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The Ultimate Guide To Personal Branding ( Become Online Celebrity )

The Ultimate Guide To Personal Branding ( Become Online Celebrity )

What is Personal Brand?

Personal Brand is your identity, impact, and reputation, that people have and know about your personality. It’s your personality that is the main product, capital, machinery, and function of your business. In other words, it’s a business all-around your self-worth and your personality.

A personal brand is not just about personality but it’s about values, results, experience, and difference you have created. In today’s online world Well known personality brands are Garyvee, Grant Cardone, Tai Lopez, Neil Patel, Dan Pena, Danlok, etc.

In short, we can say that personal branding is Your life showcase. Your show of failings, success, happiness, pressure, learnings, down and falls, lifestyle, people, and mentors. A personal brand is a story of a Personal journey and impact.

What is the importance of a personal brand?

Your brand is based on your knowledge and experience. Your wisdom, Hustle, courage, problems, and targets you have achieved are the core points of your brand. All these give you an authority in your business and industry. People will trust your advice and will love to follow in your footsteps.

A brand gives you identification and makes you a leader in the niche. And, leaders are always followed and remembered for a long time. People will love to join your company to use your product and service.

People in your niche will feel special for having your company. And use your words of wisdom as a source of change for their life and business.

How to Develop a Personal Brand?

There are no fixed or must rules or disciplines for building and polishing your brand and it all depends on you. I am saying so because there are thousands of tips and guides on the internet about personal branding. But the real truth is that some platforms, media, or sources will work for others, may not work for you.

Some products and services that will work for you will not work for others. It’s because we all have some kind of different talent and inner power. We all are unique in performing our job and in our talent. So polishing our talent is our brand. You are you and you have to focus on your core values and uniqueness in the process of creating the personal brand.

Back in the day personal brand was limited only to fix kind of authority, celebrity, authors, musicians, media personality, politicians, etc. But with the blessing of the internet and especially social media platforms creating a personal brand is easy and important for your business.

Before using your product, service, or advice people will first check your presence and brand value on social media. So your value and brand in your hands and it all depend on content, your marketing, user experience, and the value are providing to your followers.

If you are not a TV or Movie star but giving value, authentic advice, and the right direction to the users and followers. Then, people will love to contact you and will love to do business with you. In online you can start your brand on different platforms.

You can start a youtube channel, Instagram page, TikTok, ebooks through Amazon KDP, blogging, Udemy courses instructor, public speaking, etc. And there are hundreds of other ways and opportunities in every area of life that you can create a personal brand using your unique talent.

But you have to keep in mind that it will not occur overnight. And also things easy come, easy go. So, first You have to work and make yourself valuable. You have to invest in yourself and work on your self-grooming and development.

In the process, there will be the time you will be feeling to quit. Your inner voice will be that it’s impossible to build or it’s hard, but you have to keep pushing yourself. Try different strategic and innovative ways of creating the content and giving value to your users.

Great and Master in One Niche

You don’t need to be knowing everything about different things and cases. It’s because it’s almost impossible to build a personal brand in everything. And so you have to be the great and master in your one niche. You have the talent and using the talent for creating the value and unique product that no one can do and perform like you.

Being different and unique in service is great and important. That difference and change one thing and service is your brand identity. Being special in one thing gives you authority.

So most important of all first is the recognition of your one niche. And then you will provide the value and will create content relating to your niche. For Finding your niche you have to look over your career, education, experience,  skillset, passion, and what you want to become, and your dream lifestyle.

Now pick the things that you are different from others and your competitors in your niche. What is a different thing that you will offer to your customers and followers that no one offering or doing in your way?

You, don’t have to create a different thing but the same thing with a more unique style and easy simple approach. The same thing with more benefits and less cost. You can take the example of Tai Lopez, and Dan Lok and they are keynote speakers with different styles, values, and offers.

Dan Lok focuses on high ticket closing or high-income skills and Tai Lopez gives priority to Wisdom and knowledge. Both have different brand taglines.

You have to create your brand slogan and tag line. You can check my blog tagline is Happy healthy financial freedom. Your brand Slogan will be based on the future lifestyle and purpose goals of your content.

You have to give on a clear consistent voice in one niche and one slogan. For example, if one day you are talking about online marketing and  2nd-day talking tech and the third day you are talking about finance. Then people will don’t trust your words. But if you are consistently creating the content around one niche the people will love to follow your story.

Your Brand Story

A personal brand is all about your personality but you have to give priority to others over yourself. The main purpose of a personal brand is to give values and benefits to your followers and your customers.

You have to build your story related to people’s conditions and feelings. You will connect your origin and story to people’s feelings. And in this way, they will feel proud and motivated to come with you on the journey and will follow.

For example, in Garyvee’s brand story, an immigrant from Russia worked in a father liquor store and build it to 60 Million Profit. And used youtube and google ads for marketing in the early days of launching. Talking about jets, optimism, and execution.

So your brand should be based on the story of your journey and accomplishments. And people will relate themselves to your story and will emotionally follow your personality.

Discovering your personal brand story is easy. just think about your origin, your struggle, your failings, your wins, and work to your present condition and where you want to go. What conditions, environment, skills, people changed you to present. And what motivates and inspires you for your future lifestyle will be your personal brand story.

Your story will create an impact in people’s minds with  Effective Communication and emotional engagement. But one thing that you have to keep your brand story consistent and relate it again and again with the content you are creating.

