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13 Ways To Make $1000 per Month ( Earn Passive Income Ideas )

13 Ways to Make $1000 per Month ( Earn Passive Income Ideas )

Passive Income

Everyone loves to have multiple streams of income. It’s because there is no security of a present job and no satisfaction or enough earning to have a dream lifestyle. But today with the internet and Passive income awareness we not only can get a dream lifestyle but also can help others in society.

Passive income online and offline is a great idea to work as a side hustle part-time and increase your monthly income. Another great thing about these passive income streams that they bring value even though you don’t have to work on it like your job. But in the beginning, it will need focus and commitment with hard work to start earning from these income streams. Below is the list of 13 Passive Income Ideas to start earning Passive Income as Part-Time and full-time.

13 Passive Income Ideas to Make $1000 per Month;

  • Invest in Real estate

Almost all wealthy and rich people have a portfolio in real estate. It’s because it brings value in different forms. With time its value increases and 2nd thing, until you sell it back, you can use it for the rental, agricultural, and stock store.

Yes, you will need a lot of money to invest in real estate but there 3 options to generate money and fund for real estate investment. You can take a loan from the bank or other related organizations at a low-interest cost. Let your property for rentals and pay the monthly interest with rental income and after five years you will be the owner of gold land.

You can also borrow money from family and friends for six months and buy land. After six months, sell the property for profit. Take the profit into business and pay back the debt money.

Another great way to invest in real estate is with partners. There is a low conflict of interest in property partnership because no operational work and just buy and let it for rentals. And then after some times sell it for profit.

  • Silent Business partner

If you have money but don’t time for another business. You can invest money with other Partners as a silent partner and just get the profit.

Other partners will manage the business and will take care of all matters. You will be busy at your own primary job or business and your money will work for you.

  • Selling  Printable Design on the “Red bubble”

Red bubble is a well-known print-on-demand e-Commerce platform with daily visits of around 8 million. Indie artists and designers from worldwide sell their art and designs on t-shirts, phone covers, wallpaper, meg prints, bags, and many other daily items.

Anyone in the world can make a cool design for free on Canva and upload it on Red Bubble. Each sale of your design can make you a profit of up to $10. It’s a great way to start making Passive income as a side hustle just with a laptop and internet.

  • Create an app 

If you have an idea about apps and software, but you don’t know coding or programming language. Don’t worry, you can make an app with low money and can start making money just with little investment.

There are two ways to make apps. First, you can hire a programmer from Fiverr or Upwork, People per hour, etc. Another way to you can create an app with custom coding websites like Appsgeyser, Ibuildapp, Appypie, and App Yourself, etc. Just create the app and upload it to the Google Store or Apple Store and start making money.

  • Rent Out Your Car

Most of the time we stay busy in a job or business and our car will be parked for the whole day. We can rent out our car to a food company, retail delivery business, post business, etc can earn good money. We can hire a driver for some percentage of daily profits and drive a car with Uber, etc.

  • Purchasing and selling of websites & Softwares

If you don’t want to start the business from zero. You just want to run a business for money, then you can buy a lot of digital Businesses online from Flippa, Trustiu, etc.

On these platforms, you can buy running blogs, websites, YouTube channels, software, etc, and can sell it as your own product and business.

  • Drop-shipping

Worldwide e-commerce and online shopping are on the boom. And  Shopify dropshipping is the biggest platform after Amazon. Drop-shipping is selling third-party Products for profit by Marketing and advertising.

You will create accounts with Shopify and will start promoting third party products on your own websites. As you sell something you will take the profit and will transfer the order to the main company to send the product to the buyer.

In drop-shipping, you have nothing to do with packing and sending. Your man’s work is marketing and bringing orders.

  • Creating videos

YouTube is 2nd biggest Search engine after google on the web. Millions of people daily visit YouTube looking for different information, knowledge, and entrainment.

You can create any kind of video channel like training, teaching, traveling, cooking, make-up, pets care, etc, and can earn money from ads and brand sponsorship, etc.

  • Sell e-books on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing

Amazon is the biggest online shopping platform.  A Billion people daily visit Amazon for buying and selling. Books are an important part of the Amazon business.

With Amazon KDP, anyone in World can sell their books on Amazon and can make money as a passive income. There are millions of indie writers uploading books on Amazon and making money.

  • Selling Courses

With the huge use of the internet and the growth of the e-commerce industry, people are moving from jobs to entrepreneurship. And, with this growth, demand for traditional education and degrees is going down. Businesses can only be run by skillset and Practical technical experience knowledge.

If you have any kind of knowledge, expertise, experience, and want to share it with the world. Just make video tutorials and upload them on a platform like Udemy, Skillshare, Lynda, etc and you can earn a good amount of money as a side hustle.

  • Selling Photos

Today the majority of people have smartphones with good quality cameras. Just taking quality pictures around and uploading them to websites like Istock, Stock Shutter, Getty Images, etc you can earn a good income as a side hustle.

There are different apps and free software available to edit pictures. With a little editing, you can make your photos more professional, creative, and attractive.

It’s just an easy way to take pictures and upload them on the websites for sale. You can take pictures of your office building, Garden, weddings, Lawn, old buildings, street, neighbors, river, friends, and parties, etc. You can upload up to a hundred pictures every day for sale on these sites.

  • Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is promoting other business products and services for the purpose of selling. When someone makes a purchase from your promoted links or source, you will get a percentage of the sale price.

A company like Amazon, Microsoft pays 5 to 10% commission per sale. Products and companies On JV zoo, ClickBank, and commission junction pay from 20 to 70% per sale of products. In the beginning, it will take little time to start making money but it’s a great tool for side income.

  • Start the Instagram & TikTok  Page as an Influencer

Instagram and TikTok have the biggest number of users, and it’s increasing every year. Most people come here for entertainment. But still a great way to promote and monetize the user’s eyeball.

Start a free TikTok account and use free music to start making different kinds of funny, entertaining skits and engaging videos. Upload these videos to Instagram and grow your followers.

As you get the fans around 1000+  contact different local brands and businesses for free product promotions.  After one month of promotions, you can start charging them a low fee and contact other local brands. In this way, you can earn a good amount of money as a side hustle.


All Income ideas are but just keep one thing in mind that don’t start or try all income methods at one time. Just focus and start working from one idea and after getting income from one stream you can move to another and grow your first income source. Learn here more about business and passive income.

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