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17 Ways To Overcome Laziness and Procrastination ( Boost Your Work Performance)

Overcome Laziness and Procrastination

We stay lazy because of a lack of passion, lack of clarity of goals, a lot of to-do lists, no planning and routines, or lack of discipline system in our life.

And because of laziness we delay, postpone, and procrastinate our projects and tasks, which later create depression and stress in our life.

Some people because of laziness feel unworthy, and they live a life of inferiority and of being a victim.

Because laziness will affect your physical performance, and mental creativity, and productivity, which have direct affect your decisions, career, work, and overall life.

Being lazy doesn’t mean we are worthless, or we can’t accomplish or get things in life.

The habit of laziness is the game of mindset and perspective.

To overcome laziness, we have to build the mindset and thought system that will push and motivate us against all kinds of obstacles and problems.

Just by working on our mindset, habits, and discipline, we can avoid the habit and disease of laziness.

In this post,  I am going to share a list of 17 simple tips, ways, and techniques that will help you not only in overcoming laziness. But also will improve and boost your work performance and productivity.

17 Ways To Overcome Laziness and Procrastination;

1. Clear Planning but overwhelming

Most people do the planning, but not everyone achieves and getting the rust from the planning to-do list.

And it’s because they put and add so many tasks to the list, that they feel overwhelmed and stress. And instead of taking action, they procrastinate and stay lazy.

The effective way of planning, just adding 3 to 5 important tasks to the to-do list and then start actions.

And after completing these tasks, now you can start working on other tasks with more motivation and higher self-esteem.

2. Start With The Simple Task

Starting and completing the simple and easy task will give you the motivation and momentum for the next coming tasks. It will boost your confidence and give you the mindset that you can complete more tasks as well.

3. Taking Breaks Between the Tasks

The biggest reason for laziness is not taking a rest break between the tasks. After completing one task, we move to another one and then another one.

And after a few tasks, we feel exhausted, lazy, and we procrastinate and prefer to postpone the remaining tasks for the next day.

Taking 5 to 15 minutes breaks between each task will improve your productivity and creativity. Because after the break, you will come up with extra energy and recharge the battery for the next task.

3. Reward Yourself After the Completion of Each task

Rewarding yourself after the completion of each task will give you the motivation and inner desire to complete the task and get the results.

The reward can be any simple thing like taking a walk, listening to your favorite music, talking to a friend, special coffee at the best restaurant, etc.

The reward system will keep you pushing from the inner side that there is something you are getting, and you keep the focus on your task.

4. Organize Your Work Space and Environment

A disorganized environment will make you feel lazy and instead of taking important actions, you will start to set your mind to the small unimportant tasks.

A clean, clear, and organized workspace gives you energy and feels special. And you will only focus on the work, no distractions in the environment.

5. Think About the Consequences of Not Taking action

Thinking about the effect and consequences of not taking action, is also a great technique to overcome laziness and boost your productivity and work motivation.

6. Get Enough Sleep and Rest

Most of the time, we feel lazy because we are tired and exhausted.

Getting a good night’s sleep for 7 to 8 hours will keep you active and focused on all daily tasks and actions.

7. Focus on the results of Tasks

When you focus on the why, results, and purpose of tasks, then instead of postponing, you will feel motivated and will take every kind of action, to get the results.

8. Relax Your Mind and Body

Relaxing your mind and body through Yoga, meditation, and self-talking is also a great technique for getting energy and overcoming laziness.

9. Start Working and no More Wait for Being Perfect

Most of the time, we feel lazy and postpone our actions and tasks, because we want our results to be perfect. And we feel fear of being imperfect in our mind and inside.

But actually, there is no perfectness. We can only improve ourselves.

And our improvement starts with taking action. The more we take action, the more we will see progress, and the more we feel motivated and energetic for the actions.

10. Taking Inspiration of Mentors and Coaches

Lack of inspiration is also the major reason for laziness and procrastinating.

Taking inspiration from other influential people is also a great tool to boost your productivity and overcome the habit of laziness.

11. Avoid Multitasking

Starting multiple tasks look cool and amazing, but each task needs your focus and energy.

With dividing focus, you feel overwhelmed, tired, and will prefer to procrastinate and postpone the task.

12. Practice 45 Minutes Focus Formula

just working on one task, with no disturbance or distraction, for 45 minutes with complete focus, will boost your work performance and creativity.

Take a minor break for 5 to 10 minutes, and now again set another 45 minutes’ time break.

Each recent break will give you energy and motivation, and instead of feeling lazy, you will feel powerful and confident.

13. Don’t Yet Think of Failures or Results

Most of the time we don’t take action because we feel that it’s a complete failure or the results will be unfair.

Instead of think of thinking about the results, if we start Action, then if the results are bad, we will grow and improve and each time.

And therefore waiting for significant results makes you lazy, but taking action and execution will make you will get the results and will improve.

14. Taking Cold Shower

Taking a Cold shower in the morning is also a great technique to overcome laziness and make yourself active.

15. Regular Exercises and Sports Activities

Regular exercises and sports, not only make you healthy. But also keeps you active and improves your work performance and creativity.

16. The 5 Minutes Fear Challenge Formula

There are things and tasks that make us feel fear and discomfort.

Just working for 5 minutes on a fearful and challenging task will give you the power and motivation.

And other routines, normal tasks will look easy for you.

17. Divide and Win

Sometimes enormous tasks look difficult and hard, and that demotivate and makes us lazy.

But dividing the big task and projects into smaller tasks will make it easy for you to complete and take the action.


The smart and simple cure for laziness is taking action and facing, taking responsibility for the results. Set big goals, focus on one goal at one time, and keep rewarding yourself will make you energetic and inspired for a glorious future and life. Learn here more about procrastination and productivity.

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