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Old school Habits create winners

OLD school habits create winners

In this modern age on the internet and social media, we should take some time and reflect on some old school ideas of good habits. Winners today in every field are adopting these habits and succeeding in life. We have to acknowledge that when our parents or grandparents used to tell us about old school habits. We ignored them because they weren’t cool enough. Here is a description of some old school habits that create winners.

Things you do every day and perform consistently become your habits. Habits can be good and bad depending on their nature. For example, an old school habit is when in our childhood we were told that waking up early in the morning is a good thing. Consistently waking up early becomes a good habit. On the other hand, if we don’t get up early in the morning then it becomes a bad habit eventually. That is what we were told in kindergarten.

Why waking up early is so important today?

Everyone nowadays is talking about waking up early and the 5 a.m club. Why it is so important now for Millenials to wake up early and plan their day. Your mind is most relaxed when you wake up and being an early bird helps you plan your whole day. Read something from your favorite book or even a newspaper when you wakeup. Never open your smartphone when you wakeup, not for an hour at least, it will just distract you and you will spend hours navigating through different applications.

Read something useful or something related to your work or study. It can help you memorize the details. Suppose you have a presentation in office or university and you have to learn all the key points, going through all those points in the morning will help you.

Watch the sunrise and exercise in the morning, you can do yoga or jogging or some cardio in the gym but make sure it is early in the morning. It’s an old school habit which will make you a winner one day.

Modesty is the Best Policy.

Rise of Instagram, Facebook, and other social media platforms have given birth to a show-off generation. Everyday people flaunt about their riches and lifestyle on social media. I’m not against people sharing their personal life on these platforms. Sometimes it is good to be humble and save the detail to yourself. Privacy is really important for winners and sometimes showing off on social media may lead to you giving away a secret or weakness. Always be humble and modest in life, that’s the most important old school habit.

Next time you have an expensive dinner or travel somewhere, don’t just post it. Save that for later, enjoy the moment.

Take handwritten notes/ Maintain a Journal.

Buy a Journal of your favorite kind and start taking notes by writing them down. Your cellphone is a good device for taking notes but it will distract you by notifications and other apps. Plan your day in a journal, writing improves the thought process and handwritten notes are easy to remember. I’m not saying you to write a diary about your daily routine, just the important stuff. Nowadays it is an old school technique but good habits that creates winners.

Taking long walks.

Walking is healthy, also it can keep your mind healthy. Go for long walks and leave the cellphone and smartwatches at home. It will give you solitude and time to think and reflect upon your self. You can learn new ideas without any distractions. One can give attention to the tiny details of life when walking alone. Your thought process becomes faster and you can think about all the bad decisions you have made and how to correct them.

Having conversations that matter.

It is hard to find a person who thinks the way you think or agrees to disagree. Everyone is opinionated nowadays and social media is full of trolls and bullies. Have a real conversation with some like-minded people. Who respects your opinion and doesn’t force his opinion on you. Go to your favorite coffee place or park to have conversations which means something.

Repair broken things.

Buying a new one is not an option when you can repair something. Whether it’s an electronic device or a wall clock or piece of clothes. Try fixing things once in a while. Sew your shirt button if it gets broken or a torn pair of jeans. It one of the old school habits that create winners because it shows the value of things you care about.

Cooking dinner for your loved ones.

How long has been since you’ve cooked for someone you love? It’s good to go out for dinner dates with your other half but it would be great if you cooked something for them. Keep your hands away from food delivery apps and go to the store and buy ingredients for your meal. Cook a beautiful dinner for your partner, that will show how valued they are to you.

Standing for what is right.

Never compromise on anything which is against your core principles. Have discipline in life and live your life to a set of principles that define you. Don’t let anyone take advantage of you. Learn to stand for what is right, if you see something unjust. Do something about it or at least speak against it. Old school people stood for each other and that defined them. This one old school habits alone can make you a winner.