35 Productive Habits ( Practical Productivity Tips )

35 Productive Habits ( Practical Productivity Tips )


“It’s not always that we need to do more but rather that we need to focus on less.” Nathan W. Morris

Productivity is not about doing a lot of things but accomplishing few things in a significant and efficient way that will create impact and influence the surrounding people.

Productivity is the key to getting more things in a career and life. But in today’s digital distraction environment, it’s really hard to stay focus and productive on your work and study.

And therefore, we have to build a routine system, discipline, and productive habits that will keep us focused, creative, and productive on our primary tasks and objectives.

In this post, I am going to share a list of 35 productive habits that will change your mindset and perspective. Just practicing and adopting these small productive habits into your life will change your results and output for daily small actions. And you will achieve a lot more results with the same efforts and create more opportunities and happiness.

35 Productive Habits;

1. Don’t Try All things at one Time

We all have a big vision, big dreams, and want to achieve all things. Even so, one time we have to focus on things. We can’t achieve all things at once.

We have to focus on one thing at a time, and after getting one thing at a time; we have to shift focus to another.

Starting and running multiple things at one is nothing than a waste of focus, time, energy, and resources.

We can only improve your focus and Productivity just by hitting one craft at one time, and that’s all.

2. Stay Consistent and build Routine

Developing routines and habits will keep you focused and productive. And we will only develop a good habit by doing with consistency and commitment.

With routine and consistency, the work becomes like a play and with consistency; we achieve a lot of goals in less time and resources.

Check Atomic Habits book by James 

3. Stop Juggling Between Several Tasks

With multitasking, we think that we are doing a lot of work, but actually; we are not. Switching between tasks decreases your focus and productivity. And put pressure and stress on your mind.

Devote your mind and focus on one task at one time and stop juggling of multitasking.

4. Get Clarity in Your Life

The truth is hard, but getting clarity and facing the truth will give you the courage to face challenges, and you stay productive and focused.

With clarity, you will know what you are doing and what you are going to achieve will inspire and motivate you for the future.

5. Take Responsibility and Stop Making Excuses

We make excuses when we avoid the truth and run away from the facts and results. But by taking responsibility for our results and problem, we will not only supercharge our productivity and creativity. We will also deliver more results in less time and build self-esteem and confidence.

6. Get a focus

Focus is the key to more productivity and results. We are distracted by a lot of things in today’s modern age and these all draining our energy and wasting our time.

To be more productive in life and work, we have to build focus and avoid all kinds of distractions.

7. Make yourself worthy and valuable

Invest time, energy, and resources in your self-worth and value. The more you make yourself worthy, the more productive you will become with time.

8. Acknowledge the results of your actions

Keeping the results and rewards of your action will give you focus and keep you more productive in line with your big goals and objective in life.

9. Organize Your Environment

We can also supercharge our productivity and workflow by organizing our environment and workplace.

10. Learn Time management

We all know about the importance of time. And therefore we set a plan and to-do list to effectively use time.

Leaning time management will improve your self-esteem, you will produce more results, and will stay disciplined and organized in life and your career.

11. Master Goal Setting and Planning

We can only achieve our goals by setting them with practical steps and strategies. Strategic planning with actionable steps will not only help us to get our goals but also help us in decision-making.

12. Keep Alternative in Mind

We don’t know about the future and anything possible in the coming days. And therefore we have to prepare ourselves and always keep Plan B for our goals and future unseen circumstances.

13. Good night Sleep

Taking 7 to 8 hours of daily sleep is important for Supercharging your productivity and focus.

Good night’s sleep will not improve your focus and productivity and focus, but also increase your mind’s creativity.

14. Eating Healthy Food

Eating fast or junkie market food will not only affect your health but make you lazy and develop internal health issues and diseases.

Eating healthy and diet balanced food will improve your mental focus and productivity.

15. Develop Rich Morning Routine

Developing morning is key to greatness and success in life. Developing morning habits like reading books, exercise, walking in nature, journaling, meditation, etc will keep you focused and productive in life.

Check Robin Sharma’s book; The 5 AM Club: Own Your Morning. Elevate Your Life.

16. Follow Your Mentor

Finding and following a mentor is a smart and fast way smart and fast way to success in life.

A great mentor will not stop you from making mistakes and wrong choices, but also will guide you, in challenges and problems, with experiences and expertise.

17. Set fixed Time Checking e-mails

Checking and responding to e-mails waste a lot of our time and energy and therefore we have to set fixed during for checking e-mails.

