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What can we learn from this Pandemic? A 2 minute read.

what can we learn from this pandemic?

This Pandemic has made us realize a lot of things.

We can learn a lot of lessons from this pandemic. 

If we don’t learn these lessons then we are leaving a bad world for our future generations. 

Once this pandemic is over we need to seriously think about climate change. The environmental disasters caused by governments and private sectors are the reason we face these pandemics. 

Exponential growth in population has led us to gather resources and raw materials. We are harvesting forests and causing harm to wildlife at a rate that is irreversible. 

After successfully coming out of this pandemic, every citizen of every country has a responsibility to question his/her government about climate change policies. We have to find out which industries are causing havoc and harming wildlife. 

Debunked some myths relating to coronavirus.

The Spanish flu came in 1918 which is considered the deadliest pandemic in our history. The coronavirus is no different if it isn’t handled properly, the numbers keep on rising. Coronavirus came after a century of Spanish flu and who knows what will come in the next century or earlier. We won’t be alive at that time but our grandchildren will be or their children and what kind of world are we leaving behind for them. 

The second most important thing is a system that treats equally to the rich and the poor.

We have seen a lot of homeless people sleeping on roads while all the hotels and guest houses are empty. We want a system in which it is stated by law that in such times or in normal times where everyone has a roof on their head and has food on their tables.

I’m not a communist or socialist but we have to take the steps because capitalism is not going well. 

Empathy is another important thing in pandemics like these if they ever occur again. Like we are experiencing a pandemic and we have to make sure that our neighbors don’t sleep hungry. If you go to stores and buy extra ration we leave less for people who cannot buy more because of their income level.

The first videos which came from Australia when the lockdown was proposed in there and we’re fighting over toilet paper. In America also everyone was hoarding toilet paper because someone said the toilet paper will save you from this and everyone started hoarding toilet paper, hand sanitizers, hand wash, and soap and all the aisles are empty.

A person character is known in these testing times it doesn’t matter how good you are in normal days but these are the times when the true character of a person comes out.

We are not so powerful when it comes to our family, about our children and we always think about them in every difficult situation and I’m not blaming these people who acted in such a hurry that the world is going to end but a little empathy can change someone’s life. Empathy teaches us to feel for others and if we keep on hoarding supplies and ration then we are truly bad people because we have caused someone a great deal of misery.

This is history being written in 10 years from now maybe 20 years maybe 50 years later, the generation of the next century will remember this pandemic in the history books in the news and in social media and they would look how we acted. They would know us from the way we acted and it’s our responsibility to show them the good about this world, the good in the people and not the bad stuff.

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Relax and stay positive.