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15 Tips For Fresh Natural Skin ( How To Protect Your Skin Beauty )

15 Tips for Fresh Natural Skin ( How To Protect Your Skin Beauty )

Fresh Natural Skin

Most of the world judges us by our look and style. And skin play important tin our outside look and body language. Natural and fresh healthy skin promotes our confidence, self-esteem, and even attitude.

For Attaining glowing, flawless, and fair skin, it is important to take care of your skin and pampers it from time to time. Everybody knows that skin is the indicator of how you feel good inside.

And honestly, amazing skin is not hard to achieve, it’s just you have some extra care of your skin. But because of a busy lifestyle, our love for junk foods, pollution, and sun exposure its become difficult to achieve healthy glowing skin.

But don’t worry! We have something that will give a huge smile to your lips and sparkling on your face. We are presenting you with some natural beauty tips for skin care and beauty that will surely help you in your sparkling and fairing glow.

I will share with you my personal 15 tips for fresh natural skin that will give you the skin that you dream of. With these simple tips and ways, we can have, long-lasting skin glow and natural beauty of our skin.

For easy understanding, I will share my personal experience in three parts.

1.  Skin Care tips for the face based on your skin type

2. Beauty tips for glowing and bright skin

3. Skincare routine Tips

1. Skin Care tips for the face based on your skin type

To get your skin in better shape, you may not have to give up that harms your skin, but it’s important to understand your skin type. As every skin type has different needs and different problems and has cared for it accordingly,

  • Beauty tips for oily face skin type

It is one of the most terrible skin types but when we try enough care then we get a certain glow that other skin types don’t have.

Simple Tips are

  • Eat lots of fruit and vegetable
  • wash your face twice and thrice a day
  • Avoid oily and junk food
  • Always keep your skin clean


  •  Beauty tips for dry face skin type

Dry skin makes you feel uncomfortable, especially in winter. If you are not taking good care of this skin tone properly it may lead to an unattractive appearance. So, the following tips surely helpful.

  •  Wash your face with cold water
  • Apply good moisture after taking a shower
  • use soft towel


  •   Beauty tips for normal skin type

Normal skin type is a balanced skin type, as it’s no too much try and nor too much dry. Normal Skin is a radiant complexion with no imperfection. Many of us are blessed with normal skin. Some useful tips help out to retain this skin tone as well.

  • Wash your face with a cleanser
  • Apply moisturizer at least once
  • Use sunscreen with SPF 30

For better skin eat those things in moderation have greasier food as a special treat or on healthy balanced male.

Now we talk about tips related to combination face skin tone:

Combination skin type has good and bad equality for every skin type.

Combination skin type has a mixture of both oily skin such as large pores, constant shine, and dry skin characteristics such as itching, flakiness, and redness. A simple tip is to use moisturizer in limited quantity (too much moisturizer can make your skin oilier and using less moisturizer also create problems with dry skin)

  • Beauty tips for glowing and bright skin

Skin is a very sensitive and important organ of our body. We can not change the color of our skin, but we can always make it more glowing and brighter with all these tips for the face.

  • Diet

Avoiding foods that cause pimples or breakouts including chocolate, fizzy drinks, fast food, and pizza. Include some vitamins in your diets that contain vitamin C like fresh juices, or you can start warm water with honey and lemon in its daily.

Vitamin A is also necessary for the skin as it makes your skin tighter and brightens your complexion. For this, you take carrot, watermelon, ripe papaya, and no fatty milk in good quantity. Avoid excessive smoking and consumption of alcohol as far as you can.

  • Avoid direct exposure to sunlight

Too much sun can blister your lips, leaving them red and sore, the best approach is when you are getting out of your home, make sure that you have applied good quality sunscreen over your skin. By using a good sunscreen, you will be protecting your skin from damage, skin cancer, aging, and premature wrinkles. You should not allow direct contact of sunlight to your skin. Wear sunglasses to avoid dark circles from around your eyes.

  •  Exfoliate

scrub your face with a mixture of honey and grind sugar for scrubbing. This helps you to remove dry skin, blackheads and reduce skin tanning from your face.

Apply it at least 2 times a week but don’t rub it vigorously for a long time. Use a natural mask rather than a chemical peel of mask. Homemade masks can give you glowing and brighten skin.

  • Beat the Stress

Your emotions have a powerful impact on your skin. Stress creates a negative impact on your is important to avoid unnecessary stress with do regular exercise and take a walk around the block. Stress management tips such as yoga and meditation surely helpful for reducing stress. Reducing Stress will make the skin more radiant and healthy.

Beauty tips

2. Beauty tips for Natural Skin Glow

Most of the skin products available in the market are full of a chemical that can harm for skin. on the contrary homemade masks can give you glowing skin with no side effects.

1 Use Honey: Honey is a good moisturizer for a face for all skin types and required very little time to apply.

2 Tomatoes for Fairness: Rub tomatoes on your skin or apply its juice for skin fairness and its also remove skin tinning and also minimize skin wrinkles.

3 Gram flour for skin whitening: Use gram flour with turmeric, lemon, and milk this will give you glowing and bright skin.

4 Papaya masks: This fruit is best known for its skincare treatment values. It does not only lighten your skin, but it is also a very good anti-aging substance. Apply papaya on your skin for 15 minutes, it gives you an instant glow and softens skin.

5 Aloe Vera: This plant has many mediation values. The pure gel inside the aloe Vera is very effective for skin pigmentation. It successfully reduces the process of hyperpigmentation and instant glow on your skin. You can grow this plant with the least maintenance in a small pot.

6 Potatoes for Facial Beauty: Apply potato juice to your skin, it is best for removing dark circles, and it gives you fair and glowing shine.

Beauty tips

3. Skincare routine Tips

No matter what your skin type is, make sure that your skin is clean. This is where your skin cares routine comes.

  • Cleaning

Clean your face with a good cleanser that suits your skin well. Wash your face with a cleanser at least 2 times a day.

  • Toning

It is important to apply toner to your face as it removes dirt and oil left behind and debris behind after applying the cleanser. It keeps your skin hydrated, nourishes while restoring PH balance.

  • Moisturizing

Moisturize your face with a suitable moisturizer. It keeps your skin hydrated and prevents it from being flaky and red.

  • Less Use of Makeup

Makeup provides you some instant look but due to chemical material, it’s harmful to the skin and plays important role in skin damage. Use natural ingredients rather than heavy makeup. Use rose water for removing makeup and take a maximum glass of water daily.

  •  Enough Sleep

good sleep is essential for skincare and also for health as a whole. Good sleep helps to remove the dark circle. It provides vital regenerations and repairs the skin. Warm milk before sleeping is good for help in relaxing your body.


Skin plays an important role in overall human being’s looks and behavior. Natural treatments are always advisable for your skin. Nature has bestowed us with many wonderful substances for a beauty treatment.

These beauty tips for a face will give you remarkable results. Just be patient and follow these beauty tips. This is a guide for complete beauty tips that you can prefer. Do tell us in a comment section how these beauty tips for your face help you.

Written by. Areeba Khalil,

Edited by. Zain Khan

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