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5 Personal Barriers To Growth in Life and Career

Personal Barriers To Growth in Life and Career

We all want to grow and achieve greatness in life, and therefore we attend new seminars, hire consultants and coaches, spend time with mentors, and reading books after books.

But still don’t see the change and results.

And it’s because we are just getting information, guidance, techniques, and tactics, but taking no actions.

And all kinds of learning are of no value without consistent executions and committed Actions.

In this post, I am going to share a list of the top 5 barriers to growth in life and career. Just avoiding and overcoming these barriers will take your career and life to the next level of success and growth.

Top 5 Personal Barriers To Growth in Life and Career;

1. Not ready to change and Love of Comfort Zone

We all love the change, but we all hate changing ourselves.

But there is no growth in life without changing yourself. You will see a change in life when you change yourself.

New teachings will give new ideas for actions. But actually, all these ideas and lessons are not changing us because we are not taking on these ideas.

We are in love with the comfort zone, and therefore we are not ready to leave our comfort bubble and face the challenges of change.

For advancement and growth in life, you have to embrace new ideas, challenges, and after actions will see the growth and progress in life.

2. Low self-esteem and belief

Sometimes we don’t change ourselves, but low self-worth and esteem.

When you don’t believe in yourself, you will always play in a safe zone and will never try new ideas. And there will be no growth in your career and life.

3. Sleeping at old Success and Wins

Getting success is great, but sleeping at success is dangerous for your growth and world-class mastery.

If you stop learning and trying new ideas, then soon you will face problems and obstacles that you will not understand how to overcome these problems.

Because the world is changing and with these changes, we have to learn new skills, tactics, and principles.

With old ways, you will achieve the same old results. But learning new principles will change your results and profits.

And so for growth, you have to push yourself for the change and not just sleeping with a closed mind on old success and results.

4. Low Span of focus

Our focus is our greatest weapon and asset, but most people are not using it in the right way.

Today we all have a low span of focus, and the biggest reason behind low are social media actions, pop-ups, and calls.

For growth in a career and in life, we have to learn the skill of one focus.

Just focusing on one thing at one time will improve our productivity and creativity, and It will bring positive results and outcomes.

5. Fear of Failure

Fear of failure, rejection, or other people’s opinions and judgments is our biggest problem and enemy in the path of success and growth.

According to GaryVee “ I learn more from failings than winning.”

Failures are part of the process of glory and greatness.

If you look at the failures as a failure, then it’s a problem. But you look at the failures as an opportunity to grow and a way of learning, then it will change your entire perspective, and you will be unstoppable in the journey of life.

The more you fail yourself in your specific niche and industry, the more you will grow, and you will become the master of your industry.


The greatness and glory belong to those who have the courage to change and face challenges with a positive attitude and perspective. We all have talent and knowledge for greatness, but we lack discipline and execution.

Just taking action, being fearless on your knowledge will take you to the top of your industry. Learn here more about emotional intelligence and personal-improvement.

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