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YouTube – 5 Tips To Grow Fast on YouTube

5 Tips To Grow Fast on YouTube

Millions of YouTube channels, every second uploading content. But only a few get success and viewers. Its because the majority of them are uploading the videos like junk. They don’t care about people need and problems.  Here I will share with you how to upload a video with proper information and details that will urge the user to watch the video.

  • Title

Drafting an attractive interesting title for your videos making easy for the user to click. The boring or meaningless title is not persuading. Compel the title that is problem-solving or adding some value, new ideas, new information. For example, you are making tutorials or training videos, your title should start with how to communicate with strangers or to make logo in Inkscape. Your content is about traveling or Vlogging. Your title should fill with your adventures, some failures, new interesting facts, talking about your experience. You are a business leader or motivational speaker, your title should be your life experiences, your struggle, story, and your achievements.

                Prepare and Compel the searchable title that will attract the user to action. The title should build the desire in a person, what he will get after watching the video.

  • Post, Before Posting the Video

Before uploading your video on YouTube, Post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or YouTube about the video. Upload teaser of video of the interesting scene from the music video, short story or series. Talk, write and show what is this video about. What is new in this video. When this video will be available. In this users will be waiting for your video. Its way of building relationships with your viewers.

  • Helpful Description

 The description is a guide for viewers to add more information about video and its add value to your video. Video description should be short but concrete. Your description makes it easy for people to search you on YouTube.  

Further, you will describe yourself and your channel purpose. You will add your contact links like website, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. In this way, the YouTube user will stay in connection with your channel and you.

  • Tags

Video tags help you in ranking your video on YouTube Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It’s a Strategy of how to promotes and place your videos in the top of YouTube search page.

                Your tags should be about the purpose of your video. You can find the free tags-line list from Google Keyword Planner. Keywords Everywhere, is another free Keyword tool, helps you in creating and arranging helpful tags line for your videos.

  • Comments-Action

Every Comment from viewer needs action from you. Its easy but really helpful way of growing your YouTube Channel. Comments are a strong bond between you and your viewers. Every Reply to comment and giving them heart, make them feel worthy. Its encourage users to comments more and explore more your content.

Making your videos what people are asking about and then mention them, helps you build trust with viewers. Your content should be around what people are Questioning and commenting again and again. Your action to every comment is your guarantee to more views and subscriber.

Let me know in the comments about this post. What you people looking for, that I should write about here and also check my this one, 5 ways to earn Passive Income online.   

One thought on “YouTube – 5 Tips To Grow Fast on YouTube

  1. Hey Zainullah Khan, Fantastic post. Every youtube dreams about growing their channel. I total agree, Hundreds of people create a channel every day, only a few of them get success. I think this post is enough to give direction to those who make their channel successful.

    Content is key. No matter how many tips you take on board, if you are not providing engaging, fresh and informative content to your audience, then you are not going to gain many new followers. Content should be posted according to the needs of your audience.

    Yes, Title should be attractive. Majority of people click on the video just because of the attractive title. As mentioned in this post, you can add descriptions, tags, and hashtags to properly optimize your videos. Once your videos are optimized and ranked, you start getting a lot of viewers and subscribers. You can use tubebuddy tool for proper optimization of videos.

    Creating an attractive, eye-catching thumbnail also helps in growing your channel. This encourages viewers to watch your videos. Subsequently, these viewers can be converted into subscribers if you are providing top-notch content.

    If you want to save time, the best strategy is to buy YouTube viewers and subscribers. I usually buy subscribers from (, and I would highly recommend buying from them. I have had an amazing experience with them. They provide top quality service, with excellent customer service too – you won’t be disappointed, trust me.

    In addition to the above tips, learn from your competitors, Collaboration with influencers, offer giveaway contest, promotion on other social media platform, Paid promotion, outreach to different bloggers and convince them to include your video in their relevant post are some other ways to increase your subscribers.

    This post is a great source of information After reading this post, of course, I have things one or two. I’ll recommend others to give these tips a try. You’ll surely achieve chosen end results.

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