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80 Most Profitable YouTube Niche Channel Ideas ( Choose Successful Niche Channel )

80 Most Profitable YouTube Niche Channel Ideas ( Choose Successful Niche Channel )


Youtube is the 2nd biggest search engine on the web after Google. On youtube, you not only can make get people’s attention but also, you can monetize people’s eyes balls and can earn up to 7 figure income per month with your video content.

There are different ways to monetize your content online on Youtube. Ads, affiliate marketing, subscription, Sponscership, etc are major ways to make money from youtube.

Youtube is great to make a side hustle passive income but it takes time, energy, and focus to build the content and get the audience and family of your following fans.

According to Dan Lok, it takes me 18 months’ first 100 subscribers and 8  months from100 to 1000 subscribers. Now Dan Lok has more than 2.5 million subscribers on Youtube.

So, starting a Youtube channel is easy but attracting people will take time and committed work. With a lot of other factors, for a successful youtube channel, you will need a patient and consistency that will lead to more views and subscribers and money.

But most of the people get success on youtube because they know there is a need ad demand for this service or information so they create such type of content. In this post, I will go over 80 Youtube niche channel ideas that have a big need and demand. Making a youtube channel from any of this idea can lead to fast growth and success on youtube.

80 Profitable Youtube Channel Ideas;

  • Book Summary

Reading books are the biggest source of knowledge and wisdom and that’s why successfully spends most of their time reading different kinds of books. Books reading is just a passion for most people because genius and experienced people share their ideas and skills, experience in the books.

Reading books and making short summaries of books is a great way to monetize your book’s reading passion. Making a short summary of the report in your own voice with an animated story can really help in building a huge audience for your youtube channel.

  • Top 10 List

Making top to best or worst lists is also a great way to create a huge audience on youtube. There are competitors in all fields and using this competition, you can also make a list of top 10 items.

It can be movies, songs, Softwares, services, organization, technology, etc. People are always searching for online help and similar items and looking the best with positive features and reviews. Your review of the 10 items can help them in choosing the best product or service to your audience.

  • Health Tips

Making yourself healthy is our duty and responsibility as a human being. Sharing your healthy lifestyle tips and guide with your viewers can make money and online brand.

Sharing your morning routine, exercises, food order, and food types can help you in building a huge following on Youtube.

  • Fashion & Beauty Tips

Fashion and beauty are billion-dollar industries. People are making millions of dollars just by selling other people’s products and items.

just sharing your experience of products, makeup tips, different styles, etc can bring you a lot of fans and money.

  • Cooking

People are always in search of trying new recipes and foods. Making videos while cooking is a great way to monetize your eating and looking fashion.

  • Fashion & Designing

With changing, world fashion and designs are changing. using your creativity you can share different ideas for design and fashion. sharing your fashion ideas can lad to you

  • News reviews

There is always something going in the country and world. just sharing your views on these current affairs and the news is a great way of catching people’s attention.

  • Sports reviews

If you love sports like football, basketball, cricket, etc then making pre-match reviews and post-match reviews is a great way of making from youtube.

  • Photography tips & guide

People love to share their cool images and photos on Instagram or other social media platforms. Sharing your best photography tips is a fast way to get and build a huge audience for your youtube channel.

  • Language tutorial videos

People are always in love to learn a new language. MAking your local language tutorials and sharing it on youtube is a great way to make some decent money. You can also learn a different language and then start teaching other people about it.

  • Fails Video

Uploading public fails and funny videos are a great fun way to create a huge audience and following and make a good amount of side income. People love to see funny public fails videos.

  • Personal journey

Sharing your personal life journey and documentary with the world is a great tool to make money. on one hand, you are working on building your legacy, and on the other hand, helping people how to get to your position and making money from views.

  • Business Tips

There is always need and demand in the niche of business. Because of the changes,  business is always changing. Sharing new business ideas, tips, guides, etc is a great way to build the brand and business for yourself.

  • Marketing & Closing Tips

Marketing and selling is a hard job in the business. If you are an expert in marketing or selling the sharing tips and guide about closing is great to build the brand and make money online from youtube.

