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What is Self-Sabotaging? ( 9 Ways To Stop Self-Sabotaging )

What is Self-Sabotaging? ( 9 Ways To Stop Self-Sabotaging )

What is Self-Sabotaging?

Self-sabotaging is a habitual pattern of thoughts and behaviors that will stop you from executing and actions. It’s a psychological game of mindset and perspective that you will be taking the step for present self-interest.

And even though you know that it will affect your life and results in the long run despite that, you work and behave like you are doing a magnificent job.

You will be doing a lot of work and effort but will still not achieving your primary targets and goals, and it’s because of self-sabotaging.

The key reasons for self-sabotaging are low self-worth, fear of failure, lack of trust, past bad experiences, and negative childhood patterns.

According to the study of Randy A Sansone, ” Medically self-sabotaging behaviors are commonly encountered in psychiatric inpatients with a borderline personality disorder.” It means that it’s part of the mindset, perspective, beliefs, and Self-image.

Self-sabotaging can be as working for perfectionism, procrastination, busy being busy, looking for easy tasks, keeping yourself busy in less important tasks, love for comfort zone, giving up because of problems, not listening to other people, Low self-esteem, fighting with family members, and looking for short-cuts while working for greatness.

Self-sabotaging not only affects your personal life and work, but also has an adverse effect on your networking and relationships. It affects your self-worth and confidence, and you will settle for low value in your life.

In this post, I am going to share a list of 9 ways to stop sabotaging and start executing on your major targets and goals. With these tips and ways, you can take control of your life and future.

9 Ways to Stop Self-Sabotaging?

1. Clear Your Why and Purpose

You are not getting any goal or result in life because you don’t know your clear why and purpose for your life. You don’t know why you are doing what you are doing and that’s you always to blame, complain, and procrastinate.

When you know what’s your why and purpose, they will feel motivated, and you will take responsibility for your actions and purpose in life. Instead of self-sabotaging, you will feel inspired and push yourself to get hit on the why and goal in life.

2. Problems are a Part of Greatness

There is no greatness on an easy road. In other words, no greatness is possible without facing problems and challenges.

The biggest reason for self-sabotaging is fear of problems and failures. Most people play in a comfort zone and don’t look hit for bigger because of challenging tasks.

But if you take every problem like adventure and start thinking that every adventure is difficult in the start. And when you keep working n adventure and fail yourself, then you will not only learn the adventure, but you will enjoy the process of working with the adventure.

The same is the case for Problem sin life. When you start taking a problem like an adventure, then instead of fear, you will love to face and learn from problems.

3. Make Yourself worthy by Investing Yourself

Our action comes from the mindset and self-believe. When we believe that we can achieve or complete a certain task then instead of self-sabotaging or procrastination we will be ready to face problems and sacrifices to hit the goal.

Our self-belief comes from gaming ourselves worthy by investing time, energy, and money in ourselves. Reading books, spending time with mentors, learning from courses, and trying things will make you worthy and wise.

The more you make yourself worthy, the way it will become, it will become for you to hit your goal and get the best life.

4. Meditation and self-reflection

Meditation and self-reflection will help you in understanding the why and causes for self-sabotaging behaviors and thoughts. It will help you with focus and self-connection, the root causes of your self-sabotaging personality.

When you know the reason for self-sabotaging habits and mindset, then it will be really easy to target and change these kinds of habits and behaviors.

5. Face Challenges and Your Fear

Most of the time we self-sabotage because we fear rejection, failures, or unseen problems and challenges. We feel unsafe in some circumstances, and therefore we avoid action and give up on our mission.

You have to set big goals than your fear and problems, and then you’re to build the mindset of not giving up at any cost. You have to take fear like adventure and then solve, learn, and enjoy every adventure by trying again and again.

There will be problems and difficulties, but you will love to face challenges with an adventure mindset and mastering your skills and behaviors about your personality.

6. Solve one Obstacle At one Time

There will be many self-sabotaging reasons, problems, obstacles, habits, and behaviors in your life. But you will see the actual change by targeting one problem at one time.

You have to set a reward system for yourself after changing and overcoming one problem and replacing this problem with positive habits and problems.

With this principle, you will not only stop sabotaging, but also will build positive and strong habits and will take charge of your future and life.

7. Make Yourself Accountable to Someone

When you have to answer to someone for your actions and results, then instead of self-sabotaging, you will push yourself hard and will try your best to get the results and bring the change in life.

Accountability gives responsibility and instead of blaming or procrastinating, you will be ready to get the result at any cost in life.

8. Practice Positivity and Optimism

With positivity and optimism, you will see the results and reward for your actions, and you will never procrastinate and delay your action because it takes away the fruits from your hands.

Most people procrastinate because they are not sure about the result they will get, and therefore they always give up in the middle of the task.

Practicing optimism keeps you focused on your purpose and end results, and gives you the motivation for taking action and facing challenges.

9. Keep the Network of Success People

Negative people will not hold you back from your goal and action, but they will insert bad habits and behavior into your personality and that will affect your life, career, and relationships.

For long-term growth and success in life, you have to let go of negative people and adopt the network of positive and successful people.

Successful people will not inspire you with activities and goals, but also they will guide you on the path of greatness and will help in the time of trouble and problems. They will set your mindset for greatness and the legacy of life.


Self-sabotaging is like being a self-enemy and unintentionally stopping yourself from goals and targets to achieve. You will be doing and be making choices contrary to your own mission and purpose of life.

Most of the time it comes from childhood habits and experiences and behaviors. And just by changing our habits, routines, priorities, and mindset, we can control self-sabotaging and can take control of our life and future. Learn here more about time management and self-improvement.

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