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Happiness; 11 Secrets of Happy People

Secrets of Happy People


We all are in search of happiness and happy life. What we choose, act, or consume, all for the purpose of happiness.

I am a writer, blogger, and Online instructor. All I do to make myself happy. I create content, make money, support my family, and this all makes me happy. And the same is the case for your choices, Acton’s, and reasons.

We, humans, are greedy in nature (including me) and because of this, we stay in stress, anxiety, and depression for our all life.

One thing is really sure, that happiness is the true key to all greatness and success in this life. Without keeping yourself happy, it’s really hard to achieve your goals and Objectives.

In this post, I am going to share a list of 11 secrets f happy people. These secrets are the key factors for getting and attracting more happiness and abundance in life.

11 Secrets of Happy People;

  • Happy People Live for Big Purpose in life

Happy people don’t just spend time or work and eat. But they have some kind of big mission and purpose that keeps them busy, active, creative, and happy to be alive.

Big purpose doesn’t just mean making a lot of money or building a business. But it can invite homeless people, teaching others, keeping your city clean, serving the community, changing people’s mindset, etc. This kind of purpose gives energy, power, confidence, and pleasure for happiness in life.

  • Build Strong Relationship

Our family and friends are heavens on this earth. They keep and feel us safe, proud, and support us in times of problems and dangers. Building a powerful network of relations will give responsibility and an abundance of happiness.

Keeping good relations with neighbors, colleagues, partners, and another community is also a deep secret of happiness. Showing kindness and adding value to other people’s lives will give you an inner feeling of peace and joy.


  • Keep the Circle of Positive People

Happy people are happy and successful because they keep the circle and network of positive people. They understand the importance of  People in building mindset, perspective, and overall life.

Keeping the circle of positive, optimistic, and successful people will inspire you and give you the energy and motivation to achieve big goals in life. On the other hand, a negative mindset will build and add negative habits into your life.

  • Happy People are Healthy

You can only enjoy the things in your life and in around if you are healthy. With sickness and diseases, there is no happiness and enjoyment in life, for you.

Happy people keep themselves healthy and fit. Every day they do exercise, drink a lot of water, have good sleep, and eat balanced diet food. They understand that if you can’t make a half-hour for yourself in 24 hours, how you will keep yourself happy.

  • Happy People Live in the Moment

Today, most people stay under stress, either because of the past or future. But happy people just focus on the present moment, and they enjoy it.

They don’t care about the past bad or good, neither they worry about future dramas or vision. They just focus on the present and doing their best in the present.

  • Happy People Practice Gratitude

Gratitude is powerful because it gives a positive direction to your focus and energy. Happy life appreciates everything they have in life. And Instead of complaining, they focus on enjoying life.

Practicing gratitude gives you inner peace and to be optimistic. It keeps you busy and engaged in positive things. Instead of focusing on problems, happy focus on ideas and solutions.

According to Garvey, “when you focus on things you have, no you don’t have, then you can achieve in anything in life.”


  • Happy People Help Other

Today’s most people have a mindset of taking. But happy people focus on giving to others. When you help and gives to others, I give you a special kind of inner peace and happiness. Giving and helping don’t just mean money, but it can be in any form.

  • Happy People Practice Affirmation

Our words become our thoughts, and our thought creates actions. Practicing positivity and inspiration and affirmation will bring a change in your mindset and actions.

Happy people every morning and evening practice positivity in their life, which keeps them motivated for the purpose and goals.

  • Learning From Problems and Failings

Happy people are not perfect. They have problems and setbacks in life. But they have the attitude and mindset that they always learn to form their mistakes and failures.

Instead of looking at failure as failure, they look, what is there for more to learn and take. They just focus on taking and learning positive lessons and taking them into the future.

  • Happy People Love Themselves

Mistakes are a part of life. But hating yourself because of problems and mistakes will affect your confidence, self-esteem, and growth in life.

Happy people love themselves. They make mistakes, but they forget and move forward in life. Instead of self-hate, they focus on learning and not repeating the mistake.

They don’t try to copy others, but they try to be the best version of their own self. They just take inspiration from others and use their talent to achieve their goals.

  • Happy People Take Happiness is a Choice

Our stress, problems, or happiness all occur in our life because of our actions. And so it is in our control. There are few things out of our control like the environment, other people, community, etc.

But still, most of our life happiness comes from our choices and actions, and it is totally in our control. With a mindset, successful people just focus and attract positive things in life, and they stay happy.


Happiness is a thing and a matter of our inner life. Material and outer world environment affects our happiness, but major control of our hairiness comes from our own choices, action, and mindset. Learn here more about Self-Improvement and Happiness.

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