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Passive Income: 6 Legit Ways To Earn $100 per Day Online

Passive Income: 6 Legit Ways To Earn $100 per Day Online

Passive Income

Financial freedom is the dream of every human being. But financial freedom is almost impossible with daily old traditional 9-5 jobs. A job only helps you with your bills and family expenses.

For getting financial you have to do something extra. Create multiple passive income streams and in this way, you can save and invest extra money.

What is Passive Income?

In a job people are paid on the basis of time, daily, weekly, monthly work done, etc. But in the passive income, they pay you based on results.

And another impressive thing about the passive income you will be to get paid even though you are not working. Passive Income streams sound amazing and fantastic, but they need a lot of hustle and hard work to build.

Once you have produced a product or service, then you will be getting paid for its use even though you will be not working on it.

In this post, I will share the list of the Best 6 ways to make passive income online from home. With these income streams, anyone can earn up to $100 per day easily. You can start these passive income streams as a side hustle and part-time.

6 Ways to Earn $100 per Day:

  • Blogging

If you love sharing knowledge and writing, blogging is the best way to earn some extra money passive income online. Blog writing is the best and oldest method to earn side passive income.

Writing articles about passion, interest, or some specific niche you can earn $2000 per month. For blogging, you don’t need to be an English language expert.

Doing the research and posting regularly about your niche, even from a small blog, millions $$ are possible to earn.

There are different ways to earn money from your blogs like Ads money, Sponsored, Promoting Affiliate products and selling your products, etc. For more details, You can Check in this post: the Best way to earn money from your blog/site 

  • Books Writing

Back in time, book publishing was the hardest and complex business. Legal issues, publishing cost, royalty issues, and dealing with agent and publisher, etc.

Now with the blessing of the internet and online digital book stores, the publishing of a book is easy like ABC. Now the only hard job is to write a book.

I am talking about the Amazon Kindle e-book direct publishing. It’s Amazon Program for individual writers. Through Amazon KDP anyone writer can upload their book to Amazon’s online digital online store and the rest work will be done by Amazon. Now you can write and publish as many books as you want.

Just search around your interest Amazon bestseller category and write a book about a hot topic.  Then Sign up for KDP and publish your book. Also, Check this post for more details: How to  Write and Publish the first e-book on Kindle 

  • Selling Online Courses

If you are an expert in some skills and love teaching and want to share your knowledge with other online courses is a significant way to make passive income.

You can make a video, audio, and slides presentation according to a specific Niche course and can sell it on Udemy, Lynda, and Skill-share.

The most important skill you need for online courses is your communication skills. Your powerful communication skills are your soul for your online courses.

After publishing your course you can increase your sales through Social media ads, which is an easy and cheap way to get traffic for your course.

  • YouTube

YouTube is the best and easiest way to earn a good passive income. Today every person has smartphones with a good camera. There are thousands of topics you can make videos and upload to YouTube to earn money.

You can make a video while traveling,  cooking, eating, teaching, gardening, gym and exercise, and family time.

While working in an office,  You can make videos about the office, business, and management, new projects, leadership, etc.

You don’t need extra skills and money for YouTube videos and every day you can upload as many videos as you want. Check this post: how to grow fast on YouTube

  • Mobile Apps

80% of the world population is using smartphones and all these phones have interesting apps. Around the Global People always search for new social, scientific, informative, and entertainment apps.

If you have unique and interesting ideas for apps, then in a few months you will be making an excellent amount of money as a passive income from your simple android apps.

For app making, you can hire a programmer on freelancing sites like Fiverr. After publishing your app you can earn money mostly in two ways ads, and subscription money.

Both ways are magnificent because there are a million users over the world smartphones who will use our apps, and you will earn a suitable amount of money for long life while enjoying your life.

  • Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the best passive income source at the present time. People are making millions of dollars just from promoting other people’s products on blogs, social media, and YouTube videos. Amazon Affiliate is the best program for starting.

After sign up with the Amazon Associates Program, you will get a link for each product. You will talk and review all the interesting products and convince people to buy them.

When someone purchases from your affiliates’ links then you get some commissions of the sale price.

Affiliate marketing is suitable for people with strong communication and closing skills.


Our secret to success in online business depends on creating valuable content and products. The more you provide the value, the easy will be part of success and growth for you in online business. Learn here more about Online business and Passive Income.

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