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What is an Entrepreneur?

What is an Entrepreneur?


There are millions of definitions available online about business and entrepreneurship. But I will go with my personal experience and exposure to business and entrepreneurship. In simple words, we can define “An entrepreneur is a person who takes the risk to launch a fresh business from the bottom ground aiming of taking it to the national and global industry by leading from the front.”

Now, we can define and breakdown the entrepreneurship statement into different parts.

  • An entrepreneur is a person who starts, manages, and operates the business idea from the Bottom.
  • Being a leader, an entrepreneur takes the risks and responsibility by funding alone or with parents into the business startup.
  • An entrepreneur thinks and plans big and different from other people of society like daily wagers, employees, freelance, etc. An entrepreneur wants to serve the national and global market by giving and creating change.
  • Another unique feature about entrepreneurship is that it’s all about passion, interest, freedom, and being responsible for their own future.

So Entrepreneurship is a career path of choosing and taking the risky steps by starting and taking the business idea from the ground line to profit.

Entrepreneurial Mindset

In today’s world, there are 8 billion people but only 1 to 3 people per thousand try for entrepreneurship. It’s because entrepreneurship is a game of mindset and belief.

Here I am going to share the few mindset qualities of all successful entrepreneurs.

  1. They’re not afraid of failings
  2. Always ready for a change
  3. They have strong self-believe

According to¬† Garyvee ( serial entrepreneur & Internet Personality), “I learn more from failings than wins and success.”

In the words of Pitbull ( American rapper), “There is no losing only learning. Failure is the mother of all success. If you are always winning then you really don’t understand¬† about the win.”

So The first and most important quality of an entrepreneurial mindset is not giving up because of failings and obstacles. All successful entrepreneur understands that there will be problems, failings, setbacks, and obstacles.

From these problems not to discourage But to learn and use these obstacles as a stepping process into success. Having the mindset of turning these problems into opportunities.

Another great quality of the entrepreneurial mindset is accepting and adapting to change. With the changing technology, roots, systems, and methods Entrepreneurs have to change the business and learn new skills.

An entrepreneur that doesn’t change self and business with changing time doesn’t suit or stay long in the business. All successful entrepreneurs all learn new skills and follow the footsteps of their mentors and coaches.

They are always ready to leave their comfort zone and embrace the pain of change. This pain is pleasurable because they know there will more happiness, satisfaction, and fruits in the future.

And the last Quality all entrepreneurs have in common is their self-believe. All the world stops them from their adventure, but they just believe their guts and take all possible risks for taking their idea and business to the next level.

All successful entrepreneurs take risky steps and uncomfortable choices. They understand that getting great things needs great sacrifices. And according to Garyvee, “Nothing great is easy.”

Here, from taking risks, I don’t mean that just jumping at everything foolishly. But you have to take understandable calculated risks and decisions that will benefit the business in the long turn.

Just in short we can say that entrepreneurship is a hard, challenging, and lonely adventure road. You have to face obstacles and problems and use them as an opportunity. You have to listen to your guts and making a painful decision with self-belief proving that the world is wrong about you and your talent.

I hope this post will help in understanding what is an entrepreneur and a few qualities of all successful entrepreneurs. Learn here more about business and entrepreneurship.

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