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Make Money with Amazon Kindle (Step by Step Guide to Kindle Direct Publishing)

Make Money with Amazon Kindle (Step by Step Guide to Kindle Direct Publishing)

Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle is an electronic e-book reading device. With the launch of the Amazon Kindle device, Amazon launched a Kindle direct publishing platform, which means any indie publisher can publish their book to the Amazon store and can make money. With a Kindle device, anyone can download books from Amazon online store.

Make Money With Book Publishing

There are dozens of ways to make money online as a side hustle  (Passive Income) but the greatest and smartest way to make money online is e-book publishing.


Because of its big market and it’s so easy to reach worldwide billions of book lovers in just a few steps by uploading a book on Amazon online stores.

Amazon’s book-selling revenue for 2019 was 280 Billion, and there is a great opportunity to get a portion of this huge revenue.

Another significant thing about Amazon Kindle Publishing is that it is at zero startup cost and a lifelong earning opportunity. Amazon store is available online 24/7 online and so you can make money while you will be sleeping and traveling around the country.

Back in the day, publishing and marketing were one of the hardest jobs. But now, with the blessing of an Amazon KDP, the only hard job is to write the book content, and then boom!

Within a few steps, your book will be available to the world’s biggest e-commerce platform on Amazon.

In this post, I am going to guide you step-by-step, on how to make money from Amazon Kindle direct Book Publishing.

Step-by-Step Guide to Make Money with Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing;

1. Find a Hot Selling & Low Competitive Profitable Niche

Lots of people published their books online, but they don’t get enough sales or profits because they just write books about their ideas and not about the customer’s needs and demands.

Creating valuable and solving problems content should be your priority in creating the book.

Searching in Amazon Kindle and looking at best-selling categories. Among these best-selling Categories, select the niche topic that best suits you and your knowledge and skills, and then write the content around this niche.

2. Write A Book

Writing a book in a selected niche needs more work and research. You have to find the right information and convey it to your customers and readers in the best possible way that they get more benefits and value.

You can also outsource your book content on Fiverr or Up-work which will cost you little money but will bring great value as book content.

3. Clickable Keywords for Book Title

Create the title for your book, best on persuading and problem-solving keywords. You can also create a book title form suggested keyword idea by Google, Amazon, or YouTube.

Another way to find a great keyword title for your book is by getting into the best-seller book list. And create your own meaningful book title with a mix of meaningful Keywords Combination.

4. Design A Catchy Cover

People will search for your book by keywords, but it will be your book cover that will attract them to click on the book.

So creating a really attractive book cover is important for increasing your sales. You can create a great book cover for free by visiting  Canva.

5. Upload at Amazon KDP

Once Your book content is ready and uploads it to the Amazon Kindle Unlimited program. Within 72 hours, your book will be available online on the Amazon store.

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Watch the complete video for uploading and publishing the book on Amazon KDP.

6. Marketing and Promoting

As your book is live on Amazon, you will start making money from every sale. For more sales and ranking, you will need customer reviews.

And the Greatest free way to get free customer reviews is by sharing your book in kindle Facebook groups.

You can also promote and share your book on all social media platforms and can also hire an influencer to share and talk about your book. Influencer blogger reviews are also a great way to get customers to your Amazon book landing page.

Another great way to make more money is through Amazon Ads. When someone searches in your niche or related keywords, Amazon will place your book in the top place in the search.


Just search, create, and upload and start making money online from Amazon KDP. And the secret to success in the book business is creating valuable and problem-solving content. Learn here more about Internet business and E-book publishing.

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