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Public Speaking; 11 Best Tips for Better Public Speaking

Public Speaking; 11 Best Tips for Better Public Speaking

Public Speaking

It needs a lot of courage and confidence to step forward into the hall, full of audience, and looking at you.

But it’s not the case for all people. There are thousands of people, they are doing and performing public presentations without any fear. And you can also be great at public speaking.

In this post, I am going to share a list of 11 tips that will help in better Public speaking. The use of these steps and tips will make your public speaking career at the fire.

The Best 11 Tips for pro-public Speaking;

1. Prepare and Practice Your Presentation.

Practice doesn’t make you perfect, but it increases your confidence and helps you in improving your weaknesses. It gives you the confidence to control the mistake during the presentation.

4. Always Know Your Audience.

This is the basic key and important tip and guide for successful public speaking presentations. When you know your audience, then your message and topic will be according to their interests, and they will love to listen to your message and idea.

You have to conduct research about your target audience and their needs and demands for the preseason. What your audience is expecting should be your main message in the presentation.

3. Keep the Time In Focus.

Time management plays an important role in Public speaking and presentation. Your audience will be professional and top authorities from the industry.

You start your speech on time and also end it at the correct time. And You only can do this by practicing and preparing. Your speaking over time shows that you simply don’t value your audience’s time.

4. Your Audience is Your Target

Your speaking presentation is for your audience, not for you. You have to focus on the interest of your audience.

Make them realize how this idea or message will change their lives. How they will get what they want. An audience’s understanding of your message is your first priority of the presentation.

5. Proper Dressing

Although dressing has no connection with your skills, experience, expertise, or preparation, it’s an extra tool that will boost your confidence.

Well, dressing according to the event and the audience will give you the mindset of a professional. It just gives sense to the audience to listen to your message with attention.

6. Have backup Material

Sometimes the presentation doesn’t work and moves in the way you want to present because mistakes are part of our nature. You make a mistake and to overcome such a mistake you have to pre-plan back up.

Content, ideas, information, jokes, or anything that can change your audience’s attention from the mistake. A new way of starting the message and presentation. Create a plan on how you will handle the unexpected situation and mistakes.

7. Don’t overload the Audience

One presentation means one idea, message, or topic. But never overload your audience with information and topics. Just build one story and message, so they can get the benefit from it. Overloading always leads to confusion and distraction for your audience.

8. Proper use of Jokes

Jokes and humor are good for changing the mood of your audience, but take care of the type of jokes and your audience’s mindset. All jokes are not for all.

9. Keep engaging your audience

You can keep engaging your audience by asking a question or some kinds of activities. And it will give the full attention of your audience.

10. Work on Your Body Moments

Your body plays an important role in your public presentation like your message, voice, and speaking style. Practice your moments in the mirror will help which type of moments suit your message and personality, and which things to avoid.

11. Use Data and Visuals

Giving information with exact figures and facts improves and verifies your idea and message. It’s double the trust of your audience and makes you reliable. You’ll use statistics, testimonies, demonstrations, pictures, and more!


Public Speaking is just a skill like other skills, and you only can master this skill by performing more and more. Being stress is normal, but you have to overcome it by practicing and master it by preparation and more presentation. Learn here more about public speaking.

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