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5 Signs of Positive Self identity

Positive Self identity

What Is Self Identity?

Self-identity is one’s own interpretation and consideration of own values, beliefs, interests, skills, talent, and purpose in life.

We also can say that your own viewpoint of your self-worth and values makes your self-identity.

People have different and unique self-identities it’s because our self-identity is the collective name of our behaviors, religions, skillet, likes, dislikes, goals, inspiration, morals, behaviors, and looks.

And all the above core traits and characters come from three key Essential elements.

  1. Our Belief system
  2. Cultural environment
  3. Knowledge, media, and information we consume

These three elements are the foundation for our self-identity. My likes, dislikes, and life goals will totally depend on where I am living and what kind of information and knowledge I am consuming.

The life goal and purpose of a 25-year young, living in America, will differ from a Young living in India or Africa. And it’s because they both have a different cultural environment, belief system,  educational systems, and media they will consume.

And these three elements play a key role in building their self-identity growth and development.

These three elements have different values and rewards for traits like honesty, responsibility, trust, integrity, empathy, kindness, and relationship.

And you have will catch and adopt these qualities according to the values and rewards in the society for these traits and qualities.

Importance of Self-identity;


According to the study of psychology, there are two main types of Self-identity in different domains of life. Negative self-identity and positive self-identity.

1. Some examples of  Negative self-identity

  • A person treats, behaves, and acts with a victim mentality.
  • A negative Self-identity person looks for negativity in every situation of life.
  • A person sees himself/ herself as low, valuable, terrible, and less competent for a prominent position in society.
  • A person thinks of himself/ herself as stupid, slow, and less talented.

2. Some examples of Positive Self-identity

  • A person thinks and behaves that he/she is an intelligent and valuable person in society.
  • A positive self-identity person stays optimistic and only focus on the positive opportunity in every situation of life.
  • A person who believes himself/herself the most talented, worthy, and lucky

In this post, I am going to share a list of 5 signs of positive self-identity. And how to turn your negative self-image into a positive self-image and identity.

5 Signs of a Positive Self-Identity;

1. Awareness of Your Strengths and Weaknesses

There is an old saying, ” If a person knows his strengths, then 1 person is equal to 10,000 people.”

And what it really means?

It means that if you know your strength then you will make choices, take steps, and set goals according to your standards, and you will achieve what you think you can achieve.

Setting goals and missions according to your mindset, perspective, and skill set. And you will never waste time, energy, and resources on things that are out of your life circle.

With positive self-identity, you will focus on areas of life where you can create and build unique values and make yourself standing from the crowd.

And will accept your weaknesses and defeats. And will either outsource such work challenges or work on your weaknesses and improve them with time.

The biggest sign of positive self-identity: knowing and accepting your strengths, improving your weaknesses, and focusing on your strengths to build a good life.

2. Planning for Your Life Goals and Purpose

Planning your short-term and long-term goals for your life is a sense of responsibility and feeling being worthy and grateful.

When you believe that you can achieve and create a glorious future, it means you have a positive self-identity. And you are optimistic and positive about the significant life and future.

3. Avoiding Unhealthy Habits and Behavior

Our life results from our actions, and our actions come from our daily habits and behaviors.

We build habits over time, and these habits will either make our life or destroy our life.

Avoiding bad habits like smoking, addiction to social media, alcohol, eating unhealthy foods,  negative self-talking, procrastinating, saying yes to everyone, pleasing everyone, always thinking about bad and wrong past events, etc means you have strong self-identity.

And you care about your self-worth and values.

4. Build a Healthy Relationship

Building a relationship with your family, spouses, kids, friend, colleagues, and neighbors is also a sign of your positive self-identity.

When you feel worthy and valuable, then you also care about other people’s wishes, desires, and understand their behaviors.

Instead of thinking about self-interest or being selfish, you make sacrifices and choices to build a strong relationship and feel them special and great.

5. Giving Back To Society

With positive self-identity, you think of yourself as an active and responsible member of the community and society. You try your best to help others and create a positive environment for other people in society.

You build homes for the homeless, donate for food and health issues, build schools, and support families with poor financial backgrounds.

With a positive identity, you have a mission and purpose to make other people and positive and build a world of positivity and happiness.


Developing a positive and worthy self-identity is a work in progress. You will build it with focus, commitment, hard work, and consistency. Instead of creating fake self-identity, accept yourself and build something small but in an extraordinary and unique way that will feel special and different from the crowd.

Just push and motivate yourself every day to be better than your yesterday and be the best version of yourself. Learn here more about Self-improvement and psychology

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