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11 Tips To Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

God created every human being with unique talent and potential, but the majority of people don’t feel happy and get success in life. It’s because they compare their life and themselves to others. Instead of focusing on their own talent and polishing, they stay worried by looking at other people’s lives and success.

Comparing yourself with others puts you in an inferior position and lowers your self-esteem and confidence. You stay in depression and angry over yourself, which damages you internally.

In this post, I am going to share the 11 tips and ways to stop comparing yourself to others. With these tips and ways, you will be able to develop and work on yourself and achieve greater success with your potential.

11 Tips to stop comparing yourself to others;

  • Low Self-Esteem

Low self-value, confidence, and esteem are the biggest reasons for comparing yourself to others. When you don’t believe and trust yourselves, then you stay angry and will always underperform.

You will always let others control you and your choices. Checking and improving self-esteem will give you the confidence to take charge of your life without caring for other people’s opinions.

  • Track When we Compare

Some people compare their lives based on social issues, while others on financial positions. Where ever you are comparing your life to others, track your comparing reasons and positions.

Tracking your status of comparisons will help you in a deep understanding of these reasons and problems. And improving these reasons and problems, you can stop comparing yourself to others.

  • Less Use of Social Media

The use of social media platforms works like poison for our mindset and thoughts. The branded new cars, houses, models, etc affects our feeling badly. These social media platforms make us hate ourselves and our life. Just looking rich, happy, and cool from the outside but broken from inside is the main agenda of social media users. Less use of social media sites will help you to keep your mind and thoughts in your control.

  • Focus on what You Have

Adopting the attitude of gratitude will be your biggest cure for comparison problems. When you focus on what you and keep yourself happy, then you will put all in that you want to achieve. Just staying worried and waiting for a good time or resources will bring nothing but a waste of resources, time, and energy.

  • Compare Yourself with Your Past Self

We don’t need to compare ourselves with others, but we need to compare ourselves with yesterday’s self. In this way, we will focus on everyday learning and growth and this tip will change our mindset and self believe.

  • Always Forgive Yourself

No person is complete, and we all make mistakes. But going harsh on yourself lowers down your confidence and limits your self-belief, which badly affects your performances and results.

  • Take Self-responsibility

Your life is your duty, and taking self-responsibility gives you the charge to make changes and face challenges with full confidence and courage. In problems, instead of blaming other things or people, you will take responsibility and will go through it. Taking self-responsibility will never let you compare yourself with others.

  • Change Your Mindset

Change of mindset means changing of thoughts and perspectives. We all are part of the environment and society, and sometimes living in a society we let the outer environment control our mind, which controls our feelings and actions.

Working on your thoughts and mindset will help you to take control of your feelings and don’t let them affect your life by comparing them with others.

  • Set Big Goals

Setting big and working on it will give you the path to focus on your life and mission. Instead of comparing yourself with others, you will stay busy with your own targets and tasks. You will create your own legacy and unique lifestyle.

  • Focus on Your Strengths

We all have weaknesses and strengths. Looking and focusing on weakness keeps us in an inferior position, but focusing on your strengths helps you to believe in yourself and grow.

  • Celebrate Small Wins

Appreciate your life and small wins will not let you look and compare yourself with the success of your neighbor. Instead of getting jealous of others, you will be happy and focused on your own small wins and successes.


We are worthy and full of unlimited talent, but we all need the proper direction of thought and mindset about ourselves. Just working on Strengths and taking self-responsibility for your mistakes and failures, you will stop comparing yourself to others. Check here our more content about lifestyle and self-help.

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