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11 Essential Principles For a Happy Life ( Getting Happiness is Easy )

11 Essential Principles For a Happy Life ( Getting Happiness is Easy )

Getting a wealthy, successful, and happy life is the dream and objective of every human being.

And everybody has the talent and potential to create any kind of wealth, and success in life, but it’s not easy.

I mean that the process and strategy are easy, but it needs execution, commitment, focus, hard work, discipline, and mindset to work on the strategy. And get all that you want to achieve in life.

Getting a happy life is as simple as getting any goal. And getting a goal you need to follow some core and foundational principles.

In this post, I am going to share a list of 11 basic and essential principles for a happy life. With the application and adoption of these foundational and essentials principles, anyone can achieve the dream of a happy and successful life.

11 Essential Principles For a Happy Life

1. Self-awareness

Self-awareness is understanding your talent, core potential, and your life purpose and objective. Without life purpose and why there is no clear destination and vision of life. Without really knowing your life objective, you’re all hard work, energy, money and time are useless.

So self-discovery is fundamental in the system and progress of a successful life. We can find our life’s real purpose with more experience, knowledge, skill, and execution in our ideas and vision.

2. Books Reading & New Learnings

New Learnings not only make you able to know about yourself, but it helps in creativity and wisdom. It makes the path clear and easy, and so we can handle all kinds of problems easily.

More learning makes you prepare to cope with time changing techniques and principles. Books and learning help you to imagine ahead of your time and age.

3. Time Management & Discipline

We all know that time is the most important thing in the world. We all have 24 hours a day, but only a few among us become successful. Why? It’s because of the right use of time, and not just time.

Using the time in a Practical planned disciplined focused way will change the output of your daily life. You will produce the result in a month that other people will produce in a year.

4. Taking Responsibility for Your Failures

Our life and present situations are the results of what we do. We get what we put in the action.

Our life and position or results are the output of our decisions. So we are only responsible for our current situations and conditions.

Taking responsibility means that what you will do to your life, it’s all on you. Good or bad, great or low, greatness, legacy, broken, etc it all in your hands.

You have to build the mindset that with your daily actions you are making your life. Your daily choices are the root cause of your life legacy and destination.

5. Be Open & Ready for Changes

Humans are part of nature, and nature is changing every second. So we have to accept those changes and be prepared to change our lives and mindset according to the environment.

Just sitting with an old mindset and habits and not thinking or planning according to changing environments, you will stay backward in business and life.

6. Taking care & Spending Time With Your Family

Family turn our home into heaven on earth. Spending time with parents, spouse, and kids not only gives you happiness and joy but also makes you stress-free and helps in relaxation.

Smiling faces of your family members release dopamine and also give you the motivation and passion for creating a beautiful and happy life.

7. Keeping Yourself Healthy

We human stays busy in life, business, and making money, that in 24 hours a day we don’t have the least half-hour for ourselves.

But as our health starts declining, we start complaining and caring. Then we spend more than we earned in the average life of a half-hour a day.

The secret to a healthy and hay life  7-8 hours of night sleep, eating a healthy diet balanced food, and half-hour daily exercise and sports activities.

Being healthy we will not only enjoy our lives but also we will be more productive and creative in life.

8. The Network of Positive and Creative People

People have in your around have a greater impact on your mind, thoughts, and feelings.

A circle of negative people will turn your mind into a pessimist, and you will look for negativity.

But keeping the circle of positive people, will not only affect your mindset and thoughts for greatness. But it will keep you happy and grateful.

9. Understanding Your Strengths  & Weakness

This tool is also related to self-discovery, but a little different from knowing your strength and potential and working on polishing your skillset. Knowing about your weaknesses and outsourcing the things that you will not be best at. And using the time in your strength and bringing the change with your real talent.

10. Helping Others Without Any Reward and Material Benefit

Helping others and giving back to society is the biggest source of attracting happiness and pleasure in life.

We can learn this from Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Garyvee, and many other successful people, that they are not just making money for being wealthy or getting rich.

But they always help others and give back to society. And this act of kindness brings a lot of happiness and pleasure.

11. Fulfilling Your Daily Goals

Use of your time and daily goals are a tiny part of your yearly and big goals. So your successful yearly goal depends on your daily performance and results and therefore your one successful day means one step closer to your life goals.

Fulfilling your daily goals and living in the present will not keep you happy but also gives you inner drive and motivation for creating a greater life.


Happiness is a choice, and we all can achieve happiness by focusing on the present, living for today, helping others, and spending time with our family. Learn here more about happiness and self-improvement.

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