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Tips for a fresh and healthy skin

tips for a healthy skin


Everybody knows that skin is the first thing everyone looks at it and a fresh and healthy skin makes you more

beautiful. If your skin is unhealthy and doesn’t have a fresh look, then you must be missing

something inside your body. Whatever you eat or feel it flourish through your skin. Everyone

dream about healthy and fresh skin and this dream of getting healthy skin can easily be fulfilled.

You just have to take care of your diet and daily activities. Let us have a look at how you can attain a

healthy skin.


The first and foremost thing is your diet. Most of the skin problems start with an unhealthy diet.

An unhealthy diet means not getting proper nutrients and vitamins and they play a huge role in

our body. If you lack some nutrients and vitamins then what happened is that it flourishes

through your skin and makes your skin unhealthy. For healthy and fresh skin it is not necessary

to take multi-vitamins, you can also get these from organic food. Organic food means

vegetables and fruits. As much you use fresh vegetables and fruits in your diet, that much you

see your skin healthy and fresh. Each vegetable and fruit is naturally enriched with vitamins.

Now let’s have look at which fruit is good for your healthy skin.

fruits for a healthy skin

  1. Mangoes contain antioxidants that help to protect your skin and improve your collagen. Mangoes are also high in fiber. Mango also has vitamins A and C which is good to attain healthy skin.


  1. Tomatoes are a good source of vitamin C, vitamin K, potassium and folate. It is naturally enriched with antioxidant lycopene which is not only good for healthy skin but it is also good for the heart and fights against cancer.
  1.  Raspberries, blueberries, and strawberries protect your skin from sun damage and make your skin healthy as it also contains antioxidants.


  1. Avocados have vitamin K, vitamin C, potassium, vitamin B5, B6, and vitamin E and are high in nutrients. These vitamins help to get healthy skin.


  1. Papaya has zeaxanthin and antioxidants properties. Papaya not only makes your skin healthy and fresh but it also reduced the chances of heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.


Many other fruits are enriched with different vitamins and nutrients. Each fruit plays a different role in your body. The best way is to collect all the available fruit from your home and cut all the fruits into small pieces and mix all fruits in a bowl and eat it whenever you feel hungry. This is how you can get different vitamins that help your skin to get healthy and fresh.

Not only fruits have vitamins and nutrients but vegetables also have different vitamins and nutrients which helps to gain healthy skin and make your look fresh. Now let us discuss some vegetables that help in making your skin healthy.

vegetables for a healthy skin

  1. Carrots contain vitamin C, iron and protein. It nourishes your skin from inside and makes it healthy. If you don’t like eating carrots you can make juice of carrots. Carrots are also antioxidants in nature.


  1. Beetroot includes minerals like zinc, copper, iron, calcium, potassium sodium and many others. It is highly enriched in minerals and make your dream fulfill to get healthy skin. You can use beetroot as a salad or you can also make juice from it. It tastes great because it is sweet.


  1. Spinach is a good source of iron. When a person lacks iron deficiency his/her skin already gets dull that person needs to intake spinach in his/her meal or he/she can also make juice of it. You can use this drink twice a day to get healthy and fresh skin.


  1. Broccoli is enriched with vitamin C and E which fight against your skin from the sun damage.


There are many other vegetables you can eat to make skin healthy. The more you use the green vegetables the most you have a fresh look at your skin. Try to make a bowl of salad in which you can add different vegetables and add olive oil into it. This is the most healthy diet you can use every day. Olive oil can be used for internal use as well as for external use. It overcomes the irritation on the skin and has anti-inflammatory properties which reduced inflammation. Olive oil helps to make your skin smoother externally as well as internally.

Now let us have a look upon different juices. Some people like to eat fruits and vegetables while some like to drink the juice from them. Don’t confuse yourself here while thinking that eating is good or drinking fruit juice or vegetable juice is good. The purpose of both is to gain healthy skin either you eat or drink. The choice is yours. You can make juice of all kinds of fruits and vegetables, there is no hard and fast rule for that. But there are two fruits which have wonderful results with the help of which you can get healthy and fresh skin.

Orange juice

  1. Orange juice: Orange is citrus and has vitamin C enriched which can detox impurities from your body. When impurities increase in your body it can lead to a harmful disorder inside your body. So it’s very important to detoxify your body by having orange juice early in the morning when you wake up with an empty stomach. If you feel difficult to make orange juice proper in juicer machine then what else you can do is that to take an orange, cut in a half and squeeze it into a glass simple. This not only detoxifies your body but it can also make your skin healthy and fresh. And it also reduces the risk of getting premature wrinkles.

Pomegranate juice

  1. Pomegranate juice: The one who wants a better skin tone and healthy skin with fresh look make it a habit to take a glass of pomegranate juice because of pomegranate juice has so many antioxidants that can remove even fine lines from your skin and make it healthy. These are fruits and vegetables we talked about. Now have a look at different tea which can not only maintain your body but also makes your skin healthy and gives you a fresh look. Because every one of us likes to have tea to get rid of tiredness so why not have that tea which can improve your skin and make you physically strong. There are many teas all around the world but teas that are good for your health are:

Green tea

  1. Green tea: UV rays are indeed very harmful to your skin by drinking green tea you have very rare chances that UV rays can damage your skin and reduces redness from your skin.

Detox tea

  1. Detox tea: By consuming an unhealthy diet that leaves toxins in your body which can cause many skin problems like severe acne and can make trouble in digesting a meal. It is very necessary to detox your body by taking detox tea. Detox tea is with different herbs that improve your body function and make your skin healthy.

These are the things by including in your diet you can fulfill your dream of getting healthy things now there are some additional things which you have to do to make your skin healthy. Let’s have a look into it.

Avoid smoking

  1. Avoid smoking: If you are habitual of smoking try to get rid of this habit as soon as you can. Because your skin is made up of different cells and when you puff the cigarette it damages your cells and makes your skin unhealthy. Your lips also get darken from their ends. The more you puff the more your skin can rough. It is not healthier for your skin. If you want to achieve a goal of having a clear and healthy skin then you have to quit smoking.

Cover your skin from the sun

  1. Cover your skin from the sun: If you have to do your work outside from the house or if you are a student and have much exposure to the sun then try to hide your skin from the sun or wear sunscreen before facing the sun. By doing this sun and UV rays cannot directly reach through your skin but also your skin maintains the same tone and can be healthy.

Don’t over stress

  1. Don’t overstress: Stress can make your skin more sensitive and when you stressed a lot it ruined your complexion. Do not get overstressed instead of being stressed trying to find out the solution of the thing which is bothering you instead of taking the stress. This not only affects your skin but also affects your diet. And diet is a huge part of your skin so when your diet is not good, your skin cannot be in its proper position and can’t be healthy.

Don’t try new products on skin

  1. Don’t try new products on skin: Stop testing new products on the skin. When you use new products on your skin for the time being the products brighten up your skin and when you stop using that product and switch to another product your skin can even worse. When you test new products by watching the advertisement and by seeing your favorite celebrities in the ads using that product believe that all products and creams have dangerous chemicals that can destroy your skin cells and make you look uglier. If you want to have healthy skin then stop testing new products because everyone has a different skin type.

Do not sleep in makeup

  1. Do not sleep in makeup: Please do cleanse your skin before going to bed. Because when you sleep wearing makeup it damages your skin because makeup does have harmful chemicals. Make your skin so much healthy that you don’t need to wear makeup on your skin.

Clean your mobile screen

  1. Clean your mobile screen: Make it habit to clean your mobile screen at every night. Because the dirty screen of mobile contains bacteria and when you use to attend a call that bacteria transfer to your skin and make it unhealthy.

Be hydrated

  1. Be hydrated: Try to drink minimum 8 glass of water a day and make yourself hydrated because when you dehydrated your skin gets rough and dry and don’t have a pleasant look. So if you want to have healthy and fresh skin try to drink as much water as you can.

Avoid acne products

  1. Avoid acne products: If you have acne problem the best solution is to visit a dermatologist who gives you treatment related to your skin type. The acne-prone products you see in advertising can make your acne worse and snatch the beauty of yours. So be mature regarding your skin to make it healthy.

Wash your sheets

  1. Wash your sheets: Try to wash your bed sheets or pillow covers twice a week. Because when you sleep overnight the bacteria of your skin transfers to the sheets and when you sleepover again on that sheet or pillow cover that transfers into your skin and makes your skin rough and problematic.

Fragrance-free soaps and face wash

  1. Fragrance-free soaps and face wash: Try to avoid fragrance full soaps and facewashes. Try to use medicated soap and facewash to wash the skin. Fragrance full soaps and facewashes include harmful chemicals.


  1. Moisturizers: Look for moisturizers with retinoids, vitamin C, vitamin E, alpha-hydroxy acids and antioxidants for healthy skin.


Again your diet plays a very important role in gaining healthy skin. When you feel strong and healthy from inside, your skin can also be that much strong and healthy. Do not avoid your skin. Try to visit the physician every month to know about your current situation that where are you standing. Try to get vitamins through vegetables and fruits for healthy skin. Facts are so goods for your healthy skin because it contains omega 6 for building the new skin cells. If you feel irritation on your skin then you must have to lack some vitamin deficiency in your body.