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11 Things to Give up For a Happier Life

Things to Give up For a Happier Life

Happiness is the utmost search for all human beings on earth.

And because of the importance of happiness, we make it so complex and difficult that it’s out of the reach of common people.

But in reality, happiness and living a happier life are really simple and easy.

Just with a minor change and shift in choices, behaviors, and routine habits, we not only achieve a happier life. But also be more productive and successful in life.

Happiness, in reality, not always comes with getting things in life, but it also starts with deleting and throwing things away for your life and personality.

Ye, just giving up and avoiding unnecessary things and habits, can also give you a happier and great life.

In this post, I am going to share a list of 11 things to give up that will make you happier and peaceful. By avoiding these things, you will be more focused and feel purposeful in life.

11 Things to Give up For a Happier Life

1. Negative Self Talk

When you feel negative, think negatively, and talk negatively with yourself, how you will feel happy and attract happiness in life.

For a happier life, we have to stop and give up negative self-talk.

We can give up negative self-talk by reading excellent books, choosing friends wisely, and keeping the circle of successful and creative people.

2. Living in the past or Future

Most of the time we stay worried because of past mistakes or unseen future. And these both are out of our control.

We all can live a happier life by focusing on the present, today, and the moment.

Focusing on the present moment will not only make you happy, but also make you more productive and creative.

3. Doubting Yourself

Sometimes, because of a negative environment and other people’s opinions, we start doubting ourselves and don’t try new things in our life.

Instead of self-doubting, when you believe in yourself, then everything looks different. And you will always look for new opportunities and the courage to face challenges.

4. Stop Making Excuses

When we don’t take responsibility for our actions and choices, then we start making excuses and blaming our conditions on people, the environment, and resources.

When you stop excuses and take your self-responsibility, then it will not only make you happier. But also gives you the courage to take charge of your life.

5. Hoping that Someone will Change my Life

Our hands are the creator of our life and future. But if you wait that someone will come and will change your life or future, then you will be the unhappy person on the earth.

Because no one will come, that will change your life with magic. No one can change your life, but only you.

Just stop hoping and start execution will make the happier person, in the face of the earth.

6. Overthinking About Everything

Most of the time, overthinking stops us from taking action and misses great opportunities.

Just taking action is the quality of great and happy people.

Don’t overthink, just plan, and start execution, and you will find and come up with results, that everything is easy when you are an action machine.

 7. Playing small and in Comfort Zone

We all have unlimited talent and the ability to achieve anything on the face of the earth. But sometimes, because of outside voices and the environment, we stop believing in ourselves.

And therefore we adjust ourselves to playing in the comfort zone. We don’t take risks, and we believe that we can not accomplish great things in life.

But greatness starts with playing hard and taking enormous risks and challenges. Taking over challenges will give you inner happiness, pleasure, and self-esteem that will make you unstoppable in life.

8. Trying to Please Everyone

We can’ make everyone happy on the earth, but you are trying to please everyone on the face of the earth, then you will be a stupid and unhappy person.

Even so, no one will be happy with you, because, how you will make the people happy if you can’t make yourself happy.

For a happier life, first, we have to focus on our self-happiness, and then we will try to share happiness with others.

9. Toxic Relationship

Our Toxic Relationships are also a big cause of our unhappy life.

Try to give up on all toxic relationships and start living a happy life.

10. Unhealthy habits of eating, TV, and Social Media

Giving up on unhealthy habits like watching TV till late at night, overuse of social media, overeating food, and lying in the bed without purpose makes you an unhappy and lazy person.

11. Impressing Other People We Don’t Like

Sometimes in life, we spend so much energy, focus, time, and resource to impress other people and make them jealous. And even we don’t like them.

If we just focus on ourselves, then we not only live a happier life, but also be more productive and productive.


Sometimes, giving up on things is the key to happiness in life. Most people in search of happiness are running after a lot of things, but actually, they don’t understand, letting things go is also the way to happiness and pleasure in life. Learn here more about happiness and personal-improvement.

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