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Making Money from Blog (Turn Writing Into An online Business )

Making Money from Blog (Turn Writing Into An online Business )


Blogging is a great way to monetize your passion, skills, experience, or interest. The greatest thing about blogging is to find and target the people who are interested in the topic as you are passionate about it.

Blogging is one of the oldest ways to make money online. Back in the day, it was really hard to start a blog. But, today with the blessing of a WordPress platform it’s really easy to start a blog and start posting your content.

Once you get the traffic to your blog you can monetize your visitors with very different methods. If your blog Just one post ranked on the first page of the search engine you can earn up to 5 figures’ income for years.

Consistency is the key to success and the same is the case in blogging. You have produced the content regularly and slowly search engines will find your content helpful for the users.

In this post, I’m going to share the steps for starting a successful blog and making passive income from home.

How to start a Blog?

Blog Topic

For starting a blog first you have come up with the idea, interest, subject, or niche, etc that you are passionate about and will love to talk about. To find an interesting niche and topic for your blog do some exercise. Make a list of 10 things based on your skills, passion, experience, and knowledge.

Now short this list three items. In these three select the one that you always want to talk with friends, family, park, class, workers. The one thing you can talk about for 24 hours without sleeping and eating. And this topic and niche is your real passion and interest.

Domain Name & Hosting

After the topic to have to decide the blog name and hosting. Domain Name is the Name of your bog or website. Hosting an online place where your files will be stored.

You can keep the domain name to your personal name or around the topic and niche. Your mission, vision, purpose, etc can also be part of your blog name. You can base your blog on your message and idea. But try to use a simple name so that your fan can easily remember and refer to it to others.

You have to register the domain name, or you can get it free with hosting on some platforms like GoDaddy, Dream host, etc.

WordPress and Theme

After purchasing hosting and registering the domain name you have to install the WordPress and then Theme. WordPress is a ready-made platform for designing a blog and posting your content easily without coding.

After installing WordPress and customizing the theme your website or blog will be live on the internet. For further details, you can watch the tutorial below to make a website in 10 minutes.

Important Plugins

Plugins are tools that will make your blog performance easy and fast. With time to can add different advanced plugins with the need of the blog. But, as a beginner blogger my list of important plugins are;

  1. A3 lazy load for page speed
  2. AddToAny share buttons for social media sharing
  3. Autoptimize for optimizing CSS, google fonts, JS, images
  4. GDPR Cookie Consent
  5. header and Footer Scripts for adding easy codes or HTML links
  6. Jetpack by 
  7. Site Kit by Google for analytics and Google AdSense.
  8. w3 total cache
  9. Yoast SEO for Content Optimization according to search engines.

Blog content and Keyword Ideas

When your blog is live with theme and plugins, Now the real work starts with posting content. You will post content in your niche but first, you have to do little research for creating the content. You will create the content around keywords that people are also searching online.

Two important tools for content and keyword research are Ubersuggest and LSI keywords maker. Just jump over these tools and search for your blog’s main Keyword. You will get results about the main searching keywords, and related phrases around the keyword, and content that other people are producing.

For example, your search for weight loss. You will see the number of people searching for weight loss and also what type of content other bloggers are posting online around this keyword.

You will do research for around two days and will collect 30 to 40 keywords and content ideas. The Keywords and relative content search are important because it will help you in search engine ranking and batter positioning.

Google is the largest search engine on the web. And so you have to write the content according to the needs and demands of people who are already searching on Google.

Creating the Content

After listing the Keywords and content ideas now is the time to write. Now, you will be having a Question in mind? How many posts to write weekly or monthly?.

Well, simple, that most you post, higher will be your ranking and also More people will benefit from your content. On average posting 3 times a week is fantastic for your blog but posting daily will rank your blog within the month on google search.

The length of the article also matters in the ranking. The minimum number of words for the article should 500  words. And larger you can go from  3 to 5k words article. But ts also depends on the type of article.

For example, if you are just answering a simple question then 500 words are okay. But, if you are writing a complete guide and tutorial then 3ooo words article will be good.

After Posting 25 articles you will see that people are coming to the blog. And after three months your monthly visitors will be more than 1000 unique visitors per month.

Monetizing the Blog

After posting around 10 to 20 posts and when people start visiting your blog, you can start monetizing your blog content. You can also bring visitors to the blog by sharing your content on social media platforms.

There are different ways to monetize your content, but I will cover 3 major ways, and all these three ways are possible together and separately as well.

  1. Ads
  2. Affiliate marketing
  3. Selling Own products

Making Money Through ads

Making money through ads is a good idea for a beginner blogger. There are different platforms and networks for blog content monetization but my best suggestion will be to start with Google AdSense and

These are easy to use with no conditions of the number of monthly users, page views, etc. After posting 10 to 20 articles you can monetize your blog with these two platforms.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate Marketing is also a great way to monetize your content as a beginner. You can start affiliate marketing even with a single post on your blog.

There are thousands of affiliate marketing networks and companies but, my best suggestions, with no condition platforms, are JVzoo and CJ. You can start affiliate marketing with platforms product even with zero visitors.

Selling Own Products

Selling your own products is the best and most profitable option in blogging. But for selling your own products, first, you have to build a customer base that loves your content.

After using your blog content then these loyal fans and followers will love to buy your premium product of any kind like books, courses, coaching, etc.

I hope this will help you in starting a blog and making money online from home as a side hustle. Learn here more about Blogging and Online Business.

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