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11 Simple Tips For Writing Your Own Short e-book

11 Simple Tips For Writing Your Own Short e-book

Writing a book seems like a long, lengthy and boring process, but actually, it’s not.

Today’s world is fast and people don’t have time for reading big and lengthy 500 pages books.

And so many people prefer and love to read small and direct-to-the-point books, especially short e-books on mobile, laptop, kindle, or online.

There is a great opportunity to write short e-books and make a side hustle income. And write a short e-book not just to make money, improve your business branding and marketing.

The significant thing about writing a short-read e-book is that with just 2 hours of daily work, you can write a book in a week.

And if you are lazy or love procrastinating, then in two weeks your book will be ready to upload on digital platforms like Amazon, Barns & NobleKobo, etc.

In this post, I am going to share a list of 11 Simple tips for writing your own E-book that will sell, bring the money, and Improve your business branding and marketing.

11 Simple Tips For Writing Your Own Short e-book;

1. Don’t Copy Someone Else Idea or Content

Most people as a beginner try to be smart and copy other best-selling book tables of content, main ideas, and translate into their own language style.

But when they upload it online, no sales, it brings no results, and it’s all waste of time, resources, and energy.

Try to write 10 pages short e-book but keep it real, original, and authentic. People will love your own 10 pages of content, experiences, and ideas more than plagiarized content of 200 pages.

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2. Write Book in Your Style and Way

Getting inspiration is good, but always try to keep your own style and your own way. Don’t follow other writers in your niche, layout, and heading or subheadings structure of content.

Convey the idea and message of your book in your own unique format and structure.

3. Add Infographics and Data

Adding infographics, images, and data only not improve your reader’s understanding. But also show your authority and grasp over the subject and topic.

4. Write Every day 900+ Words

The best way to improve your writing is by writing every day, at least three pages or 900+ words.

Don’t judge, wrong, right, good, or bad, Just Keep the pen busy in writing and later you can make it right or improve it with editing.

This, 900 words daily practice, will improve your mind flow with pen and after 3 months, you will be able to write a short e-book of 5000 words in a week.

5. Focus On the Value Not Money Perspective

Money is important, and you will make money with your book. But people will only pay money when they find your book valuable and worthy.

Just focus on value perspective and this will bring more money and branding

6. Always Pick The topic That You Know

Most people choose a topic based on trending and money prepositions. And when they start writing and researching, they give up in the middle.

Just focus on the topic that you know, and some kind of skills, knowledge, and expertise about it.

Such a kind of book will not only be easy to write, but also give you energy and motivation during the writing process. Because you will write about your passion, journey, and life.

7. Keep Reading Books

Reading books is as important for writers as writing practice. It will improve your wisdom, knowledge, and will give you new ideas for future books.

8. Hire A Proofreader/ Friend

Sometimes, it’s really hard to find and catch your own mistakes. And therefore the best way to avoid and eliminate mistakes is by hiring a freelance proofreader.

You can also request a friend writer for proofreading.

9. Watch Documentaries

Watching documentaries will not improve your knowledge base but also help you in storytelling.

10. Keep it Simple and Interesting

People love the easy understanding of paragraphs and sentences. Keeping your style simple and interesting will improve your reader’s understanding and will be more helpful for them.

11. Make Unique, But relevant Title

Your title should match the content in your book, but also try to keep it unique and a little controversial. Most of the population loves controversial and unique book topics, like “The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*uk” by Mark Manson.

A controversial and unique topic easily attracts your reader’s eyes to click and open your book description and purchase it.


The smart way to build an e-book business is by writing and reading daily. Keep it simple, small but original, and add infographics that will improve your read understanding. Learn here more about book writing Tips and Business.

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