Low purpose and why. You give priority to social media over your work because you have a low purpose and why. There is nothing in the future that inspired you and motivates you for working hard and push yourself to the limits.

Setting a big goal will only keep you inspired and focused but also, you will test your skill and improve yourself with time and goals.

5. Uninspiring work environment. Our workplace and environment play a key role in our focus and productivity. In a disturbance environment a really hard to build the workflow and so low productivity.

An uninspiring work environment also keeps your morale ad motivation low, and you delay your goals and objectives.

6. Low Self-appreciation and Love. You feel great, inspired, and productive when you celebrate small wins. But in reality, most people don’t celebrate small wins and after completing two-three tasks, we feel burnout and bored.

To be consistent in productivity, you have to love yourself and reward yours for small wins and completed tasks.

7. Uninspiring morning routines. Morning is the time most productivity and focus. And when you start your morning with meditation, exercises, or self-talking, then for all day you feel inspired and grateful.

The majority of people just get up a half-hour before their office time and then in the rush run to the work. They reach the workplace one minute late or earlier. And after ten minutes of work, they start checking Mobile phones or asking for coffee and tea.

To super proud in work and life, you have to master your morning routines and habits.

Get up early, exercise or walk in nature, self-talking, to-do list, and preparing a healthy breakfast. And then start your work with a focused mind. A successful morning means a successful day and that leads to long term happiness and success in life.

8. Stop multitasking and focus on one thing at one time. We do multitasking because we think we will complete both tasks in a fast way. But in reality, multitasking not only affects our focus and productivity but is a modern way of procreation and running away from challenges and problems.

Just focus on one thing at a time and when you feel tired, just a little break and come back with more energy and freshness mind. You will improve your productivity, but also your creativity and focus.

9. Poor Communication. No one is perfect and problems are part of everybody’s life. But most of the time, because of poor communication, we don’t ask for help and therefore just sit at our place and wait for the magic to solve problems.

We have to solve problems by asking and guidance from colleagues and team members. And which is only possible strong inner communication with partners and team members.

Developing strong communication will not only help in building the organization but also keep the members productive and creative. When they feel stuck and lost, they will ask other members for help and guidance which leads to great productivity and results.


Developing a great morning routine, less use of social media at the workplace, and working one task at one time will keep productivity and creativity at the workplace. Just love yourself and celebrate your small wins will boost your focus and productivity, and you will ache more in less time. Learn here more about self-improvement and productivity.

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