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8 Practical Techniques To Stop Overthinking and Worrying

8 Practical Techniques To Stop Overthinking and Worrying

Problems and challenges are a part of everybody’s life. But sometimes these challenges cause us so much pain, anxiety, and pressure that we start overthinking and put ourselves and our mental and physical health in a dangerous situation.

When we don’t know how to handle the situation or problems then we lose control of our feelings and thinking, and we start overthinking which leads to more anxiety, stress, low confidence, and distraction from real purpose in life.

And storm loop of anxious feelings, negative thoughts, worries, insecurities, doubts, etc make you feel that are helpless in front of these situations or problems.
But in reality, we all have the power and choice to control our mind, our thought, and so our actions. And changing in thoughts and action will change our results, and so we can change our future just simply by controlling emotion and thinking patterns.

To make all these happen you have to just work on your mindset and change your feelings and thinking about yourself. In this post, I am going to share a list of 9 Practical Techniques to stop overthinking and take control of your emotions and feelings. But before this, let me share some signs and causes of overthinking.

Key Causes of Overthinking

There is no single reason or standard origin for overthinking but normally its occurs beaus of psychological problems and mental issues. And it also varies from person to person based on their experiences, lifestyle, physical health, and current life situation and circumstances. Some key mental and psychological problems are here;

  • Anxiety and stress of Social gathering life
  • Separation anxiety disorder
  • Past events and disasters
  • Emotional trauma
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Fear of other people opinions

Key Signs and Hints That  You Are Controlled by Overthinking

The biggest sign of overthinking is if you find yourself continuously thinking about certain aspects of your life, or you find yourself in an endless cycle of nonproductive thoughts, then that in itself is a sign that you are embroiled in
overthinking. And here these thoughts will create anxiety, stress, and a sense of fear  And here thinking is just not simple thinking, but it’s like a disease that drains a person from within. Main Signs of overthinking listed below.

1. Thinking about fear of other people’s opinions and judgments.

2. Always thinking about bad and unwilling past events

3. Always thinking about negative results and outcomes.

4. Regretting past failures and missed opportunities.

5. not sharing how you are feeling, but still thinking and want to share with the world your feelings.

6. Always comparing yourself to others.

The signs, causes, and effects of overthinking vary from person to person. And the biggest effect of overthinking that it will stop you from moving forward and change in life. You will feel helpless, and you will prefer to stay in a limited zone of yourself.

It will affect your career, your personal skills, your performances, your family, and your social life. But there is also great news that it’s all because of our minds and thinking. We have the power to control our minds and thinking. And taking control of our thinking and emotions will help us to take control of our actions and so future.

With these simple but effective techniques, you will be able to focus on your present regardless of your future and past, remove your toxic thoughts, and you will mentally prepare yourself for your long-term goals and future objective to build a great life.

8 Practical Techniques To Stop Overthinking

1. Follow A Passion. The best practice and technique to control and overcome thinking by following a passion. When you stay busy with passion and work, you will not find the time to think about useless matters and issues.

Passion gives you the purpose and interest that will push your mind for creativity. And take your focus from past or bad events to a great and bright future. Keeping and working on passion is not only great for cure overthinking, but it’s also useful to find your talent and passion. And make yourself worth and skillful.

2. Stop comparing Your life to others. Most of the time we put ourselves and our minds under pressure and stress because of considering ourselves of less value and worth because we have not achieved great success in life.

Stop comparing yourself to others and start thinking about your daily growth and progress. Just compare yourself today with you yesterday and notice the progress and growth. In this way, you will not only grow, but you will also feel great and motivated to put in work and grow yourself.

3. Stop working for perfection. There is nothing perfect and so perfectness is just myth. So get rid of overthinking and focus on getting the results.

When you work for perfectness, there will always space for improvements, and you feel stress and anxiety. But just working and creating results will help in cure overthinking, and you will improve because now you are getting results. And every time will be better from your previous try and results.

4. Focus on the present. We have no control over our past or future, but we have power over our present. Just working and focusing on the present moment will stop us from overthinking. And we will see the progress, change, and results that will motivate and push us for more growth in the future and in life.

5. Set big goals. Setting a big target for yourself and life will stop being worry and overthink, and you will focus and on long-term goals and success.

6. Mastering the To-do List. Setting to do is for daily life and for your weekly and money goals and the target is also a smart way to cure overthinking. With a to-do list, you will just focus on your action and stop worrying about fear of past or future results and output. Your main focus will be to see the progress and get the things done on a set deadline.

7. Face your fear With Possible outcomes and results. Most of the time we overthink because of fear of action and results. But if you are just thinking about possible results and outcomes and face them, then there will no fear and no overthinking.

Facing your results and taking results responsibility will stop you from overthinking and will help to get things done.

8. Seek help. Asking for help about your emotions and feelings also a great technique to share your thinking and getting feedback to handle your emotions and thinking. Advice and guidance from other people will help you stop worrying and start the action and put in work to get the things done.


We are responsible for our thinking, feelings, and our action. We only can control and modify our thoughts and so actions. Just focus on your present, put in work, and stop thinking about the outcome and results. The more you keep yourself busy at work, the more you will improve and the better will be in the future and in life.

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