Allocating a fixed time for e-mails will save us time and will keep us focused on our primary job and tasks

18. Stop Watching News and Television

Television media and news only work a negative agenda. And therefore listening to negative news every day will create negative thoughts and feelings in your mind and that inspire your actions.

Stop watching TV news and start taking online courses to learn something new every day, which will improve your skillset and self-worth.

19. Listening to Podcast and Audiobooks while Driving and Walking

Audiobooks and podcasts are a smart way for getting new knowledge and wisdom about your niche and industry.

Listening to the podcast by experts will improve your knowledge and give new ideas about your life and career.

20. Show Empathy and Kindness

Helping others and giving back to society gives you inner feelings of happiness and joy. Minor acts of kindness towards your society and community give you the inspiration to achieve more and help more.

21. Use Positive Words and Language

Using positive words and language will keep you motivated and will attract positivity in your life.

22. Give Credit to Your Team Members

We can’t build a great business or organization without a great team. And the great team is only possible by giving credit to them for their hard work and sacrifices.

When you give credit to colleagues and partners, they feel special and part of your team and organization. And in the future, they will try to sacrifice for the growth and advancement of the organization.

23. Focus on the present moment

We have no control over our past or future. But we have a choice and control in the present moment.

Just focusing on the present moment will not only surcharge your productivity, but also will give you the courage and sense of self-responsibility for your actions.

24. Unlock your Talent by pushing to the limits

There is no perfectness, and it means that we can improve ourselves at any moment in life.

We all have and believe in unlimited talent, but how we will discover this talent?

Well, we will know and find our talent and potential by working hard, facing challenges, and pushing ourselves hard to the limits.

The more you push yourself, the more you will grow physically, emotionally, and mentally. And it’s all possible with just taking one extra step from your yesterday.

25. Mind Your Own Business

Productive and successful people don’t have time to put fingers in other people’s matter.

Instead of worrying and involving in other people’s issues, we need to focus on our own tasks and goals. This will not only save us time and energy, but also keep us stress-free and productive.

26. Meet Your Deadlines

Setting deadlines for every task will boost your productivity and focus.

When you hit a deadline, it will boost your self-esteem, release dopamine, and give you the motivation that you can achieve more results and output.

27. Start Your day with an Easy Task

Stating your day’s a simple task will build your workflow and improve your motivation for the next task.

28. Keep the Circle of Positive and successful People

Your network of people plays an important role in your mindset, perspective, and inspiration for life.

Negative people will integrate negative thoughts in your mind while a circle of positive and successful people inspires you for greatness in life and career.

They will guide and support you in bad times and will give you the courage and confidence to face challenges and achieve your goals.

29. Embrace the Beauty of nature

Just walking for five minutes every morning in nature will mind free from workload and stress. And the beauty of nature will give you the inner feeling of joy and happiness.

30. Learn to delegate Small Tasks

Every task is not for us, and therefore we have to learn smart delegation and outsourcing of work.

Outsourcing of work will not only save us time and energy but also we will stay focused on key tasks and activities and will bring more positive results and output.

31. Practice positive affirmation

Positive affirmation will improve your self-belief and give you the focus and inner power to face challenges.

32. Learn from Your Past and Leave it in the past

Thinking about your past brings nothing but just a waste of time and stress. Try to learn what you can learn from the past and then leave the past in the past.

33. Clear and Effective Communication

Clear, effective, concise, and to the point of communication is the skill and habit of successful people. Your effective communication the game of your body language, tone, and expressions.

Successful people keep communication short and to the point. They don’t waste time or energy on details when it doesn’t need.

34. Stay ready and prepared for disasters

No one knows about the exact future, and the future can bring any kind of challenges, problems, and failures.

Therefore, you have to imagine and think of the adverse situation and then prepare yourself for such a situation in life and your career.

35. Work hard and practice patience

Getting results fast or getting rich soon brings nothing but loads of stress and anxiety. And anxiety affects your performances and your creativity.

Just keep your head down in working and keep the belief that a good time is coming.

Practicing patience will change your perspective and mindset. And gives you the vision of long-term success and growth.


We can only accomplish more by avoiding procrastination and supercharging our productivity and focus. Developing productive habits and routines will change your perspective and mindset for life and yourself. And you will find the hidden knowledge and wisdom about yourself.

And ourself knowledge is the key for getting more success in life. Learn here more about productivity and self-improvement. 

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