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Sell an Online Course on Udemy to Earn Up to $100/day

Sell a Online Course on Udemy to Earn Upto $100/day, the ali

Today is the age of skills and online earning. People love to earn online from platforms like Udemy, YouTube and skillshare, etc. People are less interested in routine 9-5 jobs and want to get freedom from this custom old fashioned earning method. With the advancement of internet, people are earning millions of money from home with computer and internet connection.

People love to learn online to earn some extra money. Online learning saves the time of going to a coaching center. Online learning gives you the option to select the tutor of own choice within a reasonable fee.

What is Udemy?

Udemy is a Market place for online courses. Every year millions of people come here to learn some skills and knowledge to boost the money-making ability. Teachers, consultant, instructor, etc, from worldwide, offer their services in the form of video, audio, and presentations. once your course is online you will be get paid for forever, until you take down your course.

Udemy is suitable for people with :

  1. Good communication skills
  2. Love Teaching and sharing knowledge
  3. Having some specific skill
  4. consulting about any niche of your choice

How Does It Work?

First, you will research the most profitable niche and subject or skill you are master in it. Usually making Course about the subject with no demand is just a waste of time. so first make sure about the demand and need of the niche, of course, you want to make a course about.

Research the market about a subject that are people actually most looking and in need for. This will help you in understanding your clients level and their problems, which you to solve through your course.

Compelling title and introduction with description play an important role in selling your course. so do a lot of work on introduction and description. Always choose the problems solving title for your course.

Always stay in connections with students help you in ranking and increasing your course value. provide some extra Pdf files for exercise, in this way you will create relationship and momentum with students. doing homework and exercise with the course will help students better learning and understanding, which will automatically help you.

Tips for increasing sells :

  1. Start the course free of cost first month and ask students for comments and ranking. After getting good ranking, start charging any fee, because student always trusts and invest in the course with good ranking and positive comments.
  2. . Pay to social media influencer to post about your course which will bring good visitors to your course.
  3. Make a video about the importance of your course, and share it on social media, to increase the value of your course and get more customer.
  4. Advertise on Facebook and Instagram about your course
  5. Pay to the blog owner to write about your course importance

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