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What is Self-esteem? & Causes of Low Self-esteem

What is Self-esteem? & Causes Low self-esteem


Self-esteem is your self-value and worth in your mind. It’s your belief and mindset about yourself and your values. Your Self-esteem is based on your success, achievements, struggle, potential, self-awareness, and experiences.

Self-esteem is your image and attitude to oneself credibility and values. And we can control and change it by changing our thoughts, experiences, relationships, success, health, and mindset. Sometimes our self-esteem has a direct connection with our position and importance in the community and society.

Importance of Self-esteem

High self-esteem gives you happiness and increases your work performance. It increases your self-belief and gives you the confidence to meet and network with new people.

Self-esteem gives you the guts to take any decision without any fear or other people’s opinions. High self-esteem makes you a leader and an example for others in society. You take charge and responsibility for your life and actions.

Low self-esteem people will afraid of taking bold decisions but with high self-esteem, you will love taking risky and challenging decisions. Such people have the courage and guts to take life and the future to the next level.

People with low self-esteem don’t believe in themselves and so don’t take bold decisions. They always judge themselves over their past mistakes and don’t focus on present actions. Poor self-esteem makes you less important in your own eyes.

Common Causes of Low Self-esteem

  • The biggest cause of low self-esteem is comparing your life to others. We feel low and disrespectful because of comparing our life first chapter with other people’s 10th chapter. You are you and your talent and potential are different and unique from others. You should focus on your talent and make it useful in the best possible way to create a dream lifestyle.
  • Family and especially parents have great causes for low self-esteem. Abusing and discouraging parents make you down and it causes low self-worth and value.
  • Your life is a mirror image of your friends and people in your environment. This one is the biggest cause of low self-esteem because today friends will pull you down. Instead of support, they laugh at your ideas and so always choose friends wisely.
  • Backward thoughts are a common cause of low esteem. Your thoughts affect your actions, and you will stay backward in life race.
  • According to the Pitbull, there are no failings but learning. All our failures for more learning. But sometimes we fail and no one to support and listen or encourage us. This one wrings the decision to keep us shrinking from inside and make us discouraging for the whole life.
  • Bad Health is also a common cause of Self Esteem. It affects our performance and results and low value in the Community and society
  • Low skillset
  • No life purpose and mission goal.
  • Mistakes and wrong decisions

How to Build and Improve Self-esteem

Self Esteem is not a fixed or constant thing or habit that we can’t change. Like other habits and traits, we can build and improve our self-esteem by the right choices, improving our skills, and mindset. Below is a list of common exercises for improving your self-esteem.

  • Accepting yourself the way you are
  • Self-awareness
  • A strong and supportive relationship with family and friends
  • Numerous skills set
  • Right mentors and coaches
  • No care about other people opinions and judgments
  • Taking risks and challenging tasks
  • Kindness and giving back to society
  • challenging your inner talent and focus on the right things
  • Stop Comparing life and self with the outer world
  • Constant learning and self-grooming
  • The Attitude of gratitude and Optimism
  • Strong physical  and Mental health
  • Just Improving your today from your yesterday

I hope this post will help you in building self-esteem and dignity. Learn here more about self-improvement and personal growth.

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