Promoting Your Brand Story

You have to present and promote yourself on questions. What makes you unique from your crowd? What is the value and message that you want to convey and share with the world? What is the change you want to see?

Your different value in your niche gives you an edge over your competitors. I don’t mean you have to be the greatest but it will be the unique style of your content and message that will give you priority over your competitors.

Connect your availability to other great people in your industry and make them your leader and mentors. In this way, people will follow you in regarding these leaders.

Replay, answer, and comment back to every mail, inbox message and question, etc on social media and your videos. Your one kind of answer can affect thousands of followers to your work and will follow your advice.

Try to comment on other followers’ content and in this, you will start the conversation or engagements with the new audience.

Planning for Personal branding

Without proper planning, there is no direction. It’s Because with planning you will know your target, your values, and action steps and then you will start working on your brand actions strategy.

Make a chart list of your values, your unique voice, your tagline, and your target direction. So every time, in the content creation process, always check it with your brand slogan.

You have to plan your content for months and weeks. And after each week or month, you will audit your work and results. Then you will add more things and remove things and content that’s not working.

According to Garyvee, we have to put around 100 pieces of content everyday on all different platforms for real growth and followers. And it’s because speed and consistency is the real key to growth.

You have to understand the values you will provide and problems you will love to solve for your followers. So first you have to find people with the problem and where are these people looking for their problem’s solutions.

You have to add values to your audience consistently on these platforms. It’s can be videos on youtube or Facebook, Blog posts, free ebooks, live training, or webinars,  covering guidance and tips about the audience problems.

Continuous learning, continuous engagements, mistakes, and then continuous improvement is the real biggest secret to personal branding growth.

It’s Simple but not Easy

Yes, it’s a few steps simple process or guide to create your brand story and then convey to your followers or create content for the followers. But creating an impact or place in the market will not occur overnight. It will take a lot of work, energy failure, hates to create space and demand for your story.

To see growth and success in your brand you have to give the value at your cost of time, energy, and some time money. In this way, people will love to share your message and story with the world.

You will look and search what other competitors are doing for branding and you will try the same thing with little modification and more values.

You have to take training and guidance from your mentors about your personality and how to reach a new audience and build new followers. Its because mentors have experience in having more vision about changing the future and so they can direct you in the way they see will be a value changer for your brand.

Mentors will help you in your personality development and so your growth is your brand growth. Your mentor’s comments on your tasks and events are golden words for your real success and achievements.

Only your true mentors and coaches will give wisdom, inspiration, relations with others, the right direction, and unbeatable confidence in performing the work.

Continuous Process

Personal branding is not just one month or year thing and business. But it’s a continuous process and so you have to work and grow it with time. You have to develop new skills and content with changing technologies in platforms.

You don’t need to run from mistakes. There will be mistakes and failures but you have to learn from them. These mistakes will be your roots for long term success and personal growth.

Waiting for perfectness or perfect time is the act of fools because will never come. But if you keep posting your content and continuously promoting your message and giving values then sooner you will see the growth in audience and followers.

Using Online Platforms


Youtube is the biggest search engine on the web. Billions of People search on YouTube for different tips, solutions, tutorials, and guidance. The majority of the content on YouTube is a video and personal and its greatest on all to build and transform your brand.

You can also use youtube videos on Facebook, Linked-in, Dailymotion, Instagram, Udemy, and skillshare with little bit changes in content and topics. Use it free a course and training on Udemy and Skillshare will attract them to your other social media platforms.

On youtube and Instagram, you can post videos about your daily life activities and your current working projects and progress.


Blogging is a great tool to share your experience, skills, knowledge, and communication with your followers through words. Here people will love to know your life story, your failures, your’s wins, etc.

Your free ebooks or planning guides for getting your audience mails and in this way, they will stay in connection with you.


Facebook page is a great tool for personal branding and showing and sharing content with your audience. Facebook groups are also a great tool for creating personal relations with a specific niche audience.

Create a group on your name and start posting content around the niche topic. You can also join your competitor’s groups and comment or answer other member’s questions.  In this way, these members will come to your profile and here you can invite them to your group.

Linked in

It’s also a great tool for sharing written and video content. Another great tip for social media platforms is the cross-sharing of content. It means that you will share your linked-in content on Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Pinterest, Reddit, Quora, Xing, Tumbler, etc.

Focus On the Long run

A personal brand is not just a one-time sale or just a deal but it’s a game for life. For creating a life-changing personal brand you have to adopt the lifestyle of your brand. You have to invest time, money, and energy in your brand development as a game in the long run.

In the personal brand process, you have to stay patient because it’s the road that is easy to start but hard in action. You have put consistency and make the relationship with the audience by changing yourself.

Billions of people know about success steps but only those people get success who work and put in action these steps.

You can start and exercise your brand story from family, friends, and coworkers. The more you practice the more you will get the chance and confidence in presenting and improving your way of communicating the values and message.

Personal brand creation is a process of giving and giving. And the more you give the more loyal will be your audience to you.

In the world, all wealthy people like Bill Gates and warren buffet spend millions on helping others. According to GaryVee, Kindness is the act of great. Your kind acts create your respect and values in your follower’s hearts.

If you are just making money and then no value or help for society people will still follow you but they will never defend you. They will just love your product and service but not you.

Last words that personal branding is not learning but action thing. You have to put in action and connect and network at the conference, social life, office, trade shows, and everywhere you get the chance to give and share your story.

The more you connect and gives value the more cherish will be your brand.

I hope this guide will help in building your brand. Learn here more about online business and marketing.

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