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8 Simple Steps To Become a Social Media Influencer

Simple Steps To Become a Social Media Influencer

Social Media Influencer

Today world’s, 60% of the population is using smartphones. And when you are using smartphones but not using social media, it’s really impossible. Millions of people worldwide daily use social media like Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Snapchat, Twitter, etc.

When there is so much traffic every day then there are thousands of chances that anybody can be a social celebrity and not only can make money but influence the people worldwide.

In his post, I am going to share a list of 8 simple steps on how to grow your media following and then turn it into a money machine. With these simple steps, anyone can easily be an online social media influencer and can make money online from home.

8 Simple Steps To Become a Social Media Influencer;

  • Choose your niche, topic, and industry

Choosing your niche, topic, or industry is the most important thing because you have to create the content and make a living on it. It should be a combination of your skills, education, experience, passion, and there should be online search and demand for this niche or topic.

The first mistake people make is choosing the niche topic that they just choose based on their interests. If you are just choosing the niche and topic based on your passion and love without searching or getting static or data about its demands in the online market and search, then it will be a waste of your energy and time.

The 2nd mistake people make, in choosing the niche and topic they just watch other people and if they succeed or making money in this niche, other people choose such a niche.

You should make a list of your skills, experiences, things you are passionate about, things that are in online demand, people search for it, and your qualification. Now select the things that matching and choose one from them as your niche.

  • Choose Unique Brand Name

Branding and especially personal branding play an important role in today’s online world. You can choose the brand name on your based Own Name, or you can select a different name for it. But always try to make a unique and simple name that is easy to remember. Just like names, Apple, Amazon, Alibaba, etc.

With this brand name, you will create accounts on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, linked in, Twitter, TikTok, and Snapchat, etc. Keeping a single name on all platforms will make it easy for people and followers to find you and consume your content.

  • Create the Content

It’s the step where real hustle starts, creating the content. You don’t need to create content for all platforms at one time. Just focus on one platform, create one type of content, and upload it to multiple platforms.

For example, if you’re starting your branding from YouTube, creating a video and upload it on linked-in, TikTok, Facebook, and daily motion as well. It will bring more fans and followers.

If you want to start with visual content photos and infographics, then start Instagram and also publishing the same content on Pinterest, linked in, and Facebook.

Just start with one platform and master it by creating and publishing valuable content.

  • Be Consistent

Consistency is the key to success in the online world. The more quality consistent content you create,  the more following you will get, and you will brand will grow.

Posting daily 6 to 7 photos on Instagram and related platforms will grow your account fast. Similarly, posting daily one videos on YouTube and related platforms will also help in fast growth and branding.

  • Contact with Influencer in your niche

This is the best and simple way to get more friends and followers in the online world. Contact different types of online influencers and especially in your niche and ask them to collaborate. Just offer your service and content for free and in the return, they will tag your accounts, and you will get more followers and grow.

  • Use Hashtags

Using Hashtags is a smart way to get more viewers to your content. With each and every post, use # or hashtags of main keywords related to the post. And it will give more exposure to your posts and online content.

  • Response and Contact with Followers

Showing love, interaction, and commenting or answering your fan’s question is a great way to build a strong and long relationship with your audience. As their opinions and creating such content will make them trust you and your brand.

  • Blog

All social platforms are great, but using a blog play a professional role in your online brand and being an influencer and celebrity.

Your blog will contain a story about your life, your content, and other basic information. You can also use a blog as a tool for getting a fan and following from SEO. You can also grow your mail list, which is also an Online asset as an influencer.

  • Contact Local Brands

Today, all businesses are shifting online. Just contact a few local businesses and ask to promote their products for free. After promoting a few products you can ask them for a little fee and this way you can start generating money from your online platforms.

You can also make money from ads on your videos on platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Dailymotion.


Being a social media influencer and online branding is all about the consistency of quality content. The more value you provide to your customer, the faster your online presence will grow. Check here for more content about social media and internet business.

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