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Writing a Book from Idea to Final Publishing

People want to write a book but they always wait to be perfect. There no perfectness, only learning. Your waiting will be waiting for forever. Just start writing your book and you will see in a few days the progress and self-growth. Waiting of fear, what people will talk, or family will judge me, its all just for the short term. You just need to focus on starting and ending your first book.

Just write the book on idea, make it in written form. And then you will make it better and better by editing it, but waiting for perfectness is lose of million $$ you don’t know. So just put your idea in written and make it perfect later.

Yes, You will go through so many problems and difficulties and will automatically learn through the process. All these learning is not possible without risk and steps not taken. In other word, waiting is nothing but wasting time and energy. Fear is always a roadblock to your self-growth. So whatever is your idea of the book, get ready, you going to write a book.

Now, Wring a book from idea to publishing and marketing a book is a beautiful journey. Some work is on your shoulders and some are on the publisher side. You have to write a book, edit, again and again, layout and design and then proofreading, to make a sure the book is free from mistakes. It takes time from months to years depends on the size, type, and purpose of the book. When your book is in your right written form,  then you will send it your Publisher.

Publisher will print the book, will market and distributeth book. The good publisher always brings value I in the form of relationship in market and industry. It brings more sale which means more royalty and profit for you and your publisher. Some people like me love self-publishing because it gives more control over your work. Yes, you have to do a lot of work from printing to marketing by yourself but its great experience as a good author.

Below we will go through the process and tips for writing a book:

  1. Title

The book title is a summary of your all content in your book. Your title will lead the reader that what is in the book. Title of the book is first you reader will see. Your title should be around message,  idea, and theme of your book. The title represents your book in just in one word. So choosing a title hard job like writing a book.

  1. Table of contents

After the title, you have to choose the table of content. Main points that you want to convey in your book. For example, you want o to include seven chapters in your book, then you will sit and think what main seven things you want to say in your book. Table of contents are topics- for your book. Divide main each topic into 4  sub-topics and each sub-topic will contain were around 200. In this way, each chapter will contain around 1000 words which are a good amount of words.

  1. Content Writing Tips

The content Writing process is real work in book writing. You have to do a lot of work, going through a lot of problems, a lot of thinking, trying a lot of ideas, etc. First, you have decided you a time frame for your book and then divide chapter, topics, and words according to the time.

Some people love to write in the morning, others like to write late at night. Its don’t what is your time but thinking and writing with a time frame will really help book-written on with time frame. Just keep ahead busy in writing and don’t care about right-wrong theory because later you have to see for correctness and clarity.

When the book draft is ready in fine form, take a day, two off from your work. then you have to make the book by editing and proofreading. I know Its long and boring process but you only can make right by reading again and again. You can also hire someone for proofreading or invite some friends for proofreading and helping you make a book ready in the form of the final product.

  1. Publishing a Book

So here your final product is ready for publishing. There are two main ways to publish your book

  1. Self Publishing
  2. Traditional Publishing

In self Process, you are responsible for everything and you find the cost for all printing, shipping, legal and marketing. You will get all royalty or failure by own shoulders. You have full love of your book and content.

In traditional publishing, you-you need no money for printing, marketing or any legal process. But, after selling you will get low royalty. You have control color, design, and even words.

I always prefer to self-publishing because your book is like your baby and no one know better than you about your baby. Remain is on you what you choose and like for your like.

Let me know through your comment on what you more about books and writing ideas?

When you will start your first?


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