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Personal Branding: Create Your Own Personal Brand

Personal Branding: Create Your Personal Brand

Personal Branding

A personal brand is what you really do or perform differently and in a unique way and what values you can contribute to the life of your customer, clients, and followers. In other words, your personal brand is a combination of your skillset, experience, journey, and unique values. And because of these values, clients, and customers love to work with you.

Personal branding is your value-ability and importance but you have to communicate your brand to the people and the right customers. When people know about your story, values, services, message, and purpose then they will love to follow and stay in connection.

The story is an important part of every brand. It creates an emotional connection with your followers and clients. For example, Garyvee Brand’s story is about immigrants from Russia, working and building their father’s liquor store, a social media content guru, a Keynote speaker, and wanting to buy network jets.

Your brand story should be based on your journey, passion, ups and downs, wins and setbacks, and your success to the current position. Your brand or story is not for all but for some specific audience and people. The more you know about your audience the easier it will be to add value to their business and lifestyle.

Tips & Tools for Creating Your Personal Brand;

  • Your Message & Core Value

Your brand is based on your core values, message, and your journey. There will be one tag line from your journey and that will be the foundation for your brand.

What is the value you will provide and what will be your customer’s life after using your content, message, and products?

You have to relate and engage your message and value to your client’s and audiences’ lives and their visions and mission.

  • Practice

You have to practice your message and story. You have to keep the consistency in your message story and the value you will provide to your audience and clients.

  • Better Communication

Clients will work with you if they know about you, your values, and your experience. It all depends on the way you present your brand and your values.

The more efficient way you communicate your story and make an engaging and relative connection to your customers, the more they will love and trust your branding.

For better communication and engagement you have to listen to your clients and their problems. In this way, you will understand their situations and will create better solutions and relative values in their life.

  • Living & Showing Your Brand

Not only will you talk about your brand, your vision, your future, but you have to live with your brand. You have to show your life is a living example of your values, experiences, and skills. You have achieved what you have done and all your clients and customers can achieve the same success by following your steps and process.

  • Sharing Your Message on Social Media

No one can deny the power of social media in marketing and business. The great thing about social media platforms is that they are free to use and anyone from the whole world can share their content.

For personal branding, you have to choose the platform according to the needs and demands of your clients and customers. Because this will help you in a better way to communicate the message in the best possible way.

The majority of the world’s population is using social media and it’s a great tool to share your story and build your following and clients. You can upload your video content and message on Youtube, Snapchat, linked-in, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Dailymotion, etc.

You can also share and give value to your followers and clients in written through blog posts, linked-in, tumbler, Facebook, Twitter, and news articles, etc.

The more content you create and post around these social media platforms the more people will know about your personal brand story and more audience and following you will gain on these social media platforms.

  • A brand is About Giving Values & Service

When it comes to giving values it’s not about yourself but you have to think about the needs, problems, and service of your clients. Your audience service will be your first priority. The more value you create for your clients the more helpful and trustworthy your brand will be.

  • Continuous Learning & Growth

Life is a continuous journey and there is no limit to learning and success. You have to try new things, new experiences, and new learnings will make and help you in growing your message.

The more you engage, and build relationships with clients and the audience, the more you will grow in experience, and in this way, the journey continues for life.

You can also learn from books, seminars, programs, mentors, and competitors and use these learnings into your message. Make yourself aware of new technology and the changing trends of clients and people.

I hope this post will help you with personal branding. Check here my more posts about self-development and business. Peace.