  • Movie & Shows reviews

Every Week 5 to 7 movies and shows come to the market and online platforms like amazon prime, Netflix, etc. Making reviews of new movies and shows is in great demand. Because people watch reviews watching the movie and show reviews.

  • Song reviews

Making songs reviews in your favorite gene like hip-hop, pop, and rock etc is a great way to get audience eyeballs and make money.

  • Reactions videos

Making reactions to different kinds of youtube viral videos is an easy and cheerful way to make money from youtube.

  • Traveling Tips

If you love traveling and want to earn money. then sharing your traveling tips and guide about every visite can bring you a lot of money.

  • Traveler Guide

If you traveled a lot and know about famous places, food spots, old buildings, etc . Then such experiences and guide so people know in advance where to visit. Such guidance can save a lot of time and money for travelers and you will make extra money.

  • Funny Skit

Making funny skit and short videos are always in demand. On one hand, you will share your creativity with the world and the other hand you will open the opportunity for yourself, being an actor and director.

  • Drawing and Painting

Its amazing and fine art. Sharing your skills and tips about painting and drawing is a great opportunity to make money from Youtube.

  • Relationship Advice

A relationship is an important part of every human being on earth. But sometimes we get so much confused in life race that we forget about our family and home. Sharing tips and guide about keeping family and healthy relationship can bring you a lot of visitor to your Youtube channel.

  • Lifestyle guide

We all want freedom, money, cars, brand, business, etc. But getting all these needs a specific style of sacrifices, principles, and discipline. Sharing roots and foundations for different lifestyles can bring a lot of money.

  • Daily life vlogging

Sharing your life daily activities like cooking, traveling, office, business, meting, trip, etc is a simple but impressive youtube channel idea.

  • Educational teaching

If you are an expert in one topic or subjects like the English language, physics, chemistry, etc then making general and specific subject wise videos can bring you a lot of students and money at the table.

  • Make Money Online Tutorial

There hundreds of ways to make money online. millions of people worldwide want to make some extra money online from home as a side hustle. Sharing your guide about different making methods and tutorial tips can help you in making money from youtube.

  • Apps Making Tutorials

If your programmers and know how to make apps. then with the job, you can also share your app making tutorial a can earn a good amount of money.

  • Apps Reviews

If you are not a programmer then using different kinds of apps and sharing your experience with the world can bring you a lot of money.

  • Software reviews

Using different kinds of software and making videos about it can also bring you a lot of money on youtube as a side hustle.

  • Motivational videos

Most of the people get confused in the middle of the work. And they want to give up. Making a different kind of motivational and inspirational videos can make you a brand on youtube.

  • Home games video

Gaming and e-sport are on the peak. Playing games on PC or Mobile and recording it and then uploading the videos on youtube can bring you a lot of money.

And below is the list of other Most profitable YouTube Niche channels Ideas.

  • Baby care videos

  • parenting advice videos

  • Gaming tips & guide

  • Gaming videos

  • Animates short stories

  • Tech review videos

  • memes & vines videos

  • jewelry videos

  • Home decoration videos

  • Singing videos

  • Music instruments tutorials

  • Pet care videos

  • Religion & spirituality video

  • History

  • Interviews

  • Question & Answer Videos

  • Comparision videos

  • Discussing favorite characters

  • celebrity life stories

  • home workout

  • Job interviews skills

  • Bodybuilding tips

  • Favorite tv-shows

  • making funny songs

  • Prank videos

  • Dance tutorials

  • Song Acoustic Cover

  • Lyrics video

  • Animates music videos

  • kids dance videos

  • Concert live streaming on youtube

  • On-demand song cover

  • Party planning ideas

  • gardening tips

  • farming tips

  • street food videos

  • food & travel funny videos

  • Makeup

  • Talking about current fashion trends

  • Unboxing products

  • Healthy food guide

  • Investing tips and guide

  • money management tips

  • Planning & Goals Setting

  • Review fitness products & Programs

  • Children health & exercises

  • Healthy drinks ideas

  • Meal & diet Plan

  • Restaurants food tasting

  • Food comparison

  • Breakfast ideas

Let me through Your comments Which channel ideas are most suitable to your passion, skills, and experience. Check here more of our posts about making business and making money online.

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