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9 Ways To Stop Taking Things Personally

Stop Taking Things Personally

Taking personally means rethinking, valuing, feeling sorry or depressed about other people’s opinions, sayings, and thinking about you. In other words, preferring other people’s opinions, judgment, or comments over your self-esteem, worth, and confidence.

As a living human being and emotional junkie, it’s entirely impossible not to take things personally. And some are more inclined than other owners to take things emotionally and personally.

Most of the time we take things personally because of low confidence, weak spots, but in reality, it’s not about you. And so you don’t need to put yourself under pressure and emotional trauma.

But the genuine issue is how to deal with these emotions within us. How to use and control these feelings and how to live a better life.

We take things emotionally in the work environment, business, family, friends, and relationships. And sometimes these emotions create unhealthy situations and stressful results which badly affect all areas of our life.

In this post, I am going to share a list of 9 Tips and ways to stop taking things personally and start living your best life. With these simple actions and steps, you can take control of your emotions and stay positive and productive.

9 Ways To Stop Taking Things personally

1. work on Your Mindset. The biggest problem in taking things personally is our thinking pattern. And so, by working your mindset and thinking, you can control the problems of taking things personally.

Just think about the situation and ask yourself that it’s true or not. If it’s true, then try to solve it and stop worrying about it. And if it’s wrong, then you don’t need to worry, and after all no opinion matters in your life, until you let it matter.

2. Make Yourself worthy and valuable. When you work on your improvements and growth, then you don’t care about anyone’s opinions and judgment of your life and things. Even if there are weak spots, you will focus on progress and will not consider other people’s comments about your life and work.

3. Apply the double side coin formula. The double side coin formula means taking things from the mindset and thinking of the person or people making opinions or passing judgments.

Maybe the people or person making an opinion is not an expert or does not know anything about you and yourself, and so it is not your problem. People’s wrong or worse comments’ and opinions are their own mindset and thinking, and you don’t need to worry.

4. Develop Self-confidence. When you are confident about yourself and your self-worth, then you don’t worry about other people’s thinking and comments. With self-confidence, you will stay positive and focus on positivity and creativity. And you will, don’t let affect your emotions and behaviors by other people’s false opinions and judgments and comments.

5. keep yourself Involved in Other activities. Sometimes it’s really hard to control the hard feelings of other people’s opinions and comments. And so in such moments, you need to shift your mind from hard feelings to something else.

Just involve and make yourself busy in other things and activities, and soon you will forget other people’s opinions. And then, with a fresh mind, you can think about it’s true or false and where you need improvements in life.

6. Don’t let your mind control other people’s opinions and sayings. It’s your life, your mind, and your thinking. And so the way you think will build your life and your future.

But you stay worried and take things personally because someone has false opinions and judgments, then it’s your fault, and you’re letting your mind and thinking contour in other people’s sayings.

What they say is their problem, but how you react and respond is your problem. And so just focus on how to respond and react and take control of your emotions and thinking.

7. Take the criticism as a challenge and test. Instead of being worried or emotionally disturbed, just take other people’s negative comments or criticism or judgment as obstacles and challenges for your skills and talent.

When you take criticism as is self-challenge, then you will try to improve yourself and your mindset and use negative criticism as fuel and force for your life growth.

8. Count your strengths, wins, and achievements. When people use harsh words or comments, then don’t worry about what they say, focus and think about what you have achieved and more what you can do.

Focus on your strengths, wins, your talent, and skills, and you will stay positive and motivated and will stop taking them personally.

9. Master Wise self-talking. You can’t control what people will say, but you can change the meaning of what people are saying and how you take these comments and criticism.

Just talking about the comments and focusing on only good or looking for your good is a sign of self-wisdom, and with self-wisdom talking you can take control of emotions and turn negative talks into positive ones.


Taking things personally or emotionally is a normal thing for us, but we need to think and turn people’s negative comments and sayings into positive forces and challenges for our skillset and talent. In this way, we will not only improve ourselves but stay productive and creative in life. Learn here more about emotional intelligence and personal transformation.

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