14. Know Your Strengths and weaknesses

Knowing your strengths and weakness will help what work is for you and which is to delegate to others. You will make list according to your strengths and skills. And remove such tasks that do not fit your skills and talent.

15. Do important things First

In the morning, we have a fresh mind and full energy. Completing the most important thing in the morning will give you motivation for other tasks of the day.

16. Face your fear

Fear of failure and rejection waste a lot of our time and stop us from growing in life and career.

But, facing our fear and problems, will give us wisdom, knowledge, learning, and courage to achieve our goals. Problems are part of success and running from a problem will not solve the issues.

Just by facing our problems, we can not only overcome problems but also achieve greatness in life.

17. Stay inspired and Motivated

Inspiration and motivation are our keys to taking action and getting things done. Start your day with the things that give you inner motivation and inspiration. And this motivation will keep you active and focused all day on your actions and to-do-list.

18. Build Your Momentum With easy Task

Start your day with an effortless task, and the completion of one simple task gives you momentum for the next task and goal to complete. The start of a simple task will give you a moment and flow for your all to-do list of the day.

19. Stop Worrying and start the action

Staying worried brings nothing but an effect on your physical and mental health. But taking action not only gives you the courage and confidence to face your problems. And also build your minds that actually the problems are nothing, but it’s our mind illusions and nothing more.

20. Work on yourself and Improve Your Skills

Improving your skills and abilities will help you complete the task in a fast way. And save time and energy for other tasks.

21. Eliminate excuses and take responsibility

Excuses are easy, but it brings nothing. We will change our results and output by taking the responsibility for our actions and our future.

When we take responsibility, then we will not only stay productive, and creative but also eliminate procrastination and will face fear and challenges.

22. Avoid Laziness

Being lazy is our biggest time killer. When you are lazy, then you will delay and avoid problems. And in the end, there will bundle of junk for you to complete.

For effective time management and productivity, we have to stay active. And the best way to stay active is to take nutritious food and regular exercise.

Regular exercise will not only keep you healthy but also will improve your work stamina and energy, and you will perform your tasks with a positive attitude and mindset.

23. Follow a Routine

Developing and following a routine is the smart way to stay active and productive. With routine, you will focus on your important tasks and will avoid distractions.

24. Avoid Bad Habits

Bad habits not only affect your time and goal, but it also has an adverse effect on your health and life. Removing bad habits and replacing them with good ones, will not only keep you productive and active but also, you will enjoy your life to the full extent.

25. Stay Accountable to someone

When you work for yourself, then you delay or procrastinate your tasks. But when you have accountability partners, then you have a sense of duty to perform. And you will complete your task at any cost and sacrifice.

26. Take a little Break

Taking a break after 50 minutes of focus and coming back with a fresh mind and energy will double your focus and productivity.

Taking minor breaks helps you to keep the time and work in focus and avoid all types of distractions.

27. Take Small Steps towards Big goals

We can’t achieve our big goals in one day. And therefore we have to divide our big goals into small taka and steps.

And in this way taking on every small task every day will double our focus, productivity, and motivation.

28. Take advantage of the technology

Taking advantage of technology will save you a lot of time and energy. Paying your bills on autopilot, food delivery, or shopping online, etc, will save you time, energy, and resources.

29. Limit Your number of Meetings

Meetings are important, but most of the meetings are useless and time-wasting. And therefore limiting your meeting number, will save you time and energy for important tasks and jobs to complete.

30. Ask for Help

We are not masters of everything and therefore; we have to think about the things that are out of our skill set and strengths. And asks for help from other skillful and experts in the industry.

31. Get enough rest and sleep

Rest and sleep are important. Getting good sleep keeps us productive and creative in the work routine.


Organizing and finding balance in life is the key to getting success in life. Without time management it’s really hard to find a balance in life and therefore, all the time you will struggle between tasks.