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Make Money From Blogging ( Earn $1000 per Month Passive Income from Blog )

Make Money From Blogging ( Earn $1000 per Month Passive Income from Blog )

What is passive income?

Before jumping into earning from blogging, let the first talk about passive income. Passive income is that type of earning where you get paid on the basis of results and not work time.

Another great thing about passive income is that you are paid repeatedly for your results. For example, you wrote a book. So you will get royalty till the book is available in the market.

Passive income-earning is a little bit different from traditional earnings and jobs. In normal work or job you are paid directly for the time you spend on work. But in the passive income, you will not get paid until you achieve or produced some kind of results.

It means that in the beginning you have to work hard without any pay and once you build the income stream then you will be continuously paid for your efforts and work.


Blogging is the best and easiest way to make money online and especially passive income. Usually blogging is around passion, interest, experience, expertise, success, idea, dream, and lifestyle. So with less effort and work, anyone can earn money from blogging.

There are dozens of ways to earn passive income online but blogging is the best way for beginners. In blogging, you will make money 24 hours a day because all the time your blog content will available online. And when people visit and consume your content you will get money from these audiences.

Making Passive income from blogging will help also you’re building and creating your personal brand. You will produce content around your niche idea and topic, and you will get authority and trust in your topic niche.

Making Passive Income from Blogging;

In blogging, you always create the content around your passion and lifestyle. So creating the content is not really an issue. But creating interesting and persuasive content is really challenging process.

You don’t have to create the content that you know or random. But, actually, you have to create the content in the niche and topic that people already searching for online. This content will increase your followers and content users.

The next thing is choosing the right way of monetizing your content because There are different ways to make passive income from blogging. Here I am going to share the 6 best possible ways to make passive income From Blogging. Choosing the right money-making method really depends on your content niche and your experience and expertise.

6 Common Ways to Make Money From Blogging;

  • Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a really easy way to start making passive income from your blog. With affiliate marketing, you can monetize any kind of niche content. Affiliate marketing services like Amazon Associates, Commission junction affiliates, Jvzoo, etc you can start monetizing your first post on your blog.

Affiliate marketing is re-directing your users to some specific products or services. And someone from your followers buys the product or service you will be to get paid a certain commission from the product sale price.

  • Advertising

Advertising is the best way to monetize your content and start making passive income blogging. Ad networks like Google AdSense,, Info clicks, Hilltop ads, etc, are the best networks to place ads on your site and start making passive income.

  • Selling Own Digital Products

Selling digital products like e-books, graphics, recipes, courses, video training, etc are the best ways to start making money from your blog. If you have authority, skills, and experience in your niche topic then people will love your book, compile guidance, or video programs.

  • Membership Blog

A membership blog is a blog where your content will be not available to the public for free but a little portion of content. After a specific payment and procedure, your user will get access to your content.

For building a membership blog first you will create the content and will build your fan’s following. After creating users and followers you will restrict your new and advanced content. And only people with payments will reach your content.

  • Selling Services

Creating customers and selling services like coaching, consulting, teaching,  training, etc is a great way to make passive income from your blog. After consuming your content your followers will love to get training and consulting from you for more relative advanced content in your niche topic.

  • Sponsored Cards and Posts

It’s a Selling sidebar, header, and footer space or widgets of your blog for sponsored posts and content. You will place cards and other people post on your blog and when someone clicks on these sponsored posts you will be got paid.

I hope this post will help you in starting a passive income from blogging and passion. Learn more about online business and blogging tips.

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