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10 Tips To Stop Worrying And Start Writing ( Overcome Your Writing Block Mindset)

10 Tips To Stop Worrying And Start Writing ( Overcome Your Writing Block Mindset)

The biggest writing block is the fear of being imperfect. Many outstanding writers stay under Stress and depression that what will happen they failed in conveying the story, idea, message or not inspire the audience with their writing.

Just let me share one thing clear, that there is no perfectness in any area of life. And in the writing, there will always be mistakes and failures.

There be always a way and space to improve and enhance your writing style and improve your idea presentation.

We create ideas, stories, or sentences based on our experiences, skillet, information, wisdom, and creativity. And all these elements vary from person to person, and so writing differs from person to person.

We don’t need to worry about our writing failures or end judgment, our focus and objective should improve our writing skills with practice and focus.

In this post, I am going to share the list of 10 ways to overcome your writing block. With these simple tips and tricks, you will not only start writing but also will improve your writing focus, productivity, and creativity.

10 Simple Tips To Stop Worrying And Start Writing

1. 10 Minutes mindfulness Before Writing. Just thinking and focusing on the topic and subject for 10 minutes before you write is a great idea to bring your mind inflow. And build the story that you are going to write.

10 minutes of mindfulness will improve your focus, productivity, and give the picture advance, what you are going to write and in which tone and style you will write.

2. Take Writing As a Combination of Words, not a combination of sentences. The average book is around 250 pages. And when you think about writing 250 pages, you depress and lose your focus. This leads to procrastinating and wasting your time and resources.

But if you just take book writing as a combination of words written every day, and write words with no counting of pages or book size, then you feel motivated and will stay focused and productive.

Every new word sentence will give you the confidence to write more and more. And after the year these combine words will make the book of 200 pages. But in the start, thinking 200 pages book, it feels like an enormous stone on the shoulder to move every day.

 3. 90 Minutes focus formula. The 90 minutes focus formula is the smart way to improve your productivity and focus in book and content writing. Just switch off your phones, close your door, and get into a no disturbance zone for 90 minutes. And only think and focus on writing in these 90 minutes.

After 90 minutes of writing, take a break, chill out, walk in nature, talk with friends, take a nap, drink juice, etc. And then come back with a fresh mind and energy for another 90 minutes of focus on writing. With 90 minutes of focus writing formula, you can write a 200 pages book in three months.

5. Think that Your Writing is not for Everyone. The fear of people’s judgments is our biggest enemy in our writing, creativity, and focus.

We all are different and unique. And so we can’t make please all with one type of content. And therefore, you have to write content that will be suitable only for a few types of people.

Some people will don’t like it, while others will love your style and content. Don’t think to write and impress all the world, and so don’t think about their opinions and judgments.

Just think about the few people and their positive opinions. When you write for the people like you, then you will write more and in a true and authentic way and style with no fear of judgments of others.

6. Starts Where it looks Easy. Most of the time we procrastinate and delay our writing because don’t know about the intro. And without impressing the intro, we delay and wait that with some magic we will come up with an intro.

But in reality, magic will only happen if you write and build the flow of pen with your mind.

Just start writing, what you know, and then, the more you write, the creative your mind will go. And after writing a few pages, you will not only come up with an effective intro. But also you will mind the flow will also keep you focused, productive, and creative.

7. Start Reading Your Previous Written and published content, Words, and pages. Writing block is the problem of every creative writer, and we can overcome these with a little true motivation and inspiration.

And the best inspiration tool is our own little wins and success. When you feel burnout, tired, exhausted, or block to your mind’s creativity, just start reading your own previous work.

In your own written words and pages, you will not just inspire but also motivated your writing style, and flow of your mind to creativity. Magic in your previous written content and pages will give you the motivation to write and create for the future.

8. Daily Reward Formula. Set a milestone of daily 2 to 3 thousand words and after completing this milestone treat yourself like a winner and get yourself a prize of winning.

Daily price and reward formula will your mind focused on winning and writing. And you will avoid distraction and stay focused on writing and getting the end results and reward.

9. More and More Great Books Reading. Lack of understanding, knowledge, and information is also a big cause of a writing block mindset. And we can overcome this problem by reading more books and consuming excellent information as to courses, pieces of training, and programs.

Reading an influential book will not help you in vocabulary and wisdom, but also will help in story-building and creative writing. A good reading will open your mind to more experiences and finding your true writing style.

10. Write not perfectly, but just to improve. Writing to create a perfect piece of content will never happen because it’s impossible. There is always something to enhance, to change, or to grow, and so never make a mindset to write perfect writing.

We can improve our writing every day. And so when you just focus on writing and improving, then there will not be stoppage, and you will stay focused and productive. The more you write, the more you will improve with time, and the more closely you will go to perfectness.

With this mindset, you will not only overcome your writing block, but also will build a system ad mindset for daily growth and improvement. You will stop worrying and will start writing and after a year, your writing skills will be at the next level.


Writing is a passion, but it’s also a skill and art. And we can only improve art and skills by practicing and daily practicing. Reading influential books and practicing in the right way is a true secret and a way to improve your writing.

The problems will come, you will feel tired, or burnout, but you have to focus on writing few words and then more words, and keep the flow going. Just write to impress one person and care for the world will help to stay productive and creative. Learn here more about Book Writing tips and Skills.

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