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Work From Home Online jobs frauds ( 7 Ways To Spot Working Online Scams )

Work From Home Online jobs frauds ( 7 Ways To Spot Working Online Scams )

Worldwide millions of people are making millions of dollars online in legit ways and jobs.

Even so, there are people, in the name of passive income, financial freedom, get rich soon, fast making money tricks, etc are using scams and taking money, but no results.

Working online and making money is true, but it doesn’t mean that you will make money with no hard work or skills.

Working on YouTube, Bogging, Amazon KDP, Drop-shipping, Affiliate marketing, etc all these legit online money making ways need consistent and committed hard work.

But if someone or company asks you that they will give you an online job without skills, and you will make a lot of money without work, then you need to understand there is something fishy.

In this post, I am going to share a list of 7 Ways how to Spot Working Online Scams jobs. And avoid the loss of money, emotion, and energy.

7 Ways To Spot Working Online Scams Jobs:

1. No Online Presence and Contact Details

A True and legitimate online making company always has an online social presence like Facebook pages, websites, blog, YouTube channels, and Twitter account.

If half of these are missing, then there is a big sign of a scam, and you should avoid the work and doing business with such a company.

2. Advance Asking for Money

If your company asks for an advance little investment or money, training fee, some kinds of tools, apps, software programs, etc then you need to understand that a scam in it.

Your job is to provide the service, and then make money, not paying money to the company and business.

3. Claiming Itself Again and Again as Legitimate

If your online job and working providing company claim that they are legitimate, then you need to understand that there is something fishy.

4. Work Without A Skill or Experience

We only can earn money with skill, qualification, or experience because they pay us for the work we do, and work is only possible with skills and experience.

But if a company is claiming that you can make big money with no skills and experience, then it’s a total scam. And you need to aware before sharing any data or giving money before getting payment from the company.

5. Big Promise and Rewards

We all know that to get something great and fruitful, we have to work hard and with a focus to get results.

But if your employer and company are promising big cash and fast benefits, get rich fast or anything like this, then you need to understand that there is something wrong with this company, and it may be a scam.

6. Unprofessional and Suspicious E-mail and Contact Number

When getting a job call or e-mail that you have not applied for, then it’s a scam and try to block such numbers and e-mails.

Never trust the suspicious e-mail or phone number, even though you need a job and money for life.

7. Your Inner Guts Say Its Scam

We are more true about ourselves than anyone else and therefore when your inner voice feels like it is a scam and wrong choice, then trust yourself and avoid such kind of jobs.


Before taking the job, research and look for the company online reputation and presence and satisfy yourself by contacting the company support team. You can also check the details of the company and job on different online forums like Quora etc and get the details about the company position and accuracy. Learn here more about online business tips and jobs.

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