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11 Techniques To Manage Stress and Anxiety at Work

Manage Stress and Anxiety at Work

According to a survey carried out in 2019, high workloads and volume of work were a common cause of stress at work for 60 percent of respondents in the United Kingdom.

Furthermore, 41 percent reported that management style was a key contributor to stress at work, while 27 percent said that non-work factors such as relationships and family issues caused stress at work.

The work relates to stress and anxiety is not the problem of the United States or the UK, but its worldwide problem of developing and developed countries Japan, France, India, Russia, and other leading countries.

And the biggest reasons for these stresses and anxiety at the workplace are the lack of motivation, toxic and harmful behaviors of the senior and upper authority, and high level of responsibility, workload, and higher expectation than skill level in their jobs.

Stress and anxiety have an adverse effect on our physical as well as mental health and behaviors. According to the study of Science Direct, the burden of chronic stress and accompanying changes affects our relationships, productivity, creativity,  and personal behaviors (smoking, eating too much, alcohol drinking, poor quality sleep, etc.)

Stress is also a root cause for many mental and physical diseases like blood pressure, heart problems, Alzheimer’s, Headaches, Diabetes,  Obesity, etc.

In this post, I am going to share a list of 11 tips and Techniques To Manage Stress and Anxiety at Work. And keep yourself healthy, focused, and productive in your career and life.

11 Techniques To Manage Stress and Anxiety at Work;

1. Move your Body and change Your Physical Position

Changing your environment and focus is the simple and smart way to avoid stress and get back with a focus and fresh,

With changing your position, problems will be still there, but you get some time to plan for handling the problems. And when you know the plan, then it’s really easy to work and overcome the stress and get the desired results.

2. Practice Meditation and Deep Breathing

Meditation and deep breathing is a powerful exercise to cope and overcome your tress and get your mind focused on the solution.

Meditation will take your mind from the problem to the solution and will boost your self-esteem and performance.

3. Divide your Task Into Small Pieces

The old formula of, “divide and rule” is a great way to manage your enormous tasks and challenges. Just divide your task into small pieces and then work and focus one piece at a time.

After completing one small task, take a little break and then come back to another small task with a fresh mind and energy.

With this strategy and practice, you will not handle all your problems, but it will also keep you productive and creative.

4. Play sports and exercise

Sports and exercise are also a fast cure for work stress and anxiety.

Exercises and sports activities not only keep you active and healthy, but it takes your focus from problems and makes your mind fresh. And when you go back to work with fresh energy, it will be easy to face the challenges and get the results.

5. Reduce Your Body Caffeine level

A high level of caffeine in your body is also creating stress and anxiety. And cutting down Tea Cups, energy drinks, or Coffee is also good practice to overcome stress and focus on your work.

6. Talk With your dear One’s

Talking to your family members, friends, or mentors is also a smart way to handle and relieve stress. And back to work with a new mood and energy.

Talking with a dear one will boost your motivation and give you inner feelings of joy and happiness. And our inner happiness is our biggest source of work productivity and creativity.

7. Listen to Your Favorite Music

When I listen To Eminem, Jay-Z, Kendrick, my energy level hits tot eh sky. And I feel motivated, inspired, and fresh to start my day with high self-esteem.

Listening to glorious music according to your mood and personality will not only help you to overcome stress. But will give you the inspiration and inner motivation to push yourself and get your goal and challenges in life.

8. Involved Yourself in Hobby

We all have some kind of hobbies and interests. I have a hobby of Book reading and writing. Whenever I feel pressure, I start reading a book, and soon, I will find myself flying in the sky.

Similarly, just involve yourself in a hobby, and you will forget about your stress and problems.

But problems will still be there, but you will have some time to take your mind and focus on the problem, and come up with ideas and solutions to handle the problems and get your results.

9. Share Your Feelings With Co-workers and Team members

Sharing your feelings, thoughts, or emotions with others will help you in understanding your potion. And their comments will give you the bit of confidence and courage to handle the problems and take over them.

10. Ask for Help

Work stress usually comes from a high workload in the jobs. Asking your team members and colleagues for help will relieve in stress, and completing the task will boost motivation and energy level.

11. Take Good night Sleep

A good night’s sleep of 7 to 8 hours will not only remove your work stress and pressure but also will keep you productive and focused.

With a fresh mind, it’s really easy to face challenges and complete your tasks.


Our first priority should be to take our minds away from the key source of stress. And then we will be able to think about the solution and taking the action.

Plying sports, plating with kids, talking to friends, reading a book, being involved in a hobby, and taking a good night’s sleep is a smart and easy strategy to overcome stress and anxiety. Learn here more about stress management and self-improvement.

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