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10 Simple Techniques and Tips for Anxiety and Stress Management

10 Simple Techniques and Tips for Anxiety and Stress Management

Stress, pressure, depression, and anxiety is a normal part of today business and digital world. But keeping yourself in these situations for the long term in this situation can hurt and damages your physical and mental health. It can not only affect your work-life but also family and social life.

Anxiety and stress management is the techniques and skill that you have a master and make it part of your routines life. When you can control yourself and your emotions during stress and can focus on your work and life then you can achieve all kinds of success in life.

In this post, I am going to share a list of 10 techniques and tips that will help to handle the stress and keep your mind focused on the end results and process.

10 Simple Techniques and Tips for Anxiety and Stress Management;

  • Changing Your State and Position

Changing your position is a short-term solution for stress but it can be really helpful work and job life. Changing your position will take your mind from the stress situation and you will start involving yourself in other things like making a cup of tea, talking with friends, family, etc. This tip not only will help to control the stress but also will give you ideas for solving the problems and situations of the stress.

  • Play Games

Playing a game on mobile or PC is a great way to take your mind from situation and problem. Keeping yourself busy in the game will help to relax your mind and will give you new ideas for solving the problem and situation.

  • Get Enough Sleep

Sleep is the best cure and formula stress management. Getting good sleep will keep your mind fresh and with a fresh mind you will back at the problems and situation and will go through it.

  • Sports Activity

Like playing games physical sports activity is also great to control the anxiety and stress and take your mind focused on the sports activity. These will help to relax your mind and body and will keep you active.

  • Journaling and Writing

Writing and journaling the method used by experts and wise people. Writing and making a list of your problems and stressful situations will help to analyze it. Putting problems on paper will also give you guidance that problems are not big enough and you will come up with ideas and solutions to take these problems under your control.

  • Listen to Music

Music is a form of motivational energy and power. Listening to good music will help you in controlling the pressure. And also give your courage and motivation to face the problems.

  • Mediation and Deep Breathing

Meditation and deep breathing are really effective in relaxing your mind and focusing it on positive things. Deep beating exercise will help you to control and take your mind from problems and focused it on the solutions.

  • Positive Self Talk

Your stress and anxiety are your problems and it’s your duty and responsibility to handle. Making positive self-talk with yourself will help to control the stress and focus on the solution of stress. Instead of caring for the stress, focus on the long-term goals and you will get the courage and Ideas to handle the situation.

  • Massage

Body massage and especially your massage is also great to relax your mind and control stares and anxiety. Massage will control your blood pressure, heartbeats, and will help to calm your mind and focus on the solutions.

  • Cold-water Bathing

Cold or ice water bating is a modern way to relax your body and mind. Just keeping yourself for five minutes will take your focus from the stress and will make you fresh and full of energy.


Anxiety and stress are part of everybody’s life and it can damage your personality and work life. But it’s really easy and simple to learn and control the stress and use it positively. Use the stress as burning fire and your duty to handle will give the reason to control and best use of the situation. Learn here more about lifestyle and self-help.

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