7 Signs You are Living Life in Fear ( How To Overcome Fear in Life? )

7 Signs You are Living Life in Fear ( How To Overcome Fear in Life? )

Overcome Fear in Life

We are living human beings and fear is part of the natural biosystem. Fear is important for our safety and security and survival on earth.

But, sometimes we let fear control our thoughts, minds, and our feelings, which badly affect our focus, creativity, and power of making decisions.

And when you feel fear in making decisions then, you will choose safety over long-term real growth and progress. You will avoid pain and problems and there will be no meaningful success and progress.

We all feel and keep fear of failure, criticism, making a mistake, fear of abandonment, fear of being unpopular, etc. And this fear will stop us from making mistakes and leading us in the right direction in life.

Since fear is part of the natural biosystem and most of the time, we don’t even recognize how much it’s ruining our life, affecting our courage, hopes, will, Choices, and determination.

In this post, I am going to share a list of 9 signs that you are living life in fear. Just question these signs and recognizing and overcome these problems and obstacles you can live a better and happier life.

7 Signs You are Living Life in Fear

1. You let people’s opinions and judgments affect your decisions.

When you want to keep everybody happy, then you have to make you life decision based on their suggestion and opinions. But you will never be happy in your life. Because it’s impossible for one person to please and make happy all people.

You let control of your life based on other people’s minds and talking and so you talk, walk, think, and behave based on other people’s opinions and judgments.

To escape from other people’s opinion fear, you have to work on your mindset and life perspective. This is your life, and it’s your responsibility to make your life great and successful. And which is only possible by making the right choices for your will, determination, and talent.

2. Always Looking and trying to make everything perfect

When you try to make everything perfect, you stop yourself from trying new things and taking risks. Perfectness is just a myth, and so it’s impossible because there is always space for growth and improvements.

Stop looking for perfectness and start working on daily growth and improvements. And you will be unstoppable in life and career.

3. You Keep your ideas and opinions secret

Fear of rejection stops you from sharing your new ideas and opinions and so you don’t see any growth in life and career. And you start living in the bubble of your comfort zone.

When you are afraid of what will another think about my sayings or new ideas, then you keep your feeling inside yourself and that will affect your thinking patterns and your life choices.

But in reality, your life matters and so your opinions and ideas are also important. Share and talk about without any fear.

4.  Always waiting for other people appreciation

When you make choices on other people’s appreciation and not your own will, experience, skills, and wisdom then you let your life and power in other people’s hands.

Taking advice and learning from experts is great but taking every step of your life based on other people-pleasing will stop you from your growth and progress in life.

5. Stop taking risks and challenges

Sometimes one mistake or failure or wrong step makes you so fearful that you carry it with you for life long. And when you make a new choice you always think about the old mistake and results in your mind.

When you stop taking risks, you lose trust and believe in your abilities and skill set. You feel less worthy and never have the courage to grow and improve your life.

6. You sacrifice self-care and self-worth for making other people Happy

Sometimes we put too much pressure on ourselves that we forget about our feelings and happiness, and we start living according to our parents, family, friends, etc. happens.

We make our measure and step to make them feel better, even letting our self and career or life in danger and pressures. In other words, we sell our soul and feelings for the happiness of other people, but in reality, it’s a sign of living life in fear.

7. You settle

You settle in your job, you settle in your relationship, settle in your health. That feeling you get that tells you this is as good as it gets is wrong. That’s fear of rejection taking over your life and running the show.

Settling isn’t being realistic, and it doesn’t do anyone any good. It kills off that beacon of hope that fills us with life and creativity.

Another way we avoid this type of fear is by micromanaging everything. We feel we need to be in control of everything all the time.

The way to remedy settling is to take risks. Even if it’s only small risks, it’ll do you a world of wonder. It’s time to leave the sidelines where it’s safer and step into the game where you belong. Stop worrying about disappointing people, and start dreaming of a brighter, more exciting tomorrow.

How To Overcome Fear in Life?

Our growth in life starts when we accept problems. Running away from problems and not taking responsibility will never let your mind, think about the solution.

To solve the problem, first, you have to accept that there are problems.

The same is the case for fear. First, you have to understand that there is fear. And then you make a plan to overcome this fear, then you feel confident and will make smart choices to grow in life and career.

Here are 6 simple steps to overcome fear in life and feel inspired and courageous about yourself and life.

  • Believe in your value and worth and don’t, first, think of failures or results. When you judge yourself in your imagination and not taking action, then you will learn no new lessons and there will be no real progress.
  • Have faith in yourself and your talent and abilities.
  • Get focus and self-esteem with meditations and positive self-talking.
  • Take and understand problems are part of life, and we all can overcome our life challenges and problems.
  • Focus on daily growth and performances
  • Learn new skills and improve your mindset.


Problems or fear of problems and challenges are a normal part of everybody’s life. And so we have the talent and abilities to overcome these problems and improve our life.

When you let your fear in life make decisions, then you stop progress, and you feel in the safe zone. Progress in life is only possible with taking risks and facing challenges.

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