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Start Online Business as a Side Hustle ( Make $100 per Day )

Start Online Business as a Side Hustle ( Make $100 per Day )

You are here because you want to make money online.

And if yes, then you are in the right place and warm Welcome.

In this post, I will guide you step by step on how to start your online today and start making money as a side hustle.

I will also guide you about different online business models, and you will select and start with the one that suits your talent, knowledge, skills, and passion.

So, let’s jump in and start making money online!

How to Start Online Business as a Side Hustle?

The process of online business starts with 5 steps.

  1. Choosing the topic

  2. Choosing the platform

  3. Creating the content

  4. Monetizing the content

  5. Diversification and Growing of Business

Let me explain all these steps.

1. Choosing the Topic

Choosing the topic and niche for your online business, as important as choosing the career for your life.

Choose the topic based on you based on your skills, experience, knowledge, passion, and the online demand for the topic.

If you just choose a nice topic based on your passion or skill, then the content creation process will be easy, but there will be low or no profit in such a topic.

And therefore do online research around your niche topic, before finalizing the topic for your online business.

Here is the list of top 10 online money making business niche topics.

  1. Finance and Money management
  2. Real estate and investing
  3. Health and fitness
  4. Technology
  5. Business and Marketing
  6. Making Money Online
  7. Online Education
  8. Dating and relationship
  9. Pets
  10. parenting

Select the topic based on your skills and experience, from the above list or their other 1000+ sub-niches, and Now is the time to choose a Platform.

2. Choosing The Right Platform

There are different models you can start making money. And similarly, there are different platforms you can start making money.

Your platform will depend on the type of content you will create. Below is the list of some common platforms for starting an online business.

  1. For video content, the best Platforms are YouTube, Dailymotion, Facebook, and Instagram.
  2. For written content, the best Platforms are bloggers, WordPress, or own website.
  3. For audio content like a podcast or online programs, the best Platforms are iTunes, Sound cloud, Deezer, and Spotify.

Choose an easily memorable, catchy, unique, and relevant to your niche name for your business. And create your profile on your selected platforms like YouTube channel, or WordPress blog.

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After choosing the niche and platform for your online, now the actual work starts, creating the content.

3. Creating the content

Creating the content and sharing it with online users through your selected platform is your real job.

After posting the content on the platform, you will also promote and share it on the social media platform to attract users to your platform.

As a beginner, it will take little time for people to find your content and get value from it. And therefore you have to focus on creating the content and not worry about the analytics, views, and likes.

People will start growing as they find your content and information.

And once you get the user to the content then, then it’s time to monetize the user’s eyes balls.

4. Monetizing the content

Once you get the people’s eyeballs to your content, then it’s really easy to make money from your selected platform.

There are different ways and models (given below) you can choose based on your type of content and platform.

The more four methods are advertising, affiliate marketing, selling digital products, and coaching /consulting.

5. Diversification and Growing Of Business

Once you start generating income from one income stream, then diversification and growing an online business are really easy.

For diversification or another platform, you don’t need to create new content from the tart. But just to re-purpose the same content for the new platform and start making money.

For example, turning your blog post into e-books is another stream of income.

Turing your podcast content into written form is also a great way to build a website and start making money ads and affiliate marketing.

Starting of online business is easy and anyone can start without any special college degree or experience, just following the above five simple steps.

Now, you understand the structure of the online business, and here is the list of different online business models. Select the business according to your personality type, skill set, your niche topic, and passion.

Different Online Business Models;

There are over 100+ ways and methods to make money online. And listing all these methods here will make the post length and boring.

Here I Am going to share 4 common business models that are used by successful online millionaires and marketers.

  1. Selling digital and Information Products

  2. Consulting and coaching

  3. Advertising

  4. Affiliate Marketing

Now, let me explain each one of them in brief details.

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1. Selling digital and Information Products

selling digital goods and products like online courses, training programs, e-book, chart sheets, etc is the best way to make money online as a side hustle.

The best thing about digital is that it will cost energy, time, and resources just for the first time. And once the final product is ready, then you can generate income from digital products for a long time.

Watch the video for the complete list of 20 different types of digital products.

20 Digital Product Ideas:

2. Consulting and coaching

Consulting and coaching mean one-on-one or one-to-group teaching and sharing your knowledge and wisdom.

In consulting and coaching, your clients and customers will pay you a premium price for your services and content.

We also call consulting a height ticket business because with consulting you can earn and charge $10,000 per client.

3. Advertising

Placing ads on your content and making is the old model of making money online.

People are making around $5,000 per month income from YouTube, Facebook, Dailymotion, Apps, and from blogging by placing ads around the content.

Top advertising platforms are Google AdSenseEzoic, media vine, media net, ad thrive, Facebook ad insert, etc.

All these platforms will pay you for each visitor on the web, consuming your content and information.

4. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is promoting other people’s products and making commissions for each transaction of purchase made but your visitors.

In affiliate marketing, you attract and bring the customers to the product owner’s website, or marketplaces. And when the visitor purchases something from your reference link, you will get the commission for each sale.

You can start affiliate marketing with affiliate networks like JV Zoo, click bank. Or marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Etsy, etc.

You can also start promoting a single product or service like A weber email marketing software, etc as an affiliate, and can start generating a good amount of income as a side hustle.


Success in online business is easy. Just focus on creating valuable content, interacting, and understanding your marketplace, will make you able to replace your full-time job with side hustle income. Learn here more about passive income and internet business tips and skills.

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