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10 Passive Income Ways To Make $100 per Day ( Make Fast Money Online )

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Make Money Online

Making money online isn’t about making money fast, but it’s really about hard and commitment compiled with passion. In today’s online you’ll start a business or online income stream around your passion and interest. So making money online is popping your passion into a business as a side hustle.

Another great point about online making money methods that mostly are passive Income. Passive within the way that in first you’ll put tons of energy and time in creating and building the income stream. Then it’ll bring the cash, albeit you’ll put in less or no work.

In this post, I’m getting to share the ten best ways to form money online from home. And most of those are truly passive income streams. You’ll structure to $3000 per month from each of those income streams.

10 Passive Income Ways to Make $100 per day;

1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing may be a good way to form money online with zero start-up costs. Affiliate marketing is really promoting other companies’ products and services.

In affiliate marketing, you’ll accept as true with networks like CJ and ClickBank or an immediate company like Fiverr, Amazon, etc. you’ll promote the products with specific tracking code.

As a beginner, the simplest options of Affiliate programs are Amazon associates and JVZoo. Amazon is that the biggest world e-commerce platform. And many people do shopping from Amazon. If someone buys a product or visits Amazon through your link and buys something on Amazon, you’ll get a commission for every sale and transaction.

JVZoo is an affiliate network for digital products like e-book courses, membership sites, coaching, printable, software, plugins, etc. On selling one among this stuff, you’ll make money from 10% to 60% of the merchandise price.

2. YouTube

YouTube is 2n the biggest search engine online after Google. Every second million people are searching on YouTube for information, education, solutions, news, entertainment, and new ideas.

Any person with some quiet information, education, talent, skills, expertise, etc, can make money from YouTube. Making money from YouTube is like living your life and recording and uploading videos on YouTube, and with this easy process, you can earn tons of cash.

Traveling, cooking, playing, exercises, teaching, training, filming, shooting, hunting, and lots of other ways you’ll record your videos and may earn up to $100 per day from YouTube.

3. Blogging

Blogging is sharing your experience and knowledge and skills with the planet, what you’re keen on and passions about, some with same minded people.

In blogging, it always takes time to urge traffic to the blog, but it’s great to earn $100 per day online from home.

For blogging, you do not get to the professional writer but all you would like to make amazing, unique, and generating content in your niche and topic. Once you get the traffic to your blog, then there are alternative ways to form money from your blog traffic.

It is often from Ads, affiliate marketing, selling down products, sponsored products, sponsored posts, etc. For starting a blog you’ll need a website name, hosting, and platform like Word press.

It’s very easy to form an internet site on WordPress. The best tip for success in blogging is posting user-friendly content regularly. The more you provide the unique value to your customers, the more are going to be your advantage of getting ranked within the program like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.

You can also bring more traffic by sharing content on a social media platform like Facebook, Linked In, Twitter, tumbler, etc.

4. Drop-shipping

Drop-shipping is the best thing for selling other people’s products for profits. And you do not need to worry about shipping of products or packing.

Your main purpose will just be marketing and getting the customer on sales pages and taking the profit into your own pocket and forwarding the order to the most product owner. The parent company will affect packaging, shipping, and returning.

5. Data entry

Data entry is one of the old ways to form money online. Its don’t require any special skill but just the use of a computer and typing speed.

You will just enter the figures and words because of the task required. You’ll find data entry work on freelancing sites like Fiverr, Upwork, and on websites like Axion Data Entry Services, Accuracy Global, Clickworker, DionData Solutions.

6. Selling T-shirts

There are great profits and opportunities in selling t-shirt online with zero cost or invest on an internet site like Tee spring, Red Bubble, Printful, Tee public, Spread shirt, etc.

You can easily design a T-shirt on online platforms like Canva, Snappa, or software like Photoshop, Gimp, Pixler, etc., and upload on these sites. These sites will do marking and can manage the sales of your T-shirts. You’ll also sell your designed T-shirt in marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Etsy, etc.

7. Selling e-books

Selling e-books online through draft2digital and Amazon KDP may be a good way to form money online. For selling and starting an e-book business, you do not need to be an expert writer, but you’ll hire writers online from freelancing websites.

The need and demand for e-books are increasing per annum because it’s too easy to hold thousands of books in only a mobile, laptop, or iPad.

8. Selling Images

Today every one features a smartphone with an honest camera. We will easily make money up to $100 per day by taking photos with the phone and uploading it to websites like shutter stock, Alamy, Cress stock, 500PX, snapped4u, photo shelter, Tour photos, etc.

9. Facebook Instant article

It’s great to monetize your blog content with Facebook Ads. Just simple steps you’ll add code from the Facebook page into the Website and Facebook will automatically verify your blog or website authority.

The Facebook team will review your 10 posts from the blog and after accepting your Blog will start showing ads on your content.

10. Selling Amazon Products for Commission

Amazon Associates (affiliate) is the world’s best and largest affiliate program. Many people everyday visit Amazon for shopping, but you only create the review and source for sending traffic to Amazon products and services you’ll earn up to 10% for the transaction on Amazon.

I hope this post will help you in starting a Side hustle income stream online from home. Learn here more about online business and passive income.

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