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How to Overcome Fear of Public Speaking

How to Overcome Fear of Public Speaking

Public Speaking

Let me start with my personal experience from my school days. At the end of each year, we used to play a stage drama for teachers, parents, and other audiences.

Before you start playing on stage, the principle always used to say “Only you know you have forgotten a dialogue, not your audience”. This tip changed my thoughts, mindset, and performance over the decades, from school to college and now into professional life.

Your audience is human and they just care and are here for your message and to get value. They have no concern with your color, dressing, or body language. It’s your inner thinking that forces you that they will think and will care or will judge you.

As a Public speaker, your main duty is to give the message and information for which they are here to take it.

But, most common people don’t love to speak in public and in crowds because of fear.  Fear of judgment of people, fear of failing, fear of rejection, fear of if this and if that happens, etc…

Public speaking is a sign of self-esteem and confidence and it makes you the master of the topic. It’s a great skill for your portfolio and career.

There should be some kind of fear and anxiety before jumping on stage. But you don’t need to show the public what’s going on inside you. Because they will never know until you show them.

In this post, I am going to share my personal experience for overcoming the fear of public speaking. How you will focus on message and audience and not worry about your inner feelings and thoughts.

This book helped me in public speaking. Ted Talks: The Official Ted Guide to Public Speaking.

How to Overcome Fear of Public Speaking

To overcome the fear of public speaking first we have to dive into the purpose of speaking. And the main purpose of public speaking is giving value to others and making their lives better.

You are sharing your experience, exposure, journey, and learnings to inspire and make their lives better. Below are a few common steps for overcoming the fear of public speaking.

  • Know Your Purpose

When you know your message and purpose of speaking then you will not care about people’s opinions. But you will think about their life and the value you will provide. You will create the most valuable content and will focus on the purpose they will take from their presence.

  • Don’t Make Them Bore

As a public speaker, you must entertain and make them feel better. Don’t bore them by talking about what they already know. You have to share surprising and new information and at least, giving the old information with new stories will build curiosity in them. They would love to follow your message and ideas.

  • Engage Emotionally

With public speaking, you don’t have to confuse people but you should have to play with emotions and inspire them to believe. You have built a story to involve them emotionally and mentally. A story that relates to their lives and journey. You can also engage them by asking questions.

  • Practice Your Message

Practicing your message will double your speed and will give you the advantage of focus and single point direction. Keeping short notes is also a great way for guidance and to carry the message coherently.

  • Control Your Body

Your Body Movements and gestures play an important part in public speaking. Your hands, head, and eye movements over the public can keep the audience engaging with your message. And it should be in a way that they can take the message from your eyes and body language.

  • Use of Humor

Humor changes moods and the use of humor can help you in controlling your inner feelings for some time. It’s also useful for creating the bond and build their energy for the main idea and message.

  • Stay Authentic

Being sincere and authentic with your public is your greatest tool to build trust. Don’t try to be fake and make things beautiful for the sake of showing off.

The more sincerely you deliver your message the more valuable it will be for your audience.

I hope this will help in overcoming the feat about public speaking. Click here for more posts about self-help and business. Peace.