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9 Worst Freelancer Mistakes and How to Overcome

Worst Freelancer Mistakes and How to Overcome

Mistakes are part of our everyday life. Everyone makes mistakes. And with freelancing jobs, mistakes, and errors are common. Our aim and focus should be to learn from those mistakes and not repeat them in future gigs and jobs.

In this post, I am going to share a list of 9 mistakes made by freelancers. And I will also guide you on how to overcome and avoid these mistakes and build your career in the freelancing business.

9 Worst Freelancer Mistakes;

  • Not Completing Task in Given Deadline

Success and growth, freelancing is all about a good rating and reputation. And you can only build your reputation by delivering valuable and high-quality service within a deadline.

Breaching your dealings means you are firing your reputation. And so all the customers will look elsewhere for the same job next time.

You can control your project deadlines with a time management system. Divide the task into small steps and give an hour to each small ask. In this way, you can easily control and complete your projects within time.

  • Not Understanding The Customer Need

Most of the freelancers directly give a pitch to customers, without really understanding their needs, wants, and problems. And so they do not understand what value they will provide. And after taking the gig, they do not understand where to start.

Doing research for similar customer needs wants, and problems on the internet is a great way to understand and add value to them.

  • Taking the Wrong Clients

Building a relationship and satisfying your clients is a really hard job. It’s because, before taking their gig and a job, you don’t know about their true nature.

You don’t know about their personality, working manner, financial position, industry, their mindset, etc. And if you choose the wrong client, then it will cost you a lot of energy, stress, income, and time.

The best way and tip to choose the right customers, not just looking for money. But choosing the client on their market standard. Check your clients, if possible, online reputation and branding before the last pitch.

  • Not Growing Client Circle

Building all you’re freelancing business around one or two clients can put you in a dangerous position. If your clients are out of business, it means you are as well. And now you have to start from the beginning.

Keep searching for new clients will keep you in a safe zone. And if one client goes, your other income stream will be still there for you.

  • Building Informal Relationship

Keeping and building informal and friendly relationships with our customers will hurt you in the freelancing business.

Building a relationship is really great for business. But try to keep it formal. Communication is the formal language and tone and doesn’t try to be Harsh and too sweet and soft.

  • Charging Les for the Given Value

When you are new, then you will try to charge less and attract new customers and gigs. But doing it continuously will hurt your branding and reputation in the long term.

Charging for the worth of your work and service is not wrong, but it’s your right. Charge the value of gigs based on the hours and worth you will provide, and think of it as normal.

  • Taking Gigs only, When Money is Needed

Most of the freelancers, after a few successful gigs, start living in their comfort zone. And they only take gigs when they need money.

But the competition is growing every year and a new freelancer coming into the marketplaces like FiverrUpwork, etc. If you are not building your presence and continuous improvement, then soon you will be out of the freelancing business.

  • Working With employee Mindset

An employee mindset always tries to pass the time on the job. In other words, wasting without considering the results from the time.

As a successful freelance, your job and duty are to create quality service and results in the least possible time. Instead of focusing on hours, focus on the tasks completed in the day will make you a successful freelancer.

  • Taking Every Gig

Every gig is not for you. Running and taking every gig will keep you just busy. But it will never help in growing your ratings and reputation.

Always take the gig and job that suits your skills, education, experience, and talent. And you will complete the task with quality in given dealings.


The freelancing industry is booming and there is a great opportunity to make a career and profit as a freelancer. But your branding and reputation in freelancing depend on, Quality work, great communication, and completing tasks within the givens time will really help in your marketplace ratings. Learn here more about online business and freelancing tips and skills.

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