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9 Signs of Self-Defeating Behavior & Personality ( 5 Tips to Change It )

Signs of Self-Defeating Behavior & Personality

Self-Defeating Behavior & Personality

God created all with unlimited talent and potential. And we all can achieve greater success in life, but we need the right attitude and behavior for getting greater success in life.

Most people stay broke and unsuccessful because of being self-pity and self-defeating behaviors. They don’t believe in themselves and their talent, and they always play in a safe zone and never take a risk and so no greater achievements and success in career and life.

In this post, I am going to share a list of 9 signs of Self-defeating behavior and personality. And tips and steps to change and control your self-defeating personality.

9 Signs of Self-Defeating Behavior & Personality;

  1. Lack of Building Relationship and Networking with other people.
  2. Fear of being successful.
  3. Feeling of self guilty and negative self-image.
  4. Feeling of low self-esteem and confidence.
  5. Focus on keeping other people happy at the cost of self-stress and anxiety.
  6. Running from problems and obstacles.
  7. Waiting for perfectness.
  8. Lack of self-responsibility.
  9. Always, waiting for a good time, things, or resources.

5 Tips to Change & Control Self-defeating Behavior & Personality;

  • Continuous Self-Growth

Improving yourself makes you bold and fearless in life. The more you make yourself valuable, the more you believe in yourself and take charge of your life.

  • Know Your Strengths

Knowing your strengths and working will make you unstoppable in life and your career. Being aware of your strength gives you the opportunity to perform in the best and creative way. And achieve greater things in life and career.

  • Build Strong and Positive Habits

Our habits play an important role in our personality and career. Building good habits will make your choices good and will automatically change your result in life. And with positive results and success, you will believe in your talent and potential in will achieve more success and growth in life.

  • Make More Connection

Making a strong and positive connection with people in the environment and community helps be a responsible person. On one hand, it inspires you to be a successful person and on the other hand, it gives you the power and strength to stand for something great. Making a relationship with other people will give you a sense of wisdom and power to believe and achieve great things in life.

  • Never hesitate to Ask

No person is perfect, and we all have weaknesses. And so asking for help from others is a common thing. There is no shame in asking for help from others.


A self-defeating personality will prevent you from being happy and successful. We can only control through continuous self-growth and lending. Learn here more about self-growth and improvement